Guess who I met on Monday? Read and find out jor!

Posted: October 24, 2014 in DAY 2 DAY
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I interrupt my #ChroniclesFromBonn series to tell you what I did on Monday, and the person I met!

Monday was a super interesting day, even though I did quite a bit of running around. Actually, the day started out kinda funny. As is my custom every once in a while, I couldn’t sleep the night before. Not sleeping late, but I couldn’t sleep at all. And not because I had a nap in the afternoon either. I just couldn’t sleep, guess my enemies were working overtime. Shame to bad people!

So, by the time my eyes agreed to close on Monday morning about 6.40am, I knew the rest of my day would be distorted by no small measure. And I resigned myself to that.

So I was up at 10am, had a bit of a lie-in till 10.20, and then it was time to get out and start my day. Top on the list, shopping for JT, my new baby, meeting up with Olamide Craig and his lady (whoop), and then meeting up with Lizzie’s (fellow owner of my blog, lol).

Digress a bit? I remember the first time Lizzie got in touch – she’d read my blog from the very first post I put up so when she was telling me about myself I almost freaked out. Ok maybe I freaked out a little bit, but Lizzie’s good peoples. Lol.

Anyway, so lunch with Craig and the Mrs to be over (of course there’s a food picture, patience is a virtue jor), and then my ever faithful Cabbie drove to where we picked Lizzie and then did a bit of a drive around looking for the perfect JT. Lizzie I’m sure you know what JT is now, don’t tell anyone biko, it’s our ‘lirrul sekweet’ (‘little secret’ for people who don’t understand baby speak)


Starch and banga of the Gods!

Starch and banga soup…food of the Gods!

Anyway, search for JT over, we ended up at Salamander, one of the favourite chill spots for me in Abuja. Never mind that I’d had a few words with their manager just a few days ago cos the salmon they served with my couscous (priced at a princely N4500) was one miserly piece.

Anyway, so we went to Salamander, and we had drinks. Well I had two bottles of water (I was parched), and Lizzie had something to eat.

It was just really lovely to meet Lizzie, and absolutely hilarious to see that our meeting was the source of discussion with people including… (dunno if I should mention their names, don’t have their permission). Just know that at different times in the next 40 days, I should meet both of you, barring any unforeseen circumstances. So get ready to pepper her back!

From work, to careers, to potential studies in the future, to my sharing the testimony of a ‘mentee’ friend of mine (mentee used quite loosely) who I encouraged to write an exam and follow her dreams of higher level studies. She called me from her school! Whoop! So excited! I’ve promised to visit next time I’m close by, which is soon!

And then we (Lizzie and I) took selfies (which I was super proud of) but Lizzie wanted regular photos (boooooring). So, you get to pick which ones are better; just know that if you pick hers I won’t talk to you again. Note that this is a free and fair election regardless *straight face*


Selfie one (don’t forget to vote wisely)


Selfie two!!


Photo one…

Photo two...

Photo two…

Nice to meet you babes, let’s do this again sometime!

  1. Hahaha…I laughed from beginning to end….fellow owner uh? Lol.
    Thank you FGS! I’lld say the pleasure was all mine but i’m nice like that, so i’ll take half of the pleasure this time. 😉 Thank you for having me&sharing!!!! Plus, I appreciate this super star status I just acquired by reason of being featured on your blog. *side eye to names withheld*. Lol.

    So much for free and fair election with that threat hanging over their heads. If the results don’t favour me, I will appeal.

    Bless your heart *hugs*


  2. Presh Igwe says:

    Wow you met Lizzie?that’s super cool you know… Does she speak big oyibo in person (hahahaha)
    Now to the election..since its free and fair I choose selfie 2 and photo 1…


  3. Fran says:

    Where did you find starch and banga? So I can eat when next I come into town. 🙂


  4. JMAD says:

    That has to be Niger Delta for the banga…. i hope i’m not wrong cos i can perceive their food even from a picture. Meanwhile you are a travelling minister. I dont mind tagging along as your hand – luggage next time. Currently schooling in Bradford, i think we can work something out *wink wink*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep, Chijioke you’re right! Niger Delta kitchen! As in, I see their food in my dreams! Lmao at travelling minister… not half-bad for a portfolio if you asked me…
      Bradford isn’t too far (well nowhere is technically)… Na wa o, this two weeks next month is going to be a lot of visiting…not like I’m complaining!


  5. I’m sowieeee Lizzie, you know I love you babes but FGS’s photos are better…I am sowieee, FGS said to vote wisely and I add candidly too…hehe.
    This looks and I heard it was fun, Infact, I nor hear word from madam. Well, peppering back and a retaliation from those two people will be on point! *tongues out*

    Ps:FGS, you look so pretty and banga soup yeah? Tis my bestest! Peeps who haven’t eaten that are missinggg!


  6. My fav pic of you and Lizzie is the last one at the restaurant? Bless you both! ~Zoey

    Liked by 1 person

  7. FGS, my comments are not showing up ohhhh. Stuck in your moderation panel I guess?

    Liked by 1 person

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