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So, a little backgrounder to this article. Sometime in January a friend ran a series on her blog for people to testify about their year and I sent in this piece. Somehow she didn’t get round to using it.

I was searching for some document this evening (28th March) and I stumbled on it! And so I thought I’d use it for a end-my-first-quarter type of thank you post. And so, here’s my testimony of how brilliant my year has been so far, obviously I’ve added a bit more to the original post – God has really rocked these first three months for me! The additions are in green.

Ready? Let’s do it! Whoop!


I Testify!!

2014! Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude! Nothing more, this is the year that God and I have agreed will be full of gratitude alone. Gratitude.

2013 was a difficult year. Ooh, very difficult. So difficult some days I was scared that one day I would do something to hurt myself. It was incredible, wearing a smile outside because people were ‘counting on me to smile’ and I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, but I was really struggling inside. Like I really struggled.

To put this in perspective, I’m not a stranger to rough patches, but I’ve always seen the good in every unpleasant situation, felt like it would get better. But when I woke up on the 21st of July to news that my aunty Pat had passed, the term ‘numb’ came alive. Ooh it came so alive it nearly consumed me.

Can I say a big thank you to Olamide Craig (@RevDrCraig) here? I rang him, and he left school and his preparations for his exams, literally came running. I remember kneeling down by the train station, wailing. He stayed through my rants, tears, and only left after I slept. God bless you for me Craig, God bless you richly. And boy am I excited you scaled the exams! Proud of you baby!

By November it started dawning on me that the weight I put on in the hospital caring for my aunt wasn’t planning to ‘leave me alone’ (lol), and that was a very present worry. One day on Twitter looking through the handles of some fitness experts (if looking /watching Insanity curled up in bed with a hot drink could scare the pounds off my body I’d be anorexic by now I promise), I chanced upon an idea that became the #31Days31Writers project after I tweaked it a bit.

Amazing! Whoop! It’s one of the best things I did last year! Loved the distraction it became, and when the stories started coming in, oh what a joy! Mrs. E’ sent in an entry too, she was up on Christmas Eve! I’m excited at the Christians I’ve been exposed to and become friends with via this blog; it’s such a blessing to be part of a blossoming community of young people who love the Lord!

It wasn’t all gloom and doom though. Matter of fact, when I said I’d send in an entry, it was actually a challenge for me to find things to be grateful for.  All I had to do was think, and boom – testimony after testimony. Have time for a few?

In 2013, I was sought out on LinkedIn by the project manager of MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation to provide social media consultation for Shuga. We’re looking at bigger engagement for the project this year, and I’m proper excited about that!

In September I stood in for a friend (@Chude) at Social Media Week London, moderating a panel of people I can honestly say I wouldn’t have been able to meet all at once otherwise. Off that event, by December I had gotten two all expenses paid speaking trips for 2014. One of them is in three weeks (butterflies of life and destiny!) That event was Social Media Week in Hamburg, and God really came through for me on so many levels! There are new opportunities off that, and it’s all very exciting! 

In the same 2013, I went to bed and woke up every morning, no struggle. I traveled (and I like to move around), and there never was an evil report (except me missing a flight to Aberdeen, falling asleep on the train back home and therefore missing my stop, losing my train ticket – all in one morning, sigh). Even in that, there were funds for another ticket, strength to go back to the airport that same evening, and a safe trip to and fro. God loves me walai!

My family is healthy. Big miracle. We might have fallen ill once or twice, but we always got better. I remember crying to church one Sunday in October cos my sister sent me a photo of my nephew with bumps all over his body, suffering from a reaction to something. But, he got better, and now feeds himself! My darling boy! Boo Boo is playing football now (he’s all of 18 months, and I’m already looking for scouts for an academy! Hit me up if you know someone!)

Speaking of healing, God healed my dad of some strange, excruciating pain in his shoulder, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

I tasted love in 2013, met an awesome young man. I’m excited at the big and great things my Father has designed for me this year, for the grace and humility that led me to read books, listen/watch messages, especially in January. I’m growing (in faith and in my mind), learning about myself, amassing tips I will adapt as necessary; readying myself for the great man and home He has designed for me. And I can’t wait!

I asked God to lead me by hand this year, and not only has He been doing that (patiently, because I know I can be a piece of work), but He’s linked me with people I am accountable to, people I can openly talk to when I struggle, and not worry about anything. This is where I’m grateful for Francesca, Tomi, Wumi, and Tokunbo. Extraordinary women!

