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Men and brethren,

I woke up to news on Twitter, saw cryptic tweets saying things like, “how can”, “God forbid”, etc. I knew it was a religious leader when I saw a tweet that said, “I felt this confused when Bimbo Odukoya died in that plane crash”. Told me it was sudden, unexpected too (not like death is ever expected/totally prepared for).

Two minutes later, I saw it was Myles Munroe. And his wife. And seven others onboard an executive jet. One event, nine lives gone. Dr Myles Munroe would have been speaking at his 2014 Global Leaders Conference (billed to start today). But that’s been overtaken by events.

I was stunned. Shocked. Confused. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does our all-knowing God (who I know sits in the heavens and the earth is His footstool, and His eyes roam to and fro the earth, searching for those whose hearts are perfect towards him, etc.) allow these things to happen? Why? How? The questions didn’t stop coming.

My heart bleeds for their son and daughter Chairo and Charisa Munroe whose loss I cannot dare imagine. One day, a part of a family, the next, last two standing. And in such circumstances. My heart bleeds, and I pray that God holds them, comforts them, speaks to them, calms them the way only He can. I pray that God helps them get through the numbness, the questions, the agony – I cannot stop praying for them.

When my aunt passed, I felt all these things, and more. I recently found out my mom (particularly) was worried I’d suffered some sort of breakdown. My aunty is one in a million people, but she is one person. Chairo and Charisa Munroe just lost literally everyone. Sweet Jesus have mercy!

It is indeed a sad day for the church. For the world. For the families and friends of the 9 who perished aboard that Lear Jet in the Bahamas yesterday.

Strengthen the body of Christ, dear Lord. A lot of us don’t understand how and why, and this is the window the Devil needs to sow doubt and murmurs in our heart. Help us. Bring comfort to the families of all on board.

May the souls of the departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.


PS – Bomb blast in a science and technology school much earlier in the day, while the students were on the Assembly Ground. Suicide bomber. Latest count puts casualties at 30. Horrible. We cannot continue like this. We just can’t. #Nigeria

PPS – Saw this on Facebook a few minutes ago.

Screenshot 2014-11-10 10.10.57


I remember in August I wrote about a body I saw on the road at night, driver sped off. Victim died under a pedestrian bridge. Please, tell someone today. Pedestrian bridges are for pedestrians/human beings, just as express lanes/ways are for cars/things with wheels (excluding bicycles in the name of God!) Please.

PPPS – Let your life count. You know what you need to do. If you don’t, ask your creator. But, let your life count for something – today, tomorrow, everyday. Let people remember us for the smiles we put on their faces, the ways we made their lives just a bit better than the way we met them, and the values/principles we lived by. let it count.

God keep us.


*UPDATE – That number has risen to 50 dead, and more than 70 with various stages of injuries. I’m heartbroken. What was their crime? They were killed cos they were in school? How do we expose to this kind of violence? How do we leave kids with memories that paint school as a place of death? No trauma counselling, nothing. How have we stood by and watched life in the North East reduce to scrounging, to fear, to survival? Heartbreaking. God forbid.

UPDATE 2 – I have just updated the post based on new information (which I missed and I apologize) about Charisa not being on board the plane. She is alive and well. *Loads of hugs to them both*