The bible says, “take heed what you hear”; ever come across that before? I know I have.

Based on the three stories I’m going to share below though, perhaps for both males and females, we can/ should introduce “take heed, who you marry”.

Before then, am I married myself? No; matter of fact I’m single (so we can get that out of the way early).

Ready to share 3 stories with me? Without messing the facts up, I’ll try to protect the identities of all three couples (Or ex-couples)

  • Boy meets girl who is in her late 20’s and under a bit of pressure by her married siblings and of course her folks. Therefore, she ‘allows’ a lot if things and her family foots the bill minus (N15, 000/ $90) that the guy contributes to the entire preparations. Less than a year later, he’s moved out of her house (where she pays rent) because amongst other things she’s not ‘submissive’, and her family has returned the dowry they collected. The End.
  • Boy meets high-flyer type chic, get married, have a beautiful daughter. Husband invests the Mrs.’ money (huge sums) in a string of failed deals/leads. Of course they start to have problems, wife starts to suffer emotionally and at the peak of their trouble (when he stops her from seeing their daughter for a period of time) she develops high blood pressure, and is said to be acting ‘weird’. At the time I wrote this, she’d been buried less than 10days ago
  • Boy meets girl and everyone thinks they’re a gorgeous couple except the ones who knew the inner workings of the relationship. She hits him, continuously, ridiculing him sometimes in the presence of his friends; did I mention they were engaged to be married? Man snapped one day and called it off. Now she says he ‘used’ her, and has wasted her time.

Three stories done. Might seem like it’s all doom and gloom ladies and gentlemen, but I promise you it’s not. For each of those tragic stories, I promise you there are ten, hundreds and thousands of success stories around. Even better, you have friends and family with super successful marriages, so you’ll agree it’s not a myth.

I stumbled across a blog today (dunno how I didn’t hear about them before)- where a man and his wife (Naijawife) chronicle the ups and downs, happy and not so happy times in their marriage. Not a hundred percent sure it’s a real life or brilliant scripting but you should have a look. Really interesting stuff there!

Also, I read somewhere once that marrying the wrong person is not only hell on earth, but will lead you to hell because of the amount of mistakes/missteps you will make.

Ladies (especially), no pressure at all. Don’t let anyone put you under pressure, and don’t do it to yourself too (I know about self-inspired pressure don’t worry). When he comes, he will come. There’ll be no shadow of doubt.

Guys too, no pressure, whether from family/peers or self-imposed. When you meet the ‘her’ that God designed for you, trust me you’ll know.

Who best to confirm your choice than The One who created you two? Get on your knees ladies and gentlemen, and ask Him to bring them to you! And He will!

While you wait, improve yourself, strengthen /solidify your relationship with your God (who is your first love ANYWAY), and have fun!

PS – Written on the 12th of July.





  1. drnsmusings says:

    Love naija husband and naija wife and yes they are for real


  2. Berry says:

    Now, this is one great piece. Everyone should read it.

    You should see the way I look (angrily) at those amebo aunties who will never stop telling you “when are you bringing him to us na”. The ones who have got that (devilish) ‘look’ from me have never tried to tell me that nonsense again. That’s how they will be mounting unnecessary pressure on people till they marry wrongly (and out of pressure) and they (amebo aunties) will still be the ones to laugh. Shege!

    Thankfully, I have the best parents in the world. They’ve never mounted any sort of pressure on me. That is why I don’t find it funny when outsiders too.

    Marriage is one thing I’ve always told myself that I would be careful about. My parents are divorced (everyone knows this) and I don’t want a repetition in my own home. So, I will be very very careful before I say ‘I DO’ to anyone.

    And yea, Naijawife and Naijahusband are real and share their real life experiences. Funny couple.


    • Berry of life! My dear my parents are such a blessing… Their tensioning is so low key it is none existent, and I’m super grateful for that.

      For relatives who have anointed themselves as the Cupid’s of my life, tueh. Simple.


  3. Presh Igwe says:

    Oooh thank you FGS for this after service treat… no matter the number of failed marriages cum relationships ,marriages still work the most important thing is to work in accordance with your creator BTW God writes the best love stories…. And ooooh I agree with you when he comes there will be no shadow of the doubt..
    BTW do you reside in the moon ,how come you are just coming across naija husband and wife… They are fabulous..Happy Sunday to you dear.


    • My dear Presh, it’s either on the moon or under a rock o, I don’t know how I could have missed them and their super relationship!

      Amen to God writes the best love stories…of course! He is love isn’t He?

      Take care!


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