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My Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) ATM card is here! Finally!

In case you  missed the very sad story on my ‘ordeal’ with the Bloomsbury branch of Guaranty Trust Bank in Abuja, it is here.

So, I published the story the day after I got back into London, and there were retweets, comments, all of that; the solidarity was incredible. Maybe because I’m a good person (big smile) or seriously, maybe because there are quite a few people with a chip on their shoulder for GTB. Judge for yourself from the comments.

Anyway, from the day the post went up, different GTB officials got in touch, and said they’d send the card to me.

Long story short, my card arrived in the post yesterday. Whoop! A few pictures…

Old card.... can finally be laid to rest.

Old card…. can finally be laid to rest.

The new card... Plus a  'love letter' from GT, was thinking they'd compensate me for the 'trauma' I suffered sef.

The new card… Plus a
‘love letter’ from GT, was thinking they’d compensate me for the ‘trauma’ I suffered sef.

The parcel.... Whoop!

The parcel…. Whoop!

I’m particularly thankful to Pauline (TSG, Abuja), Onyeka (Abuja), Olaniyi (Lagos), and especially Bukola from the Victoria Island branch who made it a point of duty to keep calling and updating me on the activities to sort me (and the card) out.

Thank you so much!

Final word? Dear GTB, I am a trained social media strategist with varied levels of experience (including catering to really large numbers). I’m happy to design a training module for your social media team, they could really do with a few tips to be honest. You have my number!