21/07/2013… Gym days, and some #CelebratingAuntyPat

Posted: July 19, 2014 in In memory of my aunty Pat

Aunty, do you remember when we signed up at the gym in Bolingo Hotels for a year?


It was good fun! I remember heading there early in the mornings, and then stopping at a random ‘Mama Put’ on the way back to buy rice and beans with all sorts of meat. Whether we cancelled out all the hard work at the gym or not, we didn’t care!

Ha ha ha… You this my crazy, super incredible aunty. I miss you to pieces! What didn’t we do together?

I remember you coming into my room (or your room – cos it was yours) without knocking, and when I screamed, ‘I’m dressing up’, you left, knocked, came in, and then said, “as if wetin you carry reach even half of my own”. Lol…

I’ve got stories for days aunty… You made sure of that.

You taught me that hired help can become family – who else keeps a driver and a nanny for 12 years? Everyone was welcome, everyone felt at home.

Remember that time when it seemed like all of us in the house were falling ill? You called for family prayers that evening, including the Muslim nanny. When she protested, you said, “abeg come let us pray jor, as if you’re not just recovering too. You no go come make we beg God?” Lol.

Incredible woman.

I miss you. I love you. Lots and lots.

  1. Hahaha…I think I would have loved this woman. She sure lived!
    God rest her soul.
    Your decision(most likely tough), to remember the good instead of dwelling on the pain is a lesson for me, albeit a slow learn…

    Thank you for sharing Aunty Pat’s incredible life with us. Here’s to living the kind of life that elicits laughter and great memories when remembered by others.



  2. Onaoluwa says:

    Quite obvious that you love and still miss her, can only pray that in the days ahead you find more shared joy, new bonds and memories to last a lifetime, Amen. Cheers.


  3. May your Aunty Pat rest in peace!


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