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How you doing people? To my Nigerian readers, what did you get up to for the holidays?

I went to Lagos, spent some quality time with my best friend Wunmi, and her son (my godson, duh). Nothing like family!

Dodging the sun vs. basking in the awesome lighting! This is such a great and awful photo at the same time, lol.

I must also confess that my diet was abandoned (which is what good people do during holidays, lol) so I’m typing this from the treadmill, trying to redeem myself.

It was also a good opportunity for me to focus on myself, and the exhaustion I’ve been feeling lately. I’m grateful for the massages, the sleep, the absolute rest I was able to achieve. So thankful.

A bit about my best friend before I move on… She’s an amazing, real chic. Like, I know I’m going to contend with her swollen head later but she’s one of the strongest women I know, an amazing worker, even more supportive wife and mom, and I’m just thankful for her today. Get yourself a bestie like mine!

Okay, Wunmi worship done, here’s the reason I decided to write this. So, it’s still raining in Abuja for reasons I cannot fathom. It rained from 4pm yesterday till about 11pm when I fell asleep. Why? Sigh. Plus it was thundering like God was scolding us (anyone understand thunder-speak?) and totally defeated the ‘weather for two’ purpose of the rain. Just as well since Bobo is far away at the moment.

Anyway, so I was trying to get home when the rain subsided a little bit and there was traffic. Not the Lagos type of traffic that can last an entire pregnancy term but it was bumper to bumper on what should have been an express lane.

I trudged through it, and then around my area, I ran into some traffic as well. A little pissed off at the time I’d already spent navigating traffic, I decided to leave the inner (speed) lane I was on, and get ahead using the outer lane. Was quick for all of five minutes and then I realised I hadn’t factored in that I would have to contend with the ‘keke napep’ riders who use that lane.

I struggled in that lane a little bit, trying to avoid the keke riders who do not see the need to indicate but feel the need to stop abruptly wherever they please, or even the ones who tried to scrape my car in the name of driving rough getting ahead.

When I narrowly missed one of them rear-ending me, I asked myself why I was raising my blood pressure on a lane that ended up not giving me the speed I’d hoped for, and then quietly moved back to where I was earlier.

I thought about it before I slept last night and tried to relate it to everyday living and humans switching lanes thinking someone else has it better than we do. In truth, sometimes they do but we don’t know what else they have to deal with that we don’t. So before we jump into something we’re not ready for in the name of the grass being greener on the other side, maybe think through it a bit more carefully?

PS: I will blog more. It’s a super distraction while I’m jogging on the treadmill. Been using this app called Couch to 10k, I’m in the 7th week, and I did 2.5miles today (25 minutes non stop). Talk about progress, when I started I was barely doing 5 minutes without gasping like I was being strangled. Can’t wait to do a full 5k! Yeah, I’ve never done that before.

Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday Daddy (Photo credit: NA.dir)

Guess what? It’s my Daddy’s birthday today! Whoop!! Roll out the drums, sound the alarm, ring all the bells, he’s attained another year!

God’s been good to him, kept him in sound health, journey mercies as in goes in and out, a loving family (including yours truly), and not a care in the world! Even when people plotted (and carried out) evil against him, God turned it for good! He’s still standing straight, head held high so shame on you evil doers, of course you lost!

This week’s Pinch of Humor is dedicated to my wonderful dad, and is themed, ‘be joyful, today and always’. I’ve had to search high and low, across seven rivers and forests (lol) to find pictures that’ll not only make you laugh, but will be memorable enough to make you smile on a bad day. K? Let’s get to it!

Ok, I’m happy to wear the trousers on my hands then!

Would rather push my car than use this!

I can shout too!

The definition of ‘biting off more than you can chew’

Hilarity for days!!! All in the name of church?

That’s it for today!! Happy birthday Daddy, loads of love! Enjoy the weekend everyone!

What’s the best gift you can give to someone who has given you everything? Someone you love, adore, someone you know you’re fashioned after? Someone who’s set the bar so high up for his kind sometimes you wonder if anyone will ever get there? In simple English, what do I give my dad for his birthday?

So it’s my daddy’s birthday tomorrow (13/10/2011); normally I would put this up on the day but I need your help because I want to do something a little off for him this year, and I’ll be needing your help to pull it through! It was a little difficult deciding to do this for him, and at a point I must admit I actually felt stumped! Three years ago, I sang him a song at church, and bullied/cajoled my darling elder brother to play the piano for me. The year after that I wrote him a poem, ‘The Best Man‘, originally published in my Facebook notes but later on this blog. The year after that (last year), I wrote an ‘open letter to my father’ on Facebook but also on this blog as well.  So unless I would be writing him a drama or penning his biography, I knew I had pretty much run out of art forms. Till I chanced on this idea.

Now my siblings and I were all in the country in August and so we pulled off a family dinner and photo-shoot for Momma’s birthday; it was amazing, and was an evening we’ll all remember for years to come! Plus the pictures were great too!

Swag's still intact! Both parents!

The thing is, two of us are out now, and the third person isn’t even in town on the day! How do we throw in some excitement for daddy’s birthday then? It’s out of the question that a party will happen (well, not completely out of the question, we just won’t be there). I was just throwing around in my mind ideas that would get him really excited on the day. What to do? What to do?

By the way, it’s safe for me to rant here because even though my darling daddy reads my blog (and promptly calls to correct any errors I might have made), with benefit of hindsight I know he won’t be here anytime before his day so we can do all the scheming here!

Ready? So this is the plan. In addition to all the gifts we got him, I want thirty people to call and sing happy birthday to my daddy; twenty in Nigeria, and ten outside Nigeria, from any part of the world. Thirty people, not only because it’s a modest, achievable number for 24 hours, but also because it is one of the numbers in the equation that will give the age he’s attaining if multiplied by a certain even number.  I hope to God I didn’t confuse you! Lol!

So that’s it, 30 people to call and wish my beloved daddy a very happy birthday on my behalf. You can sing, rap, anything, just say happy birthday to the man I adore! Can you help? Leave a comment here, or tweet at me and then I’ll give you the number to call. Mega thanks in advance!