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Brethren! Amen to coming up for air! This, in the midst of a lot of traveling, meetings, and trying to grow a little baby I birthed recently. Story about that coming soon… Very soon!

Today, let me start by apologizing in advance for any names I leave out, not my intention at all; there’s just a lot of people to be grateful to!

So my father was consecrated Bishop on the 8th of August, and I am grateful the day has come and gone, that it was glorious, God honored Himself, church was full to overflowing with guests, worshippers, family, it was just awesome!

This post is not really a chronicle of the events of the day to be honest because my sisters and I were so busy distributing souvenirs, running errands, etc that at a point we wondered why we bothered to dress up at all. Like it’s only Wumi who has a photo of herself on the day, that’s how wound up in work we were!

But Daddy is everything to us though, and it was our privilege to help out, our honor as a family that people came to share in, and we wouldn’t exchange our duties for anything in the world! So this is more of my thank you’s from before, to after.

First off, goes without saying that God is amazing. I have seen God’s hand; His love, mercies, on and on and on! From the horrible news we got in 2012 that we thought would destroy us, to God drying our eyes with the birth of cutest, most brilliant nephew on the planet, God constantly assured (and reassured us) that He hadn’t forgotten us (and didn’t have any plans to).

2012 ended. 2013. 2014. God by His own hand steered my father to the birth of Grace and Progress Family Chapel. Faithful, faithful God; the One who calls, and makes both provision and strength available so there is no stress whatsoever!

And in His own time, the lifting came. The ILCOM college of bishops led by ArchBishop John Praise Daniel, the 8th of August, the consecration was a go.

And so the planning began. And so my thank you’s begin. Remember the place in the Old Testament where Aaron and Hur held up Moses’ hands? I must thank precious sons and daughters who regardless of their schedules held all our hands up throughout the planning. Led by Abel Adeleke, a very big thank you to The Committee for attending meetings upon meetings, strategizing, praying, and all you did to see that the 8th of August was glorious.

To the guests who braved the perilous flight schedules in and out of Asaba (we had guests whose flight returned to where they took off from due to poor weather); we missed you but we’re glad you’re safe. To the ones who made it and travelled back to their homes even in the same day, thank you for sharing our joy! People literally travelled from the furthest parts of Nigeria (and beyond) to worship with us. So overwhelming, the love and support!

To everyone who sent in a goodwill message, whether included in our brochure or not; thank you. For even thinking that it was the thing to do, we’re grateful. You thought of us, prayed with us, rejoiced with us, and we couldn’t be more thankful! May you never lack people to stand with you!

Thank you to Jackie Assenga, who made us ladies look even more beautiful on the day; she’s so good we had to arrange to bring her in from Abuja! She’s such a great make up artiste who truly understands the words, ‘nude/subtle/complementary’ when it comes to touching up a face. She’s on Instagram as just_aces_mua, you should totally check her out! And she takes the most beautiful pictures too!

Thank you to my uncles and aunts for coming through… was so proud seeing all of them standing by him! This thing about blood being thicker (and prettier) than water rings so true! God bless all of you, and keep you!

I also want to thank the best best friend on this planet, Wumi, for coming through, and truly being my sister. From playing with Boo Boo (and fighting with him sometimes, lol), to helping with all the cleaning, sharing, working, everything! Wumi is truly a gift to us from God, and I couldn’t be more thankful for her.



To my brothers and sister, pillars of love, support, encouragement! This is our story, and I’m totally grateful to God we’re in it, telling it together. Thank you, for being you.

To mom, who’s been there from the beginning of this story, who has cushioned us from feeling things as they really were, you’re the best maman, and we love you very much!


And to my father, Bishop Chuka Agwuegbo, welcome to a new era, to a greater connection with God, to joy unspeakable, peace and wisdom without measure; welcome to greater patience, greater understanding, more exploits wrought for the Kingdom of God via this new lifting. We rejoice with you, because what was intended for destruction God turned around beautifully, just like only He can!


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, sons and daughters of God!

How have you been o!

I saw Eziaha’s tweet early this morning, where she literally said, ‘go and write Chioma’. I hear you Sister! How’s KingDaveed? Please hurry up and have a girl so my son will marry her biko (you have to be extra calculative and sharp in the spirit to catch that)!

Brethren, what have you been up to? How’s work, your family, your loved ones, your enemies? All doing well I hope, especially your enemies, so they can see the feast God has laid out for you, and watch you chomp it down! I was having a conversation with a close friend this morning and it led me to pray, “may we never become collateral damage/may we never get caught in the middle”. Somebody say Amen!

For instance, a person is standing somewhere, two others start fighting or a robbery takes place or a car careens off the road, all three affect the innocent bystander, sometimes fatally, or with life-changing injuries. Not our portion. No accidental or wilful damage around us in Jesus name!

Talk about trusting God to order our steps out of trouble and into great things. Not a joke o!

Moving on, quick update.


This Saturday!

The story behind this consecration will be told later, muuuuuuuch later. For now, all I can say is a big thank you to God for making it happen, for the lifting, the promotion, and the attendant grace and wisdom to function in the new office.

This is what I’ve been immersed in the last few weeks, working with the most brilliant senior committee ever to ensure that the day is glorious, everything goes well, and the name of the Lord is magnified above any other person or thing.

Can I also say that whatever has held down your own lifting will either leave it, or will leave; either way, your lifting is closer than you think! Amen!

So, fingers crossed I can write up one more post before the day, otherwise, y’all are going to wait till this wave passes!

Light, love, and God’s great blessings!