Of laughter and chicken wings

Posted: October 16, 2014 in FUN!!!
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Social media is a funny thing. It’s like a playground these days, and everyone’s invited. Compelled almost, if you like. It has become possible to have a living, breathing relationship (work or otherwise) with a person you have never met (watch out for the catfish though) totally enabled by the various technologies around. Exciting stuff!

Found a blog almost a year ago now, and it was Tolu’s, this young man who’d returned to Nigeria (IJGB) and was documenting (daily) what it was like settling into work (he runs his own company), living in Lagos, all of that good stuff. Of course the tales were hilarious, and after a while I would find myself looking forward to his next piece. I would leave a comment every now and then too, and sometimes they’d become full blown conversations.

We narrowly missed the chance of meeting sometime in September; I’d been invited to an event in Lagos but I was in England and since the invite didn’t come with any attachment with the subject ‘British Airways’, I sent my regrets. However, I was really interested in the event (and I said so to the organizers) so after it held, I saw a link to a video of the proceedings, and so I watched.

And then I saw Tolu! And I’m like “no way”!! Apparently he’d also been invited, and was one of the key speakers or something like that. So I messaged him on Twitter (hello social media) to say we narrowly missed each other, and the conversation ended with a plan to meet when next I was in the country.

So… Had a really good first half of the day yesterday at the Diplomatic Dialogue series organized by NLI, hosting the US Ambassador (more gist about that in my next post) and then it was off to Terra Kulture to work, eat, and see if Tolu would be able to make it down.

He did! Right in the middle of me burning up (because in my ‘wisdom’ I’d sat by the window so the sun was in my face), my Mac charger packed up and I don’t know my way around Lagos so even after I’d been told on Twitter where I could get a new one, I was still obviously helpless. Tolu be sincere, I was whining those first few minutes abi?

Tolu laughed at me first (Smh at that first impression) and I daresay he laughed all the way to his car just under 3 hours later!

From airport to dim sum spots stories, to the ones about computer chargers and incomplete information, to the 21 questions (rolling my eyes at the interrogation), I had a fabulous, fun, really laid back evening!

And I’m grateful for that, for good fun, good conversation, and wait for it… Chicken wings!!

So we ordered smoothies and chicken wings (team FitFam), and we shared them equally, even though Tolu tried to shame/bully me into eating less than my share. Yet he was off to a party where he’d have a proper dinner o… *Rolling my eyes again* In fact, you be the judge – who do think owns which pile of bones?


Count carefully!!!

And there was the last wing, the lonely last wing that we both formed we wouldn’t eat… For several reasons…


I wonder what happened to this last wing… Where does a solitary chicken wing go?

Notice we left the fries alone? Team fitfam dot com!!

I had a really good time Tolu… Thank you. Send your email address, so I can send you that idea biko. Hope you enjoyed the party!

PS – what did you do yesterday evening? Yes, you reading this! Share!

  1. Few things in life beat great company! I enjoyed reading this 🙂 what were the several reasons you both formed for not eating that last wing? Lol.

    I was in church yesterday evening and I had a great time myself.

    P.s; can we please get the link to Tolu’s blog?


    • Berry says:

      Exactly! I was going to ask for a link to his blog.
      How’s the ‘Resplendent’ Lizzy doing? Lol!

      Nice post, FGS! The way you appear and disappear these days, ‘Bini witch’ no reach you half sef. Today, you are in Nigeria, tomorrow I see a tweet saying you’re in the UK. The next day, I see another tweet that you’re in Lagos.


      • *chuckles*. The Resplendent Lizzie is doing great, thank you. How are you Berry?

        P.s; I thought I was the only one who wondered about FGS’s unbelievable itinerary but then, that’s none of our business *in Kermit’s voice* 🙂


      • Lizzie SMH! Kermit’s voice ke? Lol… You and Berry should leave my itinerary alone biko, I don’t move around half as much as I would love to!


      • Berry I’ve already left the link!

        Lmao at Bini witch! Lol… It’s the hustle o, and God has been great! By the way, I’m in Abuja now…


    • Hey Lizzie!!

      Great company is everything!! Beht, you guys now will make Tolu’s head swell o, and I can’t risk that happening!

      Nice that you had a great time in church…

      His blog address is http://playhousecomm.wordpress.com/


  2. Great pictures.
    Good post too.


  3. Jokotolu says:

    Okay everyone, time for my version of what happened – also known as the truth.

    First, Team fitfam, the pic you are seeing is the second plate we had. So ask yourselves what happened to the fries on the first plate!!

    Second, FGS, ‘be honest’? You know I won’t lie – yes you were moaning like a …

    Third, to all those who asked for a link to my blog, will leave FGS to share but I am on a writing hiatus at the moment. But watch this space – well, maybe not this exact space but you get what I mean.

    Fourth, I was laughing with you not at you.

    Fifth, I gave you my last chicken wing (Rolo) and you threw it away! Heartbroken.

    Last of all, FGS, I know meeting me made your day 😉 Teeheehee
    Well just so you know, meeting you made mine. Had a blast.


  4. yenekeap says:

    Answering this for kicks. (Might as well, you asked so nicely. 🙂 )

    Yesterday eve, sat in my car listening to Nigeria play Sudan… Through 2 hours of traffic, a swirling dust storm, and beautiful rainfall. Yes, beautiful. Torrential, falling in sheets, lit up by technicolor displays of lightning piercing blue-gray skies.

    And we won.


    • Yay!! We won? Didn’t know Nigeria had a match sef, I’m that not interested in footie!

      Great that you had a good evening… Thank God you were in your own car, albeit stuck in traffic. What if you were in a stuffy, smelly bus? 🙂


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  6. […] Of laughter and chicken wings […]


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