About 13 years ago, I was playing with Momma’s luscious locks (my mother has gorgeous hair), and I noticed isolated strands of grey. Guess what? I started crying. Quietly at first, but because all mothers have eyes at the back of their heads, she asked why I was crying. Of course I immediately became louder.

But why was I crying? I didn’t want my mother to get old. *smile*

She comforted me, we cuddled, and then she told me everything I already knew – everyone gets old, white hairs are a sign of increasing grace and wisdom, and all those other nice things. All I could see however was my mother getting old and leaving me. And I was terrified to the heavens!

My mom’s a PhD holder, defended her thesis at the ripe age of 61, and I couldn’t be prouder of this unending miracle God gave to us.

However, this song is not about her. It’s about me, and the white hair I now have!


So I looked in the mirror yesterday morning after my shower, admiring the beauty that God took his time to mold, and while I was trying to decide what next I want to do with my hair (been through the #TeamNatural, #TeamLocks, and all the other ‘team’ phases) and there it was. Right in the middle of my head, this long, silver strand. Shock, curiosity, awe, fear; I felt them all at once.

“I have white hair”, I tweeted, like I was trying to confirm that to myself.

Here are some of the responses I got.

Screenshot 2015-04-11 13.45.09

Screenshot 2015-04-11 13.45.25

Screenshot 2015-04-11 13.45.37

Screenshot 2015-04-11 13.45.49

Screenshot 2015-04-11 13.46.17

I’m turning 29 in a few short weeks (whoop) so obviously the white hair is waaaaaaaaay before it’s time but I’d be lying if I said seeing it didn’t make me stop and think for a minute, ask myself a few questions I will now share with you.

  • What am I doing with my life?
  • Am I happy?
  • Is God proud of me?
  • Am I on the way to where I want to be?

Yeah, that’s it, didn’t want to overthink one strand of hair biko. I’m happy with the answers to those questions, and there’s a fresh resolve to cater to the ones I wasn’t that happy with.

So, what next? Maybe dye a few more strands white?




  1. Berry says:

    Lol! This is hilarious. Sometimes, it’s hereditary. I have many strands of grey hair. But of course, it’s usually not seen/noticed because I dye my hair blonde. But I already told everybody close to me that when I’m 40, I’ld dye my whole hair white, that’s shifting from my blonde signature hair to white.

    Yes, I remember when you were #TeamLocks. You looked so cool. Can I plead that you go back to it, please?

    Finally, any fun thing for 20th May? Hope I’m correct about your birthday?


    • Hey Berry Boo!! It’s the 20th o! Whoop!! I’m thinking of it o, wanted to go Bungee jumping but it’s been difficult finding the time to plan it!!

      About the white hair, I had a friend who dyed her whole hair white. It was gorgeous! I don’t have the liver though.

      Locs? I don’t know o. There was this day heat nearly killed me and I couldn’t reach the bottom of my scalp! That’s the day I took it out o…


  2. Lolzzzz well just think of it as it qualifies you to join The league of elders who sit down and see the top of Mount Everest while dose who are literally on top of the mountain can’t see it. Pls fairygodsister follow my page and read my short story. I’m new here and wanna know what gurus like you think.


    • Hello Jennimusings24!

      Thank you for stopping by (and if you’ve come before, please accept my thanks again!)

      Amen o, to joining the league of elders!

      I will visit your blog sweetie, and you will know when I do!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Well,i think white hair is kinda beautiful esp on a young woman. It is like being “platinum blonde”.


  4. E' says:

    I kaaaaaala :p


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