#31Days31Writers: Tessa says, “I don’t have to feel perfect to give thanks”

Posted: December 7, 2015 in 31Days31Writers
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Tessa’s on today, and her post is one that invokes memories for me, and I’m sure for everyone else who has ever lost someone. Her voice is one of thanksgiving though, and it is a charge to us that even on the days when we just want to curl up in a ball and moan, we can (and should be) thankful. Harder than it sounds I know, but doable.

I am writing the 30 days of gratitude challenge and even though I don’t feel perfect inside me, I realise that I don’t have to feel perfect to give thanks.

Why don’t I feel perfect?

I am still getting used to the fact that my dad is gone.

My daddy died on the 1st of October in the early hours of the morning.

I didn’t think I would cry but I did and I grieve but in spite of that I’m grateful for his life and that he got his chance to make his peace with God.

Life without God is not a walk in the park. I’m writing on my way to church. I’m thankful to God that he got a glimpse of God even if he didn’t get to walk closely with God.

I am thankful for my family. For love, for life, for God’s grace and favour. I’m thankful for the victories that we have gotten and more to come.

I’m thankful of all things for the relationship I have with God, even though I’ve not been talking much to Him, just listening. I’ve not gotten my bearings yet.

In spite of my silence, God is still good, I keep seeing His hand around me, even in things I didn’t pray about. I am kind of low on compassion these days cause I am looking out for yours truly.

I am thankful for the new year and this one. It would be interesting to see how we cope without our dad and who he was to us. I am confident though that God is not going anywhere, he remains in the midst of us, lifting, guiding, protecting, defending and leading us and most of all, I am confident he has good thoughts for us.

Nothing prepared me for this but I believe it’s the right time. It happened at the time that God allowed. I’m stretched on all sides trying to be everything for my family members and failing.

Now, from this moment, I surrender it all to God, He is the One who knows how to take care of us all, all the aspects of our lives, and most especially, our inner man, He knows how to soothe the hurts, how to work through the pain, pierce between soul and Spirit and bring peace and calm, he knows how to sort between friend and foe and bring helpers, Jonathan’s, sent by God.

He knows how to take off the pressure and lead beside the still waters, so even though I weep, I’m grateful for new things.

I trust God to make a way in the wilderness and bring streams in the deserts.

So in all the awesome things that have happened and in the passing of our father, the One God gave, I give thanks.

O Give thanks to the Lord, his mercies endureth forever.

First off, my most profound condolences on your dad…it is well with you. Receive strength and comfort from The One who gives and gives and gives. Plenty hugs, your family’s in my thoughts and prayers.

Second, I envy your relationship with God, seriously I do! And I trust Him for grace for myself to be able to lean on Him completely. 

  1. kayda1 says:

    My sister, may God strengthen you and yours and show Himself mighty on your behalf.

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  2. tessadoghor says:

    Thank you. I started feeling better as soon as I wrote, its been bottled inside me for weeks.

    On my relationship with God, I finally trusted that He loved me more than I loved me so I surrendered the reins to Him

    I still surrender when I see me trying to control my direction.

    You will get better in your relationship with Him, its the way of the righteous, getting brighter and brighter always.

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  3. Patty says:

    I can totally relate with you Tessa on the demise of your father. I also lost my dad at the early hours of May 11 this year and it hasn’t been easy but God has been my stronghold and He will be yours too. He’ll comfort you and yours and give you peace even in this time of grief…Remain blessed

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  4. E' says:

    Sending plenty hugs… God comfort you and your family.


  5. Awwww…Sending a mighty big hug. May God continue to wrap His arms around you and your family. Stay surrendered, all you need is God and you have Him.

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  6. Berry says:

    “…I didn’t think I would cry but I did…”. Now, this is obviously one very STRONG babe. May GOD comfort you and your family.


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