This, that, and that – this is what I’d put in mine. You?

Posted: July 28, 2014 in TRAVELOGUE
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Have you ever gotten lost before? Whether driving, walking, boating or flying, have you ever just stopped and thought, “hang on, I’m lost, I don’t know where I am?”

I know I have! I’ve blogged about wandering off as a three-year old so you can imagine I started doing this early, lol. J Most recently I dropped a friend off after a night out and in the midst of navigating my way out of her zones, I realized I’d been driving for at least 22 minutes.

Now, I was going to ring her to say the inevitable had happened (because she’d teased that I’d lose my way), then I remembered we’d lambasted the electricity companies because there wasn’t any power when we got to hers and her phone was dead.

So I said a prayer, focused on remembering how I got to where I was, and then I retraced my steps. 20 minutes later, I was home safe. Read all of that as God took over, and led me home.

What if I didn’t find my way though, in that dead of night? What if it wasn’t in town or anywhere in civilization but in some desert, the woods, a thick overflowing forest, you know, all those things Hollywood movies are made of?

To be honest, these were the thoughts that crossed my mind when Alexandra from ManCrates got in touch to ask what I’d fit in a potential survival kit. For the purpose of this article, I’m allowed 4 items, a 5th because I am a good person 🙂 . Also, all the items are important to me, so don’t laugh!

  1. A duffel bag that would never empty of my favorite foods and drinks. Don’t even laugh (remember my warning) – how am I supposed to live without food and drink? How am I supposed to tell this story if I die of starvation? Very important biko.
  2. My Bible. Not because it sounds like a must-have, or because it formed one of the three items Agbani Darego, Nigeria’s only Miss World said she’d have in her survival pack. The Bible is ageless, timeless, and a source of great comfort and reassurance. Besides, who else to maintain direct contact with than God? Definitely on my list.
  3. My Moleskine. Wherever I go, I see/find a story. Truth be told, if everything I wrote in my jotters could automatically appear on my blogs, you would either spend your lives on my blog trying to catch up on pieces or you’d run away! How much more when there’s a proper, proper story of my surviving (whatever) to be told?
  4. My fleece. I call it my ‘comfort cloth’; it is dark blue, wraps around me nicely and is light enough not to be heavy yet keeps me warm when I need it to. And incredibly, regardless of how many times I wash it, I can always (somehow) sniff my nephew and my late Aunty Pat on it. My everlasting reminder of everyone I love dearly.
  5. An Internet-ready smartphone. Take pictures, make a video or two, play a few games maybe (particularly in love with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and The Weakest Link), and most importantly, call/tweet for help! Am I supposed to stay lost forever?

What would you have in yours? What four things can you not do without?

  1. Rita Eghujovbo says:

    Hahahahaha. What a story and what a list, I laughed despite your warning Chioma.
    Now to my list…..
    I will simply borrow or hijack your list. Wink


  2. 1. novels
    2. novels
    3. food & water
    4. phone with internet
    5. novels


  3. 2.water 3. My smart phone ( which has gps,my contacts,my bible app. ) 5. A friend that would help pass the time ! ( you definately gave good answers !)


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