Bottomline, I’m not where I should be but ooh this year is so bright I’m excited at the things the rest of the months in the year will bring!

And so I testify today, of His goodness, and His mercy, and His grace, and His love, of His awesomeness and great glory.

I testify because there can never be a good enough explanation for God loving me the way He does, with all my flaws, imperfections and weaknesses. I can’t comprehend it (but then if I did, it wouldn’t be God na… He has to ‘show’ Himself)! Whoop!

I testify because I see 2014. Want to know what I’ve seen? I’ve seen a great year, full of peace, good news, love, hearing from and speaking to God, a complete dissociation from everything that doesn’t please Him, prosperity (oh yes, ooh yes), and immeasurable joy on every side.

This is the year, and I testify!

What are you grateful for? Share!



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Right, so I decided to dedicate one full post to all the photos I took in Aberdeen…. I’ll update this lot as more come in. Ok? Quick warning, a number of them are of delicious looking food so I hope you’re not supposed to be abstaining from meals when you look at this!!

My special party favour pack (and note) from namesake and mother of the gorgeous, gorgeous baby!


My dessert at TGI Fridays, a warm, moist chocolate brownie with ice cream and a caramel spread! Sinful!!!


The view from my hotel room, lovely!! Grey today though, and it was almost 9am!


Whoop!! So Fran’s husband made lunch (yes this was made by a man, an engineer for that matter)… Yum! Yum! Yum! Salmon was to die for!


Yeah!! Bet you didn’t know I was going to capture that!! All that whipped cream… #Foodie


Breakfast anyone? The full cholesterol diet, according to a very dear friend of mine…


This is what I had on the day of the party, fried rice, grilled chicken, a bit of coleslaw, and stir fried beef! Yum!


Just one comment: everything on this table was made by Lanzo(Fran’s hubby)! And it tasted wonderful! #Teamhubbyswhocancook


Super gorgeous Talia!!! Beautiful, darling girl! God bless and keep you Sweetie! Fran she needs siblings, already!!!


Another day, another breakfast tray! #Foodie

Talia Renee

The reason I went to Aberdeen, gorgeous, precious Talia!


A lovely room for a lovely blogger!!! Didn’t believe Premier Inn rooms could be this nice, but I loved it!!


I promise to remember the name of this restaurant at Gatwick airport and then come back to update this… Food was awesome!

That’s it, took this long but I’ve finally wrapped on my Aberdeen trip! Hope you enjoyed the posts, and the pictures!


I love visiting places, meeting new people, and having fun… Most of all, I like to sit down after a period has passed and just say a massive thank you to people who have been there for me one way or the other! So whether it’s for being a part of my blog, thanking my bosom buddies for standing by us when Daddy launched the first offerings from the God Wants You Series, or even much recently, every one person who has been a pillar of support with the passing of my darling aunty, I like to say thank you. I really do.

And so, this post says a massive thank you to Lanzo and Fran for opening their doors to host each and every one of us who came from far and near to celebrate gorgeous Talia’s birthday. Thank you for lodging me (errr, we’re agreed on The Marriott for next time right), thank you for feeding us, thank you for making us feel welcome.

Thank you Fran for being such a wonderful person. You know (and I must have said this a lot of times already), last time we saw physically was 2001 in secondary school. Yes we did that interview about your make-up artistry but it was purely on merit, was about me loving the fabulous work that you do. And so when I said I was going to come down, I was excited, but at the same time I worried that so much time had passed, personalities might have changed, and all of that. But nope! Rock star you were, rock star you still are! With no airs, the right amounts of English, and hilarious Igbo!! Not an awkward moment, and I must say again, you have the best friends anyone could wish for.

Am I sounding really cheesy yet?

Thank you to the lovely Leanne, Irresistible Ikenna, Uber Cool Uchenna, Learned Lanzo, Kind Kadia, Potato (or was it popcorn) Paul, Mesmerizing Miles, and what was Prince’s one? It was my pleasure meeting you guys, I wish you the best in everything you do, and I hope that we can all catch up again soon!

Aberdeen was fab! Whoop!!

P:S – One more post (full of pictures)  and then I’ll lock up Aberdeen till Fran has another baby! I just really need the photos and that video (especially that)!!

So, I spent Friday to Monday in Aberdeen, celebrating Talia Renee’s first birthday, a beautiful, gorgeous baby girl I’ve kept aside for my Boo Boo! He’d best be thanking me later!

