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The entire month of July has been dedicated to ‘I have decided’ testimonies every Sunday; people coming out to testify of that moment when they gave their life to God; the tribulations they faced, the strength of their conviction in their decision for God, and how their lives have been different since they decided for Him. Then we all sing one of  my favorite songs:

Christ is enough for me (2x)

Everything I need is in you

Everything I need….

I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back (2x)

The cross before me, the world behind me, no turning back, no turning back (2x)

Amazing testimonies of how God just picks someone up and does a complete 360 degrees on their life. Amazing, simply amazing.

This young lad on Sunday told of how his mom had him when she was 17, never knew/met his dad, and between the ages of two and eight, he had been through FOUR foster homes. Four! He talked about one foster mom who said at some point that she didn’t want him anymore, how he was returned to foster care, and the rejection he felt. The deep rejection he felt that no one loved or wanted him.

At some point he kicked a school Principal in the face and was expelled and that was the beginning of rough times at school, getting into trouble, and all of that.

He got placed with another family in his teens, and she would take him to church on Sunday but according to him, “I hated it”.

One time when he was 14 or so, he was with a foster mom, and they were out shopping. They were in a store, and he saw a man pick up his son and place him on his shoulder. He said something broke inside him at that moment and all he could do was go home, lock himself in his room and just cry. He said he cried and then he prayed and said, “God if you are real, please be my dad. I want to have a dad so much”.

That day was the beginning of a father/son relationship with him and the Lord, and he has grown in leaps and bounds since then. Today he’s 23, born again, spirit-filled, and a graduate of Cambridge University!!! Whoop!

That’s against statistics that say that:

50% of homeless people in England today are foster/care kids

50% of prison inmates are foster/care kids

Only 4% of foster/care kids are expected to get into higher education, talk less of getting into university.

Doesn’t that make you want to give God a big wave? A big ‘ I love you Jesus’?


P:S – of course I was bawling my eyes out by the time he was done. God is awesome. Truly, truly awesome.


Two weeks ago I was in a service at Hillsongs, Dominion Theatre and the Pastor was talking about our attitude to the house of God and how it determines the way we behave in and outside it.

He started by saying that “Jesus came as He did, so we can come as we are”. He explained that by today’s standards, Jesus entrance was controversial. Agreed? So His mother ‘immaculately conceived’ Him, and just when we thought this holy seed would be born in the best hospital, with the best doctors around at the time, he had to go get born in a manger! On hay! The King of Kings, ruler of the entire universe, born where donkeys sleep?

But it was for a purpose. Being born under those circumstances means that regardless of where your life is at the moment, His door is open, wide open, and you can come just as you are. Hallelujah!

Ok, back to the house. When you go to a hotel (and I love sleeping in hotels, the more luxurious the better), you can afford to throw the used towels about, not make your bed, leave plates in the room or by the door, pretty much do as you please. Right?

That’s because you know that soon as you go out and come back, the place would have been returned to pristine condition, ready for you to wreck again.

When you’re a guest at a ceremony (wedding, christening, graduation, whatever) you come dressed nicely expecting to be served. The most some of us expect to do is walk to the buffet table and help ourselves to the food. We may bring a gift (or not) but again, we have no responsibility whatsoever. Right?

When you’re at your home though, you cook. You clean, you mow the lawn, and you tend the garden. You run errands for your parents/guardians; and if you’ve got siblings you cater to them as well. In return your mother doesn’t hang you out on the clothesline! Lol! Seriously though, in return you partake of the ‘blessings of the house’. You have a family you love who love you back, a place to sleep, your needs taken care of, etc. You accept them, you have emotional, spiritual, and financial support when you need it, the works!

Same thing with the house of God. If we approach it like were attending a ceremony, or laying over at a hotel, we won’t fully partake of the blessings God has people who have made camp in. Remember Psalm 91:1. It says he that “dwelleth”, not visiteth, droppeth in, or stoppeth by  for a bit under the shadow of the Almighty (ignore the spellings, focus on the message *smile*).

Bottom line my darling people, get involved! Go all in! How can you serve? How can you add to the service? What team in the throne of God will be blessed by your gift?

Think about it, and enjoy the end of a super productive week!