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I was in church a few weeks ago, and this hymn jumped at me in so many ways. I downloaded it after the service, and by the end of the week I had listened to it about 100 times. Imagine if I had 1000 dollars for every time I listened to the song, lol.

Anyway, so I remembered the hymn today (the one sung in church today didn’t really grip me) so I thought I’d share. And with lyrics too. This version is by the Bill and Gloria Gaither Band, it’s fabulous. You’re welcome.

1 Once I was bound by sin’s galling fetters,
Chained like a slave I struggled in vain;
But I received a glorious freedom,
When Jesus broke my fetters in twain.

Refrain: Glorious freedom, wonderful freedom,
No more in chains of sin I repine!
Jesus the glorious Emancipator,
Now and forever He shall be mine.

2 Freedom from all the carnal affections,
Freedom from envy, hatred and strife;
Freedom from vain and worldly ambitions.
Freedom from all that saddened my life.

3 Freedom from pride and all sinful follies,
Freedom from love and glitter of gold;
Freedom from evil temper and anger,
Glorious freedom, rapture untold.

4 Freedom from fear with all of its torments,
Freedom from care with all of its pain;
Freedom in Christ my blessed Redeemer,
He who has rent my fetters in twain.

Why do people die?

Posted: May 31, 2013 in POETRY

Why do people die?

who says when, where, who says why?

life is fleeting, in a twinkle of an eye

here, then you hear they died


From their sleep to heaven for keeps

the life to death transition is so swift

the good the bad, the true, the lies

here, then she hears they died


What does it feel like, the passing

I haven’t died so I guess I’m asking

Were they scared, hurt, did they cry

they were here then we heard they died


Why do people die?

disappear, fade, go up in the sky?

I should have called, should have said goodbye

you were here, then I heard you died


A part of me longs for you

Calling the others already there

You make everything brand new

My thoughts dreams come true

English: Pebbles

There’s a certain beauty to you

Ace, that extra that’s only here

Strong, arrogant, maybe even derousse

You’re pure, my nightmares diffused

We want to go there

Sail, walk, drive, explore the blues

I feel a lot of things sans fear

Because you care, cos you’re always here

Did you know that at some point in my life I wanted to be a doctor? Like really become a doctor?  Why? Because my sister was studying to be one, and not only did I adore her (I still do), I must admit I wanted a bit of the attention she was getting just because she was reading medicine. I know that deep down somewhere there was (and still is) the innate desire to help people, but at that time, it was simply cos that’s what you were doing sis!

Since we’re here you know that me wanting to go to boarding school even though it was a different one from yours was simply cos you were in one and I wanted stories to tell as well. Plus I wanted the provisions you and Nnamdi were getting!

I was billed to go somewhere else for my first degree (of course after the now impossible ‘doctor’ mission, I said I wanted to be with you. And be with you I was, and what wonderful times we had! Babes do you remember final year when I was ill and at some point we couldn’t explain what was wrong with me? I remember both of us crying when you had to give me any injections; me from fear (naturally) and you because of the suffering I was going through. God bless you!

When Daddy was sorting out her drivers’ licence, I don’t think I had done more than ‘warm’ the car (and without permission) but if the officer hadn’t taken my details that day I’m sure I would have burst an artery or something! I really just wanted to be like you, and I even Schumacher like you when I’m driving!! (Momsy must not read this)

Then do you remember our days in the West? Ibadan, and then Osogbo? Good times, memories we’ll keep forever!

You’re patient, kind, very intelligent, with one of the warmest hearts I’ve ever come across. Any wonder I enter Incredible Hulk mode when someone upsets you?

I’ve been blessed to have you as my big sister, I don’t know what I would have done without you walai. You’ve been a lot of things to me; my mom, sister, best friend, confidante, ATM/emergency wardrobe (you knew I was coming to that didn’t you, ha ha ha), prayer warrior, and other times, what Ibo people will refer to as ‘onye eji m e me onu’! I’m so proud of you!! Maybe that’s why I keep trying to imitate you/be like you, it’s just because few people are the beauty that you are inside and out, and I just want to partake of it every now and then.

It’s your birthday today

you’re adding another year

I thank the Lord, tis time for cheer

your silent prayers and every wish

I pray you’ll find within each dish

No pain, no shame, not a moment’s poor

Today and forever it’s joy evermore!

Happy birthday to the best big sister in the whole wide world!! Love you muchos!

Oh wow!

