#31Days31Writers – Silindile’s up, has learned that a smile works wonders!

Posted: July 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Are you enjoying our movement? Nigeria to Afghanistan, to South Korea, to The Netherlands, on, and on, and on? Incredible! So many different stories, diverse views on the year!

Today, we’re off to Botswana to meet my friend Silindile (she will attest to the fact that I was one of the very few we met in The Hague who could pronounce her name perfectly – whoop!). Silindile loves studying (like me), and she’s a gorgeous girl, inside and out so it’s an absolute pleasure to have her on today!

A few days ago I turned 25 years old. Yeahyness to me I am a year old. So, in true Silindile style, I decided to reflect on the past few months of my life like I do each year. And I just realised how much I have grown and learnt so much, and I owe this to every single human being I have had an encounter with. Whether be it a stranger’s smile on the street, a stranger stopping and taking the time to assist me or through family and close friends, I can say am truly humbled for the impact you have all had in my life. Yes, all of you, even you I am yet to meet because I believe, every encounter or experience is an opportunity to learn.

So what did I learn from myself and all of you so far? Well, I really learnt a lot that I much I know, but to avoid going round in circles as a talkative person, I will try to get right to the point and highlight three lessons that have stood out for me.

I have learnt to believe in myself and put my trust in God. I know this might sound like a cliché for some of you, but honestly the belief in me and my potential even through moments of doubt and fear have manifested into the great things I have achieved so far. I not only got awarded a scholarship to study in Europe, but the bonus is that as a person who loves to travel my programme affords me the opportunity to study in five different countries (Denmark, France, Portugal, Poland and United kingdom). Sounds exciting right? It’s absolutely amazing and sometimes I have to pinch myself because even to this day it still feels surreal.

To always smile, even at strangers. I have not fully applied this into my life as it can be challenging especially when I am having a bad day because a smile is contagious, it radiates positive energy and can make someone’s day. I know this because many smiles from unsuspecting strangers have added brightness to my day whenever I experienced a challenge.

I have learnt to be grateful, even for the small things that we sometimes take for granted. I am grateful for the gift of life, the opportunity and chance to be the best Silindile I aspire to be, my family, friends, who love me for who I am and the lessons I have learnt along the way. Lastly, I am grateful to God, my heavenly and earthly, the ever constant presence in my.

As we enter the second half of the year, I plan to take my lessons with me and continue to learn and grow each day through my experiences. I want to love more, laugh more, dance more, smile in spite of, travel a lot, take risks, continue chasing my dreams and finally getting round to learning French and learning how to swim. My goodness, these last two things have been on my list since forever, I think it is about time I got around to learning them lol.

My name is Silindile Mlilo, from Botswana and I am studying toward a Master in advanced developed Social Work.

I wonder why I didn't take this lip color off her when we met! Post it to me babes!

I wonder why I didn’t take this lip color off her when we met! Post it to me babes!



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