So the 16th of March was Chude’s birthday (his 29th), and he was in London so it was inevitable that my day would revolve around celebrations of some sort. Only snag was, up till a few days to the day, we didn’t quite know what we wanted to do!

Lunch at a friends, lunch at a restaurant, party? We didn’t know. Next thing we knew it was a couple nights before and so we said we’d go to church, thank God for the new year, and then we’d be up for anything that followed.

Sunday morning we all made it to Jesus House (which is like the headquarters for The Redeemed Christian Church of God in London), and it so reminded me of House on The Rock in Abuja, there’s nothing like well-produced music! I mean I know it doesn’t happen that way but sometimes I think the better sounding the production, the further in front your praises are in the line to the Lord!

Then I heard Rev Adeboye was in the service, and it was like the kiss of my life! Daddy G.O was in church? Ahh, and we had planned to go for some other service before? Not sure I would have forgiven myself! I was extra expectant, I just knew God was going to bring a great word of peace to me.

Anyone who knows Daddy Adeboye knows he is soft-spoken, for me it is one of his most endearing qualities – all this ‘noise’’ in churches sometimes sha, SMH – I feel like I listen more when I’m not distracted by the minister yelling.

He said a short prayer, and then he went right into it. Reading from 1 Samuel 7:12, Romans 8:28, and 1 Thessalonians 5: 18, he talked about the ups and downs in our lives as being proof that we were truly living. He said, “when you take a heart test at the hospital, a flat line is never a good thing, it indicates death. A healthy heart has ups and downs”.

There were three questions too, designed to make us reflect on our lives, our walk with God, and generally the things we get up to.

  1. Where am I on this journey? Hebrews 12:1. Am I where God wants me to be?
  2. How much time do I have left? Joshua 13:1
  3. How will I end?

He said two interesting things about pride and the feeling of ‘I have arrived’. He said it takes 3 days to get to the moon but 4 and half years to get to Mars – what have you achieved that’s making your shoulders higher than your head?

Then he prayed, ahh!! Told us to pray for a birthday blessing for ourselves too, and after leading people to Christ, he was gone. Apparently, he stopped over (enroute another country), just for the service. Bless him!

2014-03-16 15.08.17-2

After the service (and cornering Pastor Agu Irukwu – thanks Yemi – to pray for Chude), it was off for another celebration at Anino’s cousin’s place. Lol, no see waka that day!

My Momma spoke with and prayed for Chude, Anino’s Momma sang and prayed for him too (how/why that reduced me to tears I will never understand but it did) and then it was time to eat!

PS – Anino’s momma is a darling and half! Love her to bits!

So, we ate, drank, literally stuffed our faces with food (while counting calories of course, lol), and then it was time to head home. There was lots of singing in the car as Anino’s momma dropped us at the station, and there were some lovely Ellen-inspired selfies too!

2014-03-16 20.28.13

Amazing day, I got home and literally passed out! Happy birthday Chude!

PS – here’s his account of his day here.


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  1. Berry says:

    I can’t find my comment o!


  2. Nonye says:

    Aww and it was my 29th birthday on the 15th of March too! Hubby was busy forming ‘forgetful’ and I didn’t know he had all the plans for my gift and dinner sorted out. God bless him for me.
    FGS are we still getting the books? Welcome back by the way.


    • Dear Nonye!!! Aww, bless him! Thank God for husbands that surprise their women (pleasant surprises o)

      Yes you’re still getting the books, I’m ashamed at how long it’s taken! Sent out the ones for Ivy Ben and Ebun (who won the Message Bible). Waiting to hear they’ve received them then I’ll send out the rest!


      • Nonye says:

        Ok. On a different thing all together, I found one Ugandan comedienne that is your look alike! Her name is Kasiime Anne. She’s got some hilarious clips on YouTube.
        Do have a lovely weekend.


      • Oh really! I’m totally going to check her out! Have a fabulous weekend yourself Nonye!


  3. Berry says:

    LOL! More like Happy Belated birthday.
    Talking of birthdays, I know yours is in May (20th or so) and I remember you said something sometime about Cokobar hosting your next birthday. Is it still happening?

    And em, the skydiving and the bet! Still on? I doubt you would skydive o! You that can feeeeear!!!!


    • Yes o!! And the skydiving is still on! Whoop! There is a £1000 bet if I do it, no way am I not getting that money! I’ve been praying for courage since the day I made the bet on Twitter!

      As for Cokobar, yep I’ve got that offer too… Dunno if I’m still a club kind of person sha, it’s been ages since I went! Might just go (just because)… Dunno about that yet.

      But we’re definitely doing lunch at my favorite place, Busaba Ethai!


  4. Berry says:

    Ah! It’s finally here. Pressed send o. And still didn’t see it. Decided to send it again, but was told I was duplicating the comment because it was already here. Checked again, no way! Sigh!

    Glad it has uploaded. Phew!


  5. Aninoritse says:

    Amazing How Chioma remembered the details of that service, whilst I was somehow distracted by the “goodness” of the service.
    It was a fine day and we were blessed and happy!!
    Love you loads CC and I guess I love that Chude somehow…lol…


  6. E' says:

    I am just sniffing at the tears when Anino’s mom prayed.
    That’s just me. Birthdays are very emotional to me
    Gifts? I cry. Heart felt prayers? Ahhhhh
    Plus the fact that Adeboye was present? Awwww. Sounds like the real business.
    Happy belated birthday to him
    And Happy £1000 to you in advance
    Yes yes Skydiving all the way. Do videos and pictures ooo.
    Lemme goan think of the daring thing I wanna do June 29


    • Birthdays are emotional for me too, it’s more about thinking, reflecting on where I am, where I want//need to be, how grateful I am for the things I have received and all of that.

      Yes o, skydiving all the way – there’s a thousand pounds to be won! Ahh, yes o, pictures and videos for posterity!

      Think and let me know abeg…


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