Seriously though, I had a really fabulous time, and the party was great! It wasn’t a really big party with people flowing out into the street but we had great sunny weather (thank you Jesus), everyone was happy, food was great, we played loads of fun games, and I met up with old school friends and made a few new ones!

I think that quality friendships are very important, and I remember that I was engrossed in quite a few thoughts that night (after the party was over). Which of my friends would fly out to celebrate with me when I need them to? Who would I inconvenience myself to be with? Who have I been a really great friend to? Are the testimonies about me more than the sighs of gratitude when I’m gone (not dead o, I mean away from the place) or is the other way round?

There might be excuses for your friends not being great friends to you but what’s your excuse for not being a great friend to them? Huh? That’s one lesson I learned, took away a decision to be a better friend to my friends.

Another thing I learned? How to look after a baby!!! I learned about settling babies into routines, how it helps them know what to expect, and gives you the window to still have a somewhat full life. I also learned how not to fall to pieces when they cry, but I don’t think I did very well with that! I heard something my mom always says, “babies will keep trying to see the limits to what they can get away with, they won’t ever stop pushing.” *sigh* I just can’t stand it when they cry, totally breaks my heart!

I made a new friend, a lovely lady called Kadia who’s been married to her man since she was 21. 8 years and they’re still going strong like it was the first time they said they loved each other. Secret? “God is at the center of our relationship”, she said, “at the end of the day we go back to him”. Not like stuff has been perfect the whole time (she was quick to say they’d had their share of ‘I-don’t-think-I-can-do-this moments’) but at the end of the day, the love they have for God and for themselves (plus a bit of counselling), and her man is the best gift from God she could have asked for.

What else did I learn? It doesn’t take away from a man’s ‘manliness’ if he can cook, matter of fact it is a massive, massive plus! Whoop! Fran’s husband is an oil and gas structural engineer and he cooked EVERYTHING we ate on the day of the party! And it was amazing, looked and tasted amazing!! You’re going to have to wait for the post on the birthday itself, that’s where all the pictures are going to be!

My thoughts and learnings from this weekend trip are still coming together, but I just thought to share these.

Have a fabulous Wednesday!


Right! So part one and two of my tales from Aberdeen are here and here.

I just wanted to talk about my room, and how we got it! After Fran and Leanne picked me from the airport, we came to Premier Inn, my lodgings. When we went to get my keys apparently I’d been allocated the first floor. Then Fran told the receptionist, “Oh my friend is a blogger, and lots of people read her blog. You might want to give her a really nice room because she blogs about everything!”

Funnily, two minutes before that I had been talking about chronicling the tales from my flight, so it all kind of tied in nicely. And so the lady checked, and found me a really fabulous room on the third floor!

Want to see?


Lovely huh!!!


Tres fab!!! Love, love, love it! Plus, the internet cost next to nothing! And I got a lovely bath! And the room was tres fab! Right, I already said that… lol!

Thank you Anne (that’s her name)! And I really think she looks fab for the mom of a 16-year-old!

Bed time now, good night!

Hello you!!!

Hopefully you’ve come from reading the first part of this story. If you haven’t, I’ll send you here because I want you to really follow this trip with me!

Ok, so I ordered the ‘South West Jambalaya’ from Armadillo which is rice and beans with roast veg, prawns, chicken, chorizo, sweet corn, and err, one thing I couldn’t make out.

Then it was time to board, and we got to the gate. They were late (who do I charge for that o), and interestingly, when it was time to board, I was told that I was only allowed one piece of hand luggage. Now I had my handbag, laptop and then little suitcase but according to the lady I was to have just one. She called someone to ‘help’ me and the person took me to the side and said each extra piece would cost £40. I almost laughed.

Then I said I didn’t have any money, and that with missing my flight that morning I had incurred expenses I didn’t budget for (think the trains, the taxis, etc) and that so if it meant missing this flight, I wasn’t going to pay that amount to check in my handbag.

For some reason I’d stapled the receipt for the rescue fare (the money I paid to get on the evening flight) to the boarding pass so he looked at it. He went to speak to the lady, came back to me and said they’d check in my box for free. Yay!!!

*Thank you Jesus*

Boarded, was sat between two men, much older than I was. One of them had a very interesting tattoo on his left arm (close to his wrist), and the other man had ears like an elf (nothing derogatory there, just the best description I have). And he was such a gentleman! He helped me hold my bag while I took off my coat and settled into my seat. Bless him.

Now, can I say that I thoroughly enjoyed my flight with Easyjet, matter of fact the experience on board was one of the best I’ve had? I think that I can say that because off the top of my head I’ve easily flown at least 10 airlines, and none of the crew on either of them have amused me like these guys did!

