Children of God!!

How have you been? Good? How’s work, your family, your life?

Greetings from Leamington Spa, green, quiet, quaint, serene, providing such a connection to my spirit.

Nope, I’m not going to apologise for not being here for a bit. I needed the time away. The past few weeks have been difficult, and I decided that instead of masking the things I was going through with activities (like climbing trees, lol… that story will be told soon), I wanted to drop everything, go away, think, cry, pray, workout, jump (happening soon); everything to bring myself back to myself, if you know what I mean.

In a few days it’d be another anniversary of my aunt’s death. My darling aunt, who we still talk about everyday, who I still feel very close to. Puts to shame all the ‘time heals all wounds’ talk people say, except two years isn’t classed as time. I miss her. Yesterday, today, everyday. Some days are hard, some others are harder, some days are a damn blur.

Keep resting aunty. I love you so much. So damn much!

So I woke up about 4am this morning, couldn’t sleep anymore. Maybe cos I left the curtains open and summer means the sun rises about 3.50am, maybe my eyes were tired of sleep (like my aunt would say, lol), dunno. I just couldn’t sleep.

Anyway, so I started catching up on emails, articles, all those kinds of things, and then I remembered two songs I heard in like 1995, maybe I even danced to one of them in a group, don’t really remember. And so far I’ve played both of them back to back like 10 times each, and they’re so uplifting I thought I’d share with anyone going through a rough time/patch.

This is from an era when music was truly uplifting, not the rubbish we have to endure now. Sigh. This is ‘Count it all joy’ by The Winans.

And then there’s this one by Sound of Blackness called ‘Hold On’. Fun, really great song. Check on it!

I’m talking to myself as I say this. You will feel better. That pain will pass. You will want to get up and work again. Your morning will come. That heaviness will lift, hard times will pass. Just keep holding on, keep working at it, hanging in there, keep looking up, to the One who has our manuals and the perfect story of our lives.

Today’s a great day, whether you like it or not! God’s got you!

Light, love, and God’s great blessings,


PS 1 – God bless Ruona for me today. Not tomorrow. Today.

PS 2 – I stumbled on this website yesterday, and I haven’t been able to close it. Such a profound story, such a representation of the absolute love and mercies of God. Have a look, you’re welcome!

  1. bshaba says:

    Thank you for sharing this sis. I’ve also realized tha ‘time heals all wounds’ is relative to different people but one thing that is sure is that the pain will pass but when is what we can’t ascertain.
    Thank you for sharing these songs: Hold On by Sound of Blackness used to be my go-to song in 2007 when I got into the university & it helped me through some very tough times.

    I’ve been encouraged by this & it has blessed me to so thank you FAIRY GODSISTER 😀

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  2. joy4eva says:

    Thank you so much for this Chioma. A lot of us go around with wounds that seems will never heal. There is some joy when we trust in God. He lifts our soul and makes the world a less hurtful place. Thank you because you have written from a point of reality where you feel it. Many of us don’t have the courage to write but because you have, you have touched lives.


    • Hello Joy4Eva,

      To be honest, I was a little overwhelmed with the responses I got to this post; I even felt a little selfish about going on and on about my issues when I saw the losses some others had suffered.

      I guess it’s another thing to be grateful for, the ability to share, and the blessing to be able to touch someone even through your grief.

      Thank you for coming, for reading, and for subscribing. I really appreciate it.


  3. The Amazing Andy says:



  4. sonya says:

    I lost a sister 12 years ago, some nights i still cry. Time takes the edge off but it never really heals. Talking to God helps a great deal however.

    Love the songs, you can actually shoki to ‘hold on’. I know i did 🙂


    • Dear Sonya,

      My heart is with you. I have one sister, and I don’t know what I’d do… I cannot imagine how you felt/fee/will feel, but there is a God who created us and our feelings, and can reach you where it hurts. Loads of hugs from here.

      And yes, shoki to ‘hold on’ is a thing! Didn’t know till you said but yep yep, it’s a thing!

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  5. Presh Igwe says:

    Thank you so much FGS for this. I lost a little angel today,as a teacher some children come into our lives and engrave in our hearts unforgettable experience of them. Chinaza was one of them.All the while I refused to believe this sad news until now that I have retired from the day and can’t help but reminisce on fun memories that I’ve spent with her… It hurts deep down but reading this has eased it off a bit… Thanks once more dear. I choose to count it all joy


    • Hello Presh,

      My condolences on the little one… Heaven wanted their angel back I guess. My thoughts are with you, the rest of the class, and her family.

      I’m so thankful this post helped… Big thank you to the One who gave the gift of writing. Plenty hugs!


  6. I just love this…you are such a light, my friend! Bless you~


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