Hamburg Diaries: Kultwerk West, Hamburg Harbour, this is the pictures one! (Part Three)

Posted: May 24, 2014 in TRAVELOGUE

First off,  parts one and two are here and here. Thank me later (or now if you do not like to owe), and let’s move on to part three which will be more pictures and less of a narrative. Ok?

My session was in the evening of the 20th so I spent most of the morning going over my slides, reading, you know generally getting ready for it. I went down, had breakfast, walked up the stairs (meaning I immediately became hungry again, SMH), and went back to work. In the evening I went off to Kultwerk West in a taxi (wasn’t about to gamble getting there late in the name of getting a bus), and then I heard that because of some issue with the cameras and one of the speakers not being able to be there in person, we would have to work without our presentation slides. What!!! My entire life was hinged on the thing! I said a quick prayer, got a cup of tea (to calm my nerves), and went on stage.

Here’s a photo @zukunftslotse uploaded on Instagram… Of course I had to rock ankara! Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 05.56.12

Three hours later, it was over! It had been a robust conversation, the audience was engaging (despite the uncertainty I first noticed), and I was so grateful to God! Instead of just going home, I took a walk with Eike (one of the panelists and founders of Irrepressible Voices), and I took loads of pictures! Eike graciously walked me to the train station after he explained the train stop was close to my lodgings and boy was I grateful for the €2 I paid (compared to the €21 it cost me to get there, sigh), and it was wonderful to walk home from the station in the beautiful, chilly weather. I was whispering #FitFam to myself the entire way home by the way, whoop!

2014-02-21 21.23.10

Train station… I prefer our trains in England jor (for no reason), lol. Big thank you to Eike for showing me how to use them!

2014-02-20 20.25.08

Dinner! On the way home from the pier I saw this Italian spot and rushed in. You can never go wrong with pasta, salmon, and cream sauce… never! Yum!


2014-02-22 09.08.12

This was the last photo I took in Hamburg, on the train on the way to the airport. This young man was sound asleep on the train and reeking of alcohol. And then he fell from his seat to the floor, and continued sleeping! From his snoring he was obviously alive but beyond the sounds he was truly out like a light! Alcohol is a bad thing walai…

Got home e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d!!! Bed!

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