First off the cabin manager apologised that the flight was late, and then introduced the ‘fabulous crew’ he was working with – don’t remember their names so let’s assume – “Jane at the front, Sandra taking care of the middle, and, chained to the back of the plane we have Danielle”. Lol!!!!

Did I mention that each time he addressed us he said “ladies and gentlemen boys and girls?” Always made me think of a magical show each time he said that. The part had had me literally laughing out loud though was when we were going to take off and the call for phones and other electronic devices had been made. The cabin manager said, “right, so in line with standard practices we will be switching off the lights in the cabin. If you are not already familiar with the person beside you this would be a good time to say hello. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be in the dark with someone you don’t know.”

Everyone erupted in laughter, but it worked! The three of us on my row introduced ourselves. I thought that was a really nice touch. Really nice.

And so we took off. I read for a bit, and then I slept. Was a bit turbulent when we took off, but we had been told, and it wasn’t so bad. And landing was smooth, again one of the best I’ve had in a while. Very well done Easyjet!

My darling friend was waiting (with her best friend) to get me, and the rest from here goes on to the third part in this Aberdeen series!

The party’s today and I need to sleep!


P:S – time check? 1.46am, 12th Oct.



Have you ever heard the saying, ‘may you live in interesting times’? I think that it was written for me! What people get through uneventfully, I must have enough drama to derive a story from! Now I love it, but sometimes it’s just exhausting!!

Ok, so first off, greetings from Aberdeen, quiet, peaceful, and my beautiful hotel room. It’s my friend’s baby’s 1st birthday today, and I am really excited to be here to help out, and of course share in the joy and fun!

I didn’t just appear here though, there was a trip. And in that trip lies the story I’m about to share.

Now, for some reason I had booked a really early flight (I’m never doing that again), which meant I had to leave my house at 4am yesterday (Friday). By 1am I was still up (was still trying to figure out what I’d travel with really) so I told myself I wouldn’t sleep, I’d just shower and stay up till it was time to leave (which is what I’d normally do). Sounds easy right?

So I sat on my bed, reading and trying to finish some writing I started earlier in the day. By 2am I felt sleepy so I started chewing gum, and I didn’t cover myself so I would feel the chill and it wouldn’t let me feel comfortable enough to sleep. I had my laptop on my lap, and both my pillows behind my back for support.

Next thing I knew, it was 5.41am. I was confused. What!!! ( I actually said shouted that when I looked at the clock)! I jumped up, got dressed, rang for a taxi (train was out of the question), and by 6am, we were speeding off to the airport. Now the hilarious thing there was I noticed that my duvet was still neatly folded at the foot of my bed, but I had somehow pulled off my sheets to cover myself. Also, the gum I had in my mouth was mysteriously placed neatly on the casing for my mac.

Anyway, we got to Gatwick and I had like 7 minutes before the boarding gate closed. I was checked in so I ran to what I thought was my gate. ‘Thought’ because I got there and brethren, this Fairy GodSister wasn’t just at the wrong gate, I was at the WRONG TERMINAL!! Ahhh!!

Had to go back downstairs, catch the shuttle to the proper terminal, I just knew it wouldn’t work, I wouldn’t make it. And I didn’t want to fly, you see I hate to show off, lol.  So I went to the customer care counter, and I had to pay some money to rebook my flight for evening. Had like 8 hours till the time so I headed home to shower (thank you very much), catch up on sleep, and get a hot meal (it was f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g!)

Got on the train (thank you to the station manager who let me use my off-peak ticket during peak hours), and headed to London Bridge to catch my connection to Kent. Got on that one, and slept. I slept so hard next thing I knew someone was tapping me. Apparently there was a signal failure two stops to mine and so they had evacuated the train. My royal majesty was obviously oblivious, hence the gentle tap on my shoulder.

*sigh* I think I was dreaming of Booski…

They sorted themselves (after a 40-minutes wait, SMH), we boarded the train, and I got home in one piece, thoroughly amused when I looked at my bed again. I don’t think I’ve had my cereal that hot in a long time, and all the heaters in the house were on, full blast! Chatted with Booski, and then I fell asleep.

Got ready like 5 hours later, made it to the airport on time, cleared security, and had enough time to order a meal from Armadillo, more about the food later.

Then, I…

*that’s enough for one post abeg, come back in an hour for the next one!*

Whoo! Nice to bring back with The Entrepreneur series with this interview! I got talking with Francine Adeoso, CEO/Creative Director at makeup-artist Aberdeen, and mother to a most beautiful daughter!

