Have you been following my movement? Lo. I’ve been called Jeremiah (I don’t get it), Mrs Ajala (smh), and a host of other names. SMH again!

By the way, I’m in Abuja! Whoop! Always a blessing to see my nephew! Quick, somewhat uneventful trip to be honest, nothing out of the ordinary (have to chip in though that Discovery Air is brilliant), except that I will/can never understand why people go all out with their dressing/makeup for flights. Especially the night flights, where the basic idea is to board and sleep, not like day flights allow for parties or board meetings if you get my drift. I don’t get it!

When I travel I like to be so comfortable I’ve formed the habit of not even wearing belts so there are less things to take off when passing security and so nothing ‘holds me while I’m sleeping. If it’s not winter I’ll most likely be wearing slippers, again so I don’t have to wrangle with my shoes.

Now even though I know everyone isn’t me (or like me), it never fails to amuse me when I see babes dressed to the nines, heels and all! Anyway, according to one of my friends, ‘you never know where you will find love (or work) and you must be ready’. Of course she is consistently guilty!

Anyway, I’m in Abuja, weeks after my super fabulous birthday! As always I’m grateful for safe travels, for a roof over my head, and the privileges I have. God is so good to me!

Now quick update on my giveaway (I must be the worst person you have seen do a giveaway, sigh), I sent off these six books to Ivy Ben,

2014-03-16 09.38.32


and the Message Bible to @eBunite.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 11.58.04

@eBunite sent that photo via Twitter, and then emailed to say thank you but I haven’t heard a sound from Ivy Ben. Did I ask for too much in saying winners should send a photo of their items when they receive them?

It is a tad funny/disrespectful for me because I sent a number of emails that have so far received no replies. The transport company however confirmed to me that the books were claimed, so let’s just leave it at that. These things happen, ey?

Moving quickly to update number two, the remaining winners were (((LIST))). Now, that I’m around again I can send off the books by Scott Hempling to the winners so please email an address, full name and contact number and your preferred transport company soon as you can to dfairygodsister(at)yahoo(dot)com!

For the winners of “Democracy and prebendalism in Nigeria: Critical interpretations. Edited by Adebanwi and Obadare”, and “Rewire: Digital cosmopolitans in the age of connection by Ethan Zuckerman’, I’ve got really bad news.

The donor wasn’t able to send them in to me, had some issues with logistics. He sent these two as a replacement though, and both of you (Lade and Dede) are welcome to them. Again, please email your details so I can send them out!


Final update – there’s two copies of the book by Scott Hempling (Nonye has the first copy), and the first two people to email me their details gets it!

Everyone else who didn’t win something, I’ve got another giveaway in the offing (and I promise it won’t take this long) so stay tuned!

Finally (I mean it this time), there are still slots open for people who want to join the #31Days31Writers project for July! You need to reach me at dfairygodsister(at)yahoo(dot)com while there are still spaces! Get in touch already! If you don’t know what it’s about, there’s some information here.

  1. Berry says:

    LOL @ Jeremiah! I’ll add ‘Jegede’ too. I also travel a lot (but not half the way you do, biko).

    And yea, to acknowledge receipt of stuff (money, gifts, messages/mails, anything at all) is good. Even if my dad sends you an ordinary sms that says “bye” only and you don’t reply,he rings you after sometime and says “did you receive my sms?” And you reply “yes”. He goes “and you didn’t deem it fit to acknowledge receipt? Don’t you know it’s rude and very irresponsible of a person not to,blabla.” Lol! He’ll so make a case out of it.

    Meanwhile, why don’t I get to win gifts sef? Even Don Jazzy’s recharge cards on twitter, I’ve never got. LOL!!

    All the best, jare.


    • Shaking my head at you Berry!

      Totally agree with you on acknowledging receipt of stuff but hey…

      As for not winning stuff, I was on a winning streak a while back o, there was one particular year I won a Sony home theatre, and a 20-function juicer! Now I can’t even win credit on Twitter. When I’m in Nigeria Don Jazzy gives out foreign topups, the minute I leave, he starts sharing MTN. Na wa!


  2. awww, I don’t even know what to say about the absence of appreciation because I’d be hurt too but try giving her benefit of doubt maybe something went wrong since she hasn’t replied your mails. Is she alright? I hope she’s doing fine though and something didn’t go wrong.

    Haha @Mrs Ajala..why now? what happen. I don’t get the Jeremiah part though but thank God for safe journey with all your going and coming.

    Yay for another give-away. 🙂


    • Hey glowing scenes,

      Amen to benefit of the doubt…perhaps I should do that. And guess who’s super grateful for safe travels everyday? Me!

      I’ve got two major trips before the end of the month sef, na wa!

      Going to need some major help with the giveaway this time, Lord knows I cannot delay the postings like before!


  3. dede says:

    I have sent you my details..waiting eagerly, yaay 🙂


  4. IVY BEN says:

    Thanks @glowingscenes for the words of wisdom . . . It always pays to give someone benefit of doubt.

    @Fairygodsister, you could have given me benefit of doubt and sent me a tweet. I also feel disrespected at having to read of this on your blog. Your comments are quite judgemental. Let’s practise what we preach okay? I won the. books in February. Received them in April . . . two months later. I felt your work schedule might be tight. That and other comsiderations. So I gave YOU benefit of doubt. Same day I received the books, I excitedly took pictures of them and tweeted them to you with a tweet that read thus: “Received the books . . . Finally!! Thanks a lot!!!” No response from you.
    I.haven’t been able to use my two email boxes recently. Have some challenges with opening them. So I use hubby’s email address for now. He’s yet to tell me he received emails on my behalf, maybe because he hardly checks his mails. Now that you mentioned I have some mails, will tell him to look out for mine and I’ll reply accordingly ASAP. Thanks once again for the books. Will tweet pictures of them to you again TODAY. Cheers.


    • IVY BEN says:

      “@eBunite sent that photo via Twitter, and then emailed to say thank you but I haven’t heard a sound from Ivy Blue.”

      And . . . It’s Ivy BEN not Ivy BLUE. I’m giving you benefit of doubt and assuming it’s a typo error . . . again. Little details like this matter a lot you know.


    • Hi Ivy Ben, thank you for writing in! I don’t think I would have written if I saw any form of acknowledgement from you, but it’s ok. I saw your tweets yesterday (or the day before), so thank you.


  5. Nonye says:

    Hi FGS,

    It’s been about a month since I sent out my contact details to you a second time by email. Was just wondering whether you got the mails and also to find out what the update on the books are.



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