So, today is my birthday (whoop), and I’m typing furiously now (just got home from dinner) because I want this up before midnight!

First off, I think of where I was last year on this day, and where I am today, and I just know that God has worked overtime for me. Who would have thought I would see today, sinner, unworthy, simple person like me? But God has been awesome!! Like, He has been super awesome to me!

I’m alive, well, I’m happy, things are working for my good (even when I can’t see it), and I’ve had a super amazing day! Let’s run through it together shall we?

Started with a call at 11.58pm (of the 19th) running into today (you know who you are – thank you), and then I had a bout with insomnia (maybe I was just excited), and so I sent out a few emails. Fell asleep by 1.30pm, was up by 5am, and on the train to Hinton in the Hedges by 7am!

Hinton in the Hedges is a lovely airfield in Northamptonshire, and for what? Skydiving!! Yes! My gift to myself, especially since A LOT of people didn’t think I’d be able to go through with it!

Massive shout out to Chiltern railway for the superb internet on the train, kept me company the entire way and back! And the seats were so comfy, upholstery and everything on point like that.

So I got to Kings Sutton on time, lovely, lovely country side, and there was the nicest taxi driver to drive me to the airfield. On the drive to the strip I spoke to my original sister girl, Francesca! The way she prayed for me eh! Bless you babes, love you lots!

Photos time!


Getting ready to set off, briefing done…. He’s been jumping out of planes for 30 years! Totally loves his job!


Brace position… I remember the last thought in my head was ‘Dear Lord you know I love you lots and today is my birthday…’ lol!


We dropped out of the plane at 13, 000 feet!! Incredible!!!


It was raining little ice droplets so he covered my face to protect me…


See what the wind did to my face!!! Incredible! And so cold! But super amazing!!!!


We were having fun here, I even got to steer the parachute for a bit!


Touch down baby!!!! Whoop!!!


Grateful for an amazing ride!!! I must do this again!!!!

Hang on, there’s a video!

Amazing feeling!!! Whoop!! Strike that off my bucket list baby!!!! Did I mention there was a bet for £1000 that I wouldn’t do the dive? Pay up already!!

Ok, when I climbed down from the high the dive put me on, I made my way back into London and met @Tomi_Ola, who came in just to spend the day with me… We shopped for a dress, and she styled me for dinner. Thank you babes!!!

Massive thank you to the ladies who came out to dinner tonight – Tokes, Ruona, Anino, Khadi, Deborah, Jacque, and Funbi! And to Bankole for the cameo, I’m so grateful all of you came out!! Thanks for the laughs, the gifts, and the beautiful cards!!! Send the pictures so I can update this already!

Ahhh! We took a selfie on the escalator… Wanna see? Of course you do!


I see a toothpaste advert in our future! Do you?

Bed time now (not quite, I’m still so excited) but I’m grateful to everyone who in one way or the other, contributed to my having such an amazing day. My parents, my sister, brothers and nephew, Wumi, Tokes, Anino, love you all to bits!

Best birthday ever!



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  1. E' says:

    You did skydive afterall.
    Super cooooool


  2. *chuckles hard*…. Happy Birthday FGS! You sure had a spectacular time! Plus, your gift to yourself is absolutely awesome!
    I’m thankful for you today and always. Here’s Cheers to a blessed and interestingly-orchestrated year that will knock your socks off!

    Soar like the eagle ma’am. Don’t stop.


  3. Nnedimma says:

    Happy birthday to you too, CC. God bless.


  4. Maggielola says:

    OMG you will not catch me jumping planes, that’s for sure! Happy belated birthday, FGS! So did you fall in love with him afterwards? He seems very mindful of you. I might consider jumping out of planes if he promises to shield my face from rain droplets! 😀


    • Lol!!! Fall in love with him? Maybe just a bit, lol! Naaa, I was just super impressed with his attention to detail, how he made me feel comfortable, put me at ease, it was just incredible!


  5. Happy Birthday to you sweet friend! Amazing sky dive…You are amazing!!! Your just beaming with joy in these pictures…the love of the Lord is shinning through. Many blessings to you through out this year and continue to share what God is doing through you with us!

    Your friend ~Zoey


  6. Dami Oyedele says:

    Yay for awesome #BirthdayBehaviour! Glad you had a memorable day – I knew you would skydive like a pro! 😉 Meanwhile Francesca needs an award for her birthday prayers! OMG! Do have a super year ahead; and may the heights that you so fearlessly climbed translate into all you lay you hands to this year! 💗


  7. Temitayo says:

    OMG! Skydiving?, 10 strong men would have to hold me down, tie my hands and cover my face or give me a sleeping injection before I can even be in that plane at all, I was looking at the pictures and I was shocked, then I saw the video…my heart literally came to my mouth, I could feel the taste of my fears on my tongue. Babes the kind of ”liver you chop”….I’m sure its bigger than mount Fuji.


  8. Temitayo says:

    No vex abeg, my shock made me forget to say Happy birthday to you, may your days be long and fruitful and happy and peaceful and successful and SAFE.


  9. JMAD says:

    I’ve been expecting a post for ur bday n this just made me smile. Amazing Birthday gift…. Skydiving is something I plan to do, thanks for the inspiration. May this nxt phase of ur life come wit pleasant surprises frm God. The world hasn’t heard of you yet, you’ll live a lasting legacy. Happy Birthday


  10. 1 + The One says:

    Happy birthday!!! Wow!! It looks like you had a blast!
    Never thought Iw ould ever consider this but now you have me wanting to go Skydiving too! xx


  11. BUMMYLA says:

    Happy Birthday Dear!


  12. Rita Eghujovbo says:

    OMG! !! This feels like loads of fun! Aw, happy birthday once again my darling sis. God bless you real good.


  13. Francesca says:

    Chissssscccccooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! I’m whooping, hollering and clapping at my office. You GO Girl!!!! Yayyyyyy!!! Looks like it was an amazing experience; I can literally see the wind pull back your face. Friggin great babes! Now skydiving is on my own bucket list. See what you’ve caused? 😀

    LOL @ you and Dami re prayers…


    • My darling sister girl!!

      Talk about the wind pulling back my face, it was incredible!! If I had a pound for everytime I’ve used the word ‘incredible’ since that day eh, I’d be super wealthy!

      Come, we’ll go jump together!


  14. drnsmusings says:

    Happy birthday. Gosh! U get mind. Many more years


  15. frances says:

    Happy Birthday in arrears FGS!


  16. Bad Birthday Behaviour…Love you loads my girls…


  17. […] it was off to Hinton-in-the-Hedges, somewhere in Northamptonshire to celebrate my birthday by jumping out of the sky! Whoop! Truly […]


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