First off, how una dey? How are you wrapping up your year? Nicely I hope… I saw something recently that said even if it doesn’t look like it now, keep working at it. So, keep working, that breakthrough is closer than you think!

So what are we on about today? Marriage. You know, the concept of getting joined traditionally, in the court of law and before God and then spending the rest of a lifetime with a spouse? The one with the wedding day and two dress changes, and the traditional wedding with two or three outfit changes? That one.

According to our ‘societal norms’, there’s an age period where it becomes acceptable to bring a guy home/take a lady to meet your folks. Never mind that leading up to that age (for the ladies especially) you’re not supposed to even recognize that males exist! Lol.

There is also the age when your family members (nuclear or extended) start to drop hints and prayers all over the place, about the ‘person God has designed for you’, about ‘everyone not being perfect’, about ‘not being too picky because all men/women are the same’, about ‘slowing down with work because the clock is ticking’. Hian! The age where every wedding you attend you hear things like, ‘the next one is your own’, ‘go outside and meet people’, and my personal favorite, ‘why are you standing with your cousin na, people will think he’s your boyfriend’… Lol! Thank God for families!

So, I’m female, and will write from that point of view. Ok? In the last 24 hours, I’ve heard the most horrible stories about some married folk I know, and I will give lean details about three. All of them have children, either boys and girls or single sexes. One of them hasn’t seen her husband in a little over two years, and he’s left her a mountain of debt so she has to fend off creditors apart from take care of the home. He’s alive, and well, not just home. Another one buried her husband who committed suicide in front of her children while she was at work. He was a chronic gambler. The third one took great pleasure in expressing whatever frustrations he felt from his job through his hands, on his wife. The first (and only time) one of the children clung to him to stop the beating, he landed that child in hospital from the transferred aggression.

Now. I know all men are not like that, matter of fact for each of these horrible stories, I have at least 5 of homes that are great, growing in love and grace. Are there days when one spouse might want to wring the neck of the other from vexation? Of course. But that’s where it ends. Are there days when they might not even speak because one person is that upset? Of course. But they always come back together, either at bedtime or the day after, and they keep on loving and learning each other.

There was a story on social media recently about a man who slapped his 28 year old wife and she fell down the stairs, sustained fatal injuries. The end. Apparently he had been hitting her for a while but she was advised to ‘endure, stay and make the marriage work, not bring shame to the family’. Well, except there’s a chance for that in heaven, that’s that isn’t it? And it isn’t just the men being violent, I’ve heard of females (know a couple) who would draw blood from their spouses. Na wa.

Sometimes I’m not sure to be honest, is it that our generation has been tainted by the content we’re exposed to or families back in the day were better at hiding domestic abuse from their children? Is it that our parents came from a school that didn’t see divorce as an option or our generation is more interested in putting away than working at things? I don’t know.

Once upon a time I belonged to the school of thought that said that a spouse who would end up being violent would have shown signs during the courtship/dating period etc. But I’ve heard of a saint who turned devil the night the ‘I Do’s’ were said! They’d been dating like 5.5 years!

I don’t know where I’m going with this to be honest but if there’s anything I’m even more convinced about now than I was before, there’s no rush. It will happen. I’m also doubly convinced that enlisting the help/wisdom of God, the creator of all men (and women) in saying yes to that man or woman is the way to avoid becoming a negative statistic.

Light, love, and God’s great blessings!

  1. E' says:

    I DO NOT CARE!!! IF A MARRIAGE IS VIOLENT AND YOU ARE AT THE RECIEVING END, DON’T WALK, RUN!!! You may have made the mistake in your choice but dying for it? Esp when kids are involved? Mba biko. Since that Titi story, I no dey hear oooo. Vio… RUN!!! UGH

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    • Nne eh! Even if children are not involved, I cannot (like Jesus) ‘lay down my life and then take it up again’ so why put myself in that place? Then after I’m gone the son of man will become born again and God will wipe his slate clean? He might even marry again sef! Biko o…


  2. E' says:

    No rush abeg. People tensioning singles as if it is a disease or it is by choice. Same ppl will unlook AND gossip if it don’t go right. Nonsense!!! I am a FIRM believer in marriage (I esp LOVE Asoebis, yellow being a current fave), and I have a GREAT marriage for which I am thankful, but I really HATE when ppl are tensioned into wrong choices. We are talking FOREVER ooo!!! Phew!!! If Jesus tarries, the years one has spent on earth pales in comparison to forever. More over I believe that God’s timing is perfect. We are NOT perfect tho but we can TRUST Him to make EVERYTHINGbeautiful in HIS time. Amen!!!

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  3. E' says:

    Something I recalled from one of Pastor Bimbo’s messages… MARRIAGE IS HARDWORK even with the RIGHT PERSON but marry the wrong person and you are in FOR THE HARDEST MOST FRUSTRATING WORK EVER IN YOUR LIFE… or to put it in everyday English, YOU ARE COMPLETELY FINISHED!!! ok I am done. Lol. Enjoyed this darling.

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  4. Berry says:

    And FGS drops it hot (as usual). Loved reading this.

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