So last night I watched this gorgeous movie called The Intern starring Robert De Niro (Ben) and Anne Hathaway (Jules). It is centred around Jules leading an internet fashion company and having Ben (a really odd choice it would seem) as one of the interns. That’s all I’ll say don’t worry; it’s a really gorgeous movie and I want you to see it for yourself!

Apart from making me tear up a few times (don’t worry I’ve been known to cry cos the sun is shining beautifully, lol), the movie reminded me of the differences between older, distinguished people, and this generation. And distinguished here doesn’t mean wealth. It means class, graces, and the general decent traits that make/made people ladies and gentlemen in every sense of those words.

For instance, one of my best friends from university is called Ekene. Her dad, should be well over 80 now is one of the most distinguished people I know. While we were in school, anytime I went to her house he would extend his hand, look me in the face and ask me “how do you do?” Crisp, clean English. A straight back, no slouching (even for his age), very in tune with current affairs, such a well of knowledge. Bless him!

I have been blessed with older friends (and I think I’ve written about this before) who always challenge me to do/be better; whether it is the way I speak (even my pronunciations), the way I write, etiquette, etc. I don’t know… I feel like I can’t really articulate this thought so I’ll move on. Can I just say though that this post is more about the things I’ve seen that I don’t really see anymore, and less about bashing men or my generation? Yeah? Good.

Anyway, halfway through the movie, I took a break (who does that), and started tweeting. Here are a few things I said.

That’s it. Any other old souls out there? Anyone still have eyes out for these things?

  1. Yes, we are still out there, I speak with most of them on a daily basis. I for one am appalled by certain traits I see these days. I certainly believe I should have been born in another lifetime. Maybe it’s the choice of friends I had growing up or the books I read or the fact that most of my friends are 5, 10, 15, 20 years older than I am. Maybe though it’s the fact that my dad took time to teach me the right way to live 😊.

    I’ve started ranting again 🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾

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    • Repeat after me… It’s not good to rant, it’s not good to rant, it’s not good to rant, it’s not good to rant, it’s not good to rant… lol!
      Ah well… I think that for a lot of things we complain about now, salvation isn’t with us. It’s with our children, and the way we raise them.

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  2. Ebenezer says:

    We are here……quietly working our way to be the best we can be!

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