D Fairy GodSister: Hey babe, welcome to The Entrepreneur! Would you tell us three reasons you think your business stands out from others?

Francesca's take on Natalie's Portman's Black Swan character

Francesca’s take on Natalie’s Portman’s Black Swan character

Francesca: Hello Fairy GodSister! Being in the beauty industry you have to be dynamic and grow with the times. Sadly some artists get left behind because of this. My business is fashion/trend aware yet tailored to every individual, plus it’s fun and very educating.

D Fairy GodSister: What do you mean by ‘grow with the times’?

Francesca: Today the beauty industry has grown immensely. Cosmetics aren’t what they used to be just 10 years ago. Competition has made it that there are a variety of ways to look and feel beautiful; keeping up with these new techniques, products and upcoming companies is how I grow with the times. Your style has to evolve like the industry you’re in.

D Fairy GodSister: Have you always wanted to be involved with cosmetics and make up artistry or you just dabbled?

Francesca: Well I’ve always considered myself artistic, not on paper I’m afraid, but in my expression and way of life generally. I’ve always been ‘artsy’. Makeup however was a different ballgame. But I found it was one thing that came naturally to me. It never seemed like a chore or task it just flowed. I started experimenting on myself as most artists do and when I discovered I loved makeup, the journey began. So it was just a dabble in the end I guess or fate as I always say.

D Fairy GodSister: You seem to have a thing for bridal makeup. Is that what you’re most comfortable with?

Francesca: Funny enough that was the real dabble. I’ve always been more of an editorial artist. I love the freedom of expression that comes with that. It’s creative and most times I discover a lot about artistry, my products and myself after a shoot just because you get to work with other people. However when I moved to Scotland I decided to do more bridal work. I’m in love with the bridal atmosphere, its unrivalled. The fact that you get to spend that time with someone on such an important day of their life is always humbling to me. I love the transformation, and you feel more rewarded when you see how happy you’ve made a bride on such a day. It’s lovely experience.

D Fairy GodSister: What’s an editorial artist?

Francesca: Editorial shoots are mainly what I enjoy. A common misconception is the term an editorial artist. The gig is what is editorial not the artist. In an editorial shoot you’re not just showcasing the makeup or clothes etc. You’re conveying more of a theme or a story as opposed to a beauty shoot, which enhances the models features, or fashion makeup that should enhance the fashion being showcased not distract from it. So an editorial shoot could have an avant-garde or androgynous theme. So when I say editorial artist I’m referring to the type of work I not necessarily the type of makeup.

An example of  a 'fashion editorial'

An example of a ‘fashion editorial’. The portfolio is here

D Fairy GodSister: New knowledge, thank you! Do you think the market is saturated? Like, everyone is a makeup artist these days?

Francesca: Hahahaha, well it seems that way for sure. But I always say as long as you enjoy your craft and you’re willing to invest time and effort to it then do. There’s enough room for everyone! What I’m not a fan of is waking up one morning, doing a friend’s makeup and bam! You call yourself a makeup artist.

D Fairy GodSister: Lol! Shutting down now, how do you cope with being an entrepreneur and a mother?

Francesca: Oh wow, I could write a book on this one! But I can honestly say that having a supportive husband makes my life and work an enjoyable balance. I don’t feel that either aspect suffers. It’s hard and requires a lot of love to set up a business on your own but it’s worth it. I am the very first example of a working mum that my daughter will see so I have that ringing in my ear everyday. I aim to pave the way for her, be a great example and most of all show her that her dreams are achievable, just like my husband has taught me.

Beauty shot...

Beauty shot…

D Fairy GodSister: Awww…. Bless you! Do you find yourself trying out stuff on her?

Francesca: Well, he watches me a lot and she’s at that age where colours excite her. But no, not yet. She’ll only try on my lipsticks from my kisses *smile*

D Fairy GodSister: You’ve been great Francesca! Any final words? Messages to your fans?

Francesca: awww thanks love! My final words would be ‘you are your brand’. Don’t act a certain way and think it won’t be transferred to your brand! Be patient and start out right, it’s harder to re-brand after selling yourself short or making a wrong first impression. And finally be kind! No matter how brilliant or pretty you are no one would care about that of you are mean!

D Fairy GodSister: Thank you Francesca!

Francesca: Awww thanks love and thank you for the opportunity, I enjoy chatting to you as always. Hugs!

The lovely Francesca!

The lovely Francesca!