As We Watch Our Parents Grow Older

Posted: April 2, 2020 in Uncategorized

I feel like we do not have this conversation enough so very happy to reblog this piece that captures a considerable number of my fears.

Thinking Out Loud!

“As we have come to celebrate 80 with you, we will come and celebrate 90!! We will come and celebrate 100 and even 120 sef in Jesus nameeeeeee!!!!”

And we all chorused a loud earth-shattering amen.

That was the chairman of the day, praying at my friend’s dad’s 80th birthday last week. Shortly after the prayers, my friend came over to our table and some of our friends started to banter with him; asking if he truly wanted his Dad to live till the age of 120, he just laughed and we all moved on.

I would really love to see my Mum celebrate 120; actually, I want her to be around forever. At my big age, watching my mum grow older has been quite discomforting and unsettling for me. She clocked 65 in June and honestly, I still remember quite vividly, her 35th birthday. I am 34 and I…

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