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Now, let’s get on to the flights and the chronicle for the day. One of the first things on my plate soon as I came in was a trip to Lagos, and that happened on Monday. When I was booking the tickets, I told myself I wanted to use an airline I had never used before, and somehow I ended up with Medview.

Cost? N19000, probably that high maybe because I booked it on the day; Aero was 19k too). Arik was about 24k for a single, and since I’m not minting money in my room, I decided on Medview.

Flight time was supposed to be 4.30pm but we started boarding at that time, meaning that we took off about 5pm.

Got into Lagos ok, we thank the Lord for safe travels. Lagos was great, working out of Red Media’s offices, planning big things, meeting people I’d known only on social media, I really had a good time!

All good things have an end though, and Wednesday evening was the time appointed for me to return to Abuja. Thanks to all the warnings about traffic, I set off for the airport about 3.30pm (for a 6.45pm flight). Got there about 5.30pm (hallelujah that I heeded the warnings), and I started reading, passing time.

At 6.45pm the first delay (for 25 minutes) was announced and I started berating myself (again) for picking a flight that late. A further 20 minutes delay was announced about 7.25pm. I quietly started making arrangements to spend another night.

Just before 8pm we were called to board, and there was a bit of drama when one passenger threatened to beat up one of the airline officials. Apparently the customer was lamenting the delays and the staff said something like, “am I the pilot?” Of course sentences like ‘do you know who I am’, ‘I can pay your salary’ etc., featured in the argument. Reminded me of a very despicable person I’ve had the misfortune of knowing and I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes.

We boarded and the pre-flight announcements began. Oh wait, not before some lady convinced herself she was going to have my seat, even though my seat was clearly marked ‘window’, and hers was marked ‘aisle’. Of course it didn’t happen. SMH.

The pilot came on and apologized for the delay, citing horrible weather in Abuja. Even though I’d seen tweets telling of the really shitty weather, I still rolled my eyes, and was going to keep rolling them when it hit me that the pilot was singing!

Oh my word! He was actually singing! Something along the lines of, ‘thank you for flying Aero Contractors today, you’re the reason we’re in business, we’re sorry for the delay, may God bless you, la la la la’. It was so cute! I was so amused! And he used the tune of a popular song (can’t remember which) but by the time he was done, we were all laughing and clapping, all the anger forgotten.

Concert done (lol), he mentioned there would be some turbulence as we approached Abuja but it was nothing to worry about, and then said to enjoy the flight.

As I am wont to do, I dozed. Was woken up by the hostess to take my snack pack, and I didn’t wake up again till we touched down. Either there wasn’t any turbulence, the pilots did a good job of maneuvering, or I was just too tired to wake up and notice. Of course God was in charge of the flight (let’s just get that straight).

It’s the first time I’d flown Medview ever, and the first time in a while I flew Aero, but I was so pleasantly surprised by the Aero flight. Shame I didn’t catch the pilot’s name; I would have asked for an autograph. Or even better, a selfie.

*Written on Wednesday the 9th of April

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  1. E' says:

    Hubby needs to read to see that I am not the only one who sleeps on a local 45min flight.
    Ameeeeeean…am I the pilot?
    Singing pilot is so cool ooo
    Haven’t ever flown med view. ‘they’ won’t let me. One day sha I will. I hear they are good.
    Aero and arik have been pretty annoying of late.


  2. E' says:

    Did my comment deliver?

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  3. E' says:

    Oh it did. Cos no time for comments lost in transit

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  4. E' says:

    See spamming ooo
    Anyways tz cos I am in a super happy mood today hehehehe

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    • Proper spamming o! 5 comments from one person!
      About flights, they are like a compulsory break for me, sometimes the only window I have to get some sleep in a busy day. So I sleep o! When my God is awake, what would I be doing awake?


  5. You have the best flight stories! Thanks for bring a smile to my reading today! Blessings~Zoey


  6. Rita Eghujovbo says:

    wow! This is so good to know. I was pleasantly surprised by their lunch pack the last time i flew. I think I experienced that pilot or one like him on another airline in the past. Very impressive. Well down Aero.
    Chioma, welcome home.


  7. Dami Oyedele says:

    When I flew ABV-LOS last month I got the singing pilot too! Sounded like an old man,50s maybe. Very jovial. We even had a female as lead pilot, and he introduced and hailed her as well. Very smooth flight and the turbulence was well managed – or maybe the singing just made us all calmer 🙂


  8. JMAD says:

    Speaking of lunch packs, am I the only one surprised at it. I jokingly asked one of the host if we were going pay an extra fee when we landed. There’s always something to put a smile on one’s face in Nigeria regardless of the current situation.


    • I know right… it really made me smile. And it was a chocolate muffin I got, so soft and sweet inside! Really pleased with that, the fact that I could smile even though my flight had been delayed horribly.


  9. […] crazy couple of weeks, and by now you should know I am in Abuja, Nigeria. Went to Lagos for a bit (that’s the story about the singing pilot), and I’ve got at least one trip there more before I […]


  10. Aliyu says:

    I bought a return ticket with PNR 7TDWGT ABV-ABB return for today 15th November 2014. Upon boarding Flight 195 to Abuja this evening, I met the only Lady Air Hostess who took a look at my Boarding Pass with seat No 2D and let me in after insisting on see it properly. However upon reaching the seat I met some one on the seat, I went back to her and all she has to tell me was I did not pay for a particular seat. This was while other staffers were apologising, she insisted the flight was not full, I asked that as an Air hostel she ought to know the layout of her air craft the Q400 Dash8 we were boarding.

    I got to know the occupant of the seat was a former Governor who voluntered to show me his boarding/Ticket Stub which read the same 2D. I was given a lame excuse by some ground crew that the boarding was done manually hence the mixed up.

    My issue, the mix up will never arise if due deligence was applied in allocating seats also the lady inside could easily have known that seat 2D was occupied as it was right in front of her and could easily have informed me.

    For everybody’s information I checked in online and confirmed the seat at the airport wherein I was given another handwritten boarding pass. With a layout that is crossed upon occupation, there mixed up will never occur. I understand that a big man is given priority in Nigeria where even when you are paying same price you will be moved from your seat.

    Please just warn your hostess, on flight 195 Asaba to Abuja 15th November 2014, (she was not wearing tag but the only lady Air Hostess), on how to treat passengers, as I know the seat was re-allocated after me. You cannot deny me my seat delibrately at the same time insult me for voicing my right. The Gentleman for whom all this was done on the other hand was infact apologising.


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