My mega winner! Giveaway winner announced!

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Ladies and gentlemen, drum roll please! 

A week plus ago I said I’d be doing my very first giveaway, and I was pretty pumped about it. Then I did another blogpost with the giveaway details, and the deadline when I had to get the answers by. 

The task was to: 

1. Open the last twelve posts on this blog

2. Pick the 5th word of the 6th paragraph in each post

3. Use these words to form a sentence.

Simple! The deadline was Tuesday the 18th of February, and I haven’t updated on this because I’ve had to do quite a bit of traveling in the past week.

I got many messages saying they were working on the answers to the one question @HL_Blue had, but one person took the time to actually do it all, and sent it in before the deadline. So, I have a winner!

My winner is IVY BEN! Congratulations! You get to use up ALL the prize money (on books), and you get one copy each of the books donated by my friends!

Email dfairygodsister(at)yahoo(dot)com with the list of books you want, and even though I’m in Nigeria at the moment, I’ll place the order for you, and we can start waiting till you get them!

1) Happy birthday to my darling Aunty Pat
And: AND God called the dry land Earth, and the gathering of the water He called sea.

2) My first ever giveaway!!
Idea: IDEA is the singular form of Ideas.

3) For Danny Danosaur
Everyone: EVERYONE should take their seats please.

4) Another one bites the dust
Family: FAMILY always comes first with me.

5) The right solution for the wrong problem
Window: WINDOW blinds come in different materials and designs.

6) For Sylvester – words are not enough
His: HIS (Nelson Mandela’s) biography, ‘A Long Walk To Freedom’ is a must read!

7) #PraisewithCC! This is why we’re here
Very: VERY few christians practice what they preach.

8)The quest to renew my Nigerian ‘pali’ (Part
As: AS long as there’s life, there’s hope.

9) Separate yourself from unnecessary pressure
We: WE are heirs of the Father, we are joint heirs with the Son.

10) The quest to renewing my Nigerian ‘pali’ (Part One)
To: TO whom much is given, much is expected.

11) Rev E.A Adeboye on “Overcoming Mountains”
Children: CHILDREN ought to be sent to school and not be used for child trafficking.

12) Breaking news: I changed two bulbs today!
Thinking: THINKING of you gladdens my heart and makes me yearn for your return.

Congratulations again IVY BEN! Get in touch!

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  1. Congratulations Ivy!


  2. IVY BEN says:

    Yippeee!!!!! Hard work definitely pays! *dancing azonto* Tanx for the books Chioma. I love reading!
    I’d like:
    1. Half Of A Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Adichie
    2. Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie
    3. Fifty Shades Of Grey by E.L James
    4. 48 Laws Of Power by Robert Greene
    5. A Long Walk To Freedom by Nelson Mandela
    Hope I haven’t exceeded your budget for the books. I’m in Nigeria. Will email you my address. Tanx a bunch!


    • You’re welcome Ivy, congratulations!

      I have received the mail with your details and the books will be with you soonest! All I ask is that you take a photo and send in so we can show everyone that they actually got to you!

      About the budget, not at all!


      • IVY BEN says:

        Can’t wait to get my hands on them!! Sure will take a pic(to show off my latest collection). 🙂 Cheers.


  3. IVY BEN says:

    Tanx Lizzie!


  4. congratulations Ivy..
    FGS,I didn’t know we were to make a sentence with each word, I thought we were meant to use the words to make one sentence, cuz I actually picked out the words but gave up when they could not rhyme abi connect.


  5. Kayda1 says:

    I thought all the words were to contained in one sentence. When they didn’t ‘gel’ I gave up!

    Congrats Ivy!


  6. IVY BEN says:

    Tanx @glowingscenes & Kayda1. Yet to receive the books though.


  7. […] one person sent in answers, IVY BLUE, and so automatically they became my winner! She placed her order (remember the deal was books only), and the books came in on the […]


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