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This is something I wrote last year, precisely in the 31st of August 2010, then I reworked it on the 4th of September, and finally nodded at it a few minutes ago when I looked through it again, and touched it up.

Thought I should share, I’ll leave you to enjoy it…..

And we go back

to everything ugly and despicable

hoping that on this day the viper doesn’t strike

sullen when once again we are disappointed


we go back

suffering more from the marks on our hearts

than the bruises on our skin

knowing, yet wondering why it hurts

we go back

like the stalk left in the farm after the harvest

we marvel when we begin to burn

we go back

if we could choose

would prefer the thick but soon to be shaved male scalp

to the silky fertilized stable locks of a maiden

we go back

cleaning our ears we prepare to receive lies

then shut them out with our heads between our thighs

knowing that alpha to omega was untrue

we go back

snuffing out a candle with a thumb and fore

we marvel when we are charred once more

and even though I went on and on

we would still go back



Done! I hope you enjoyed it; let me know…