God has been good! It’s another Friday already, cheers to the frigging weekend! Friday the 13th I must add, with all the superstitions around that, but I’m headed in a different direction this morning. I’m more interested in ‘waking up’, the little thing we do every day that we take for granted because it just happens.

I woke up this morning feeling great, feeling grateful for the simple fact that I’m awake today. Regardless of your status or circumstance (whether you slept on a water-bed or on the floor) waking up every morning isn’t a natural thing. It’s a gift from God, out of His bounty regardless of our unfaithfulness, the wrong things we do on a daily basis His mercies are new every morning, Friday to Friday.

Kinda inspired me to write the little piece that’s below….. I hope it stirs up as much thanksgiving in your heart as it did in mine!

Friday to Friday to Friday to Friday,

I’m still here, no pain, no tear(s)

Life, no strife, peace, increase

all my wants He doth supply

and my needs, never denied.

Nothing compares cos He’s always there

Friday to Friday to Friday to Friday.

Enjoy your weekend, and stay out of trouble!

P:S – Meanwhile I just got good news from my besto!! Whoop whoop!!!

Setting you free, this lingering fantasy

Chicken and fox, turtle and bee, this cannot be, this you and me

Setting you free, love at its peak

For one mound makes a she incomplete

Setting you free, unwrapped, untainted

Safely back to the One from whence you were dated

Setting you free, retrieving my heart

I must have two, for I already have one

Setting you free, this eagle is homesick

Nestled, unready, and afraid of heights

Setting you free, I love you, you love me

Sadly, love isn’t all it takes for us to be

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I cannot hate you

though you do not love me

and you make it plain to see

for you I am constantly suffering

for you I will keep giving

I do not hate you

I do not hate you

even when the pains from your abrasive violation

are and remain my most recurring sensation

even when with offensive arrogance you plunder

and pillage and loot, embezzle and filch

till there’s not even enough to pilfer

I do not hate you

I do not hate you

even though you are never there when I call

even though my cry for help is never heard

even though my pleas for counseling make you angry

it’s easier to just blame me and my past relationships

and so even when you torture me

I do not hate you

I do not hate you

we are one, unconsciously bound by blood

and I am the way to you in everything

even if you bite my fingers with the food I am offering

if you bruise my breast and waste it’s gifts

even if thanks to you I keep suffering

I can not hate you

My momma taught me better than that!


*Originally published on Facebook on the 9th of November 2009

My heart sings

bursts with melodies from heaven

lungs and vocals spew sweet symphony

from my very depths resounding harmony

verse love chorus passion

bridge the heights your love takes me

indeed my heart sings

I know this picture has nothing to do with this poem; I just didn't want to use a 'love related' picture, that'd be too obvious! And she's my favorite character (and voice) on the show too

Ah! My heart sings

songs of pain songs of sorrow

so much hurt twists my insides like dreadlocks

even the sound of my voice bleeds like a cut

stanza confusion bridge indecision

the verse a burden heavier than the Boeing

ah! Indeed my heart sings

*Originally published on Facebook on the 7th of March, 2010

the eighties – year of my birth

two – brother and sister, the perfect number

two – Sir B and Izzie, pets I loved but lost

two – the almighty fairy god father and mother

everything I love is in twos

I hear even my teeth grew in twos

twos and me have a thing


ten and two strokes I received for noise in class

Miss Chuka, my teacher bellowed, you’re just an ass

two – number of times I’ve been in love

thirty two things you love about me

six 2 five reasons we think we cannot be

I want to so climb up a tree

twos and me so have a thing

I must keep learning
Why you peak at sunset and set at sunrise
Your no for yes and yes for no
Why you claim to love me but hate me so
The Creator so loved that He gave, you take
And give nothing in return you break
Like a rock against a mirror you shake
My very foundations, my Haiti it quakes

I must keep learning
Why I am the builder and you the crusher
In our midst you free foxes with fiery tails
Then say the boat in unity best sails
I swell in pride at your thoughts you burst
I go I come I go the thrusts
From side to side like the pendulum’s curse
The former, the latter, the source

I must keep learning
One rule for the top, another for the bottom
Different pots of soup, yet you say we are one
For few sweet, the rest adapt to bitter
The words that day to day I pray
The labor of our heroes past should never be in vain
The words that day to day I pray
That one day my sweat would be my gain

I'll keep learning....

*Originally published on Facebook on 1st of February 2010.