So I got a HTC One as a gift (whoop), and as you would expect, I was beyond thrilled when the guy from FedEx knocked on the door and said “you have a parcel!”

I was also a little nervous because it would be my first all touch device; I’ve been a BlackBerry addict from my first one which was the BB9000. Why? Because I just couldn’t cope with typing on a touch screen.

I’d got an iPad in September because I didn’t want to have to bother with carrying my 13-inch Macbook back and forth my house for Social Media Week. I got a brand new 4th generation one for an awesome deal on eBay and I was looking forward to rocking my iPad. Took to the first day of the event and ladies and gentlemen, I was so frustrated!

I couldn’t cope with the touchscreen (bushgirl like me, lol). More importantly, I couldn’t work on WordPress (and that was why I bought it o) because I didn’t read the manual (don’t even judge because I know you don’t read manuals too).

Anyway, so I struggled with it for the first two days, and then I quietly dropped the iPad at home and carried my laptop there for the remaining four days. And I was productive! Come to think of it, the laptop I used before the mac was a 17inch Sony Vaio, so why was I complaining about a 13inch lightweight mac? Moment of silence for the Vaio, another gift from my birthday in 2011. The story of that wonderful birthday is here

Anyway, so you can understand why I was a little disturbed with this one – at a point I asked myself why I didn’t ask for a BlackBerry Q10. Anyway, so the phone came, and after fumbling with it for a few days, it occurred to me that I didn’t know where the sim card was supposed to go (face palm). That’s when I picked up the manual and there was a little pin I was supposed to use to push open the sim card tray. I tried, tried, and tried, looked online for tricks/tips but after a few more days of trying, I chatted with a staff at HTC.

2013-11-15 16.02.52

SMH. That’s all I can say.

Of course I wasn’t having that so I wrote on their Facebook wall (both US and UK) complaining of the prospect of having to post the phone and I was advised to call, that surely it could be fixed/replaced here in England.

I rang, and a very helpful young man (don’t remember his name) helped me book a collection. And the phone was picked up. I got an email when it was received and another email three days after saying it was fixed and on the way back to me.

The next day there was a knock on the door and I flew downstairs ( I love deliveries) and lo and behold, my phone was back! Fixed! Whoop! The bit that excited me the most was the pack it came in!

All good baby!

All good baby! Whoop!!

Funnily, I still couldn’t use the phone. Why? Well it required a micro sim and I couldn’t go to Tmobile for a replacement for a few days. But I’ve got it now and I’m loving my new phone! More correctly, loving it when it’s not frustrating me!

PS: I promise to read the manual soonest!

PPS: This was written on the 1st of December, makes my phone 3 months old today!

PPPS (added on the 27th of February): I love my phone!

  1. Hahahaha FGS!!! Apparently, we share a similar experience.
    You see, I used to say (with sufficient vehemence) that I wouldn’t do touch-screen devices. They were just plain embarrassing. I even willingly termed myself as technologically challenged to any raised eyebrows or taunts.
    Well, long story short,
    Fast forward to June last year and yours truly is strutting around with her newly achieved expertise 🙂

    Never say never uh?
    In short, I could relate and i’m glad your phone is all good. 😉



  2. Berry says:

    Touch screen? Not for me. I just can’t use it. I have a Nokia phone I bought solely for taking photographs because it’s a 41megapixel camera phone. I don’t even use the phone for any other purpose. Reason? It’s touch screen! My blackberry is 9360 (curve 4).I don’t know if my finding it difficult to use touch screen devices is because I fix my finger nails all the time, or because I sweat a lot on my palms OR simply because I’m from the bush village of OHAOZARA (Recall the bush village of Ndikelionwu -Chukwuemeka Ike’s Bottled Leopard).

    I don’t have an iPad, sadly. I love to own it. But the thought of buying something I wouldn’t use/enjoy scares me away.

    I want to buy a new phone. My current bb is almost a year old. Still thinking of a good phone to buy that is all keypad. Sigh.


  3. Hey Berry!

    Tell me about wahala with touch screen phones! Nice one with the Nokia, I think that’s the next phone I’ll go for. The cameras are amazing!

    About the iPad, my dear, if you can’t use it, don’t bother yourself jor. No issues there at all!

    PS: The HTC One is amazing!


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