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Can I just say that I really missed blogging and I’m enjoying the moments spent writing these days? Thank you to everyone who’s liked an article, left a comment, and/or shared.

Apologies in advance, this is going to get a little gross. So, my niece (who has inspired a few of my recent pieces), is seventeen months old. In other words, she’s a proper baby. Her favourite song is Twinkle twinkle little star, her eyes widen when you’re telling her a story, she’s a confirmed foodie like her aunty, and she loves a good cuddle. Her repertoire now features words like ‘bye’, ‘maami’, and the consummate sounds to replace ‘love you, juice, and food’. She will wave to say goodbye and sorry, and will occasionally accompany the latter with a hug.

My niece is absolutely adorable.

Remember her age? Okay. It means she also (occasionally) looks for trouble. It’s a bit of a funny struggle for me sometimes, reminding my 5-year-old nephew he’s not supposed to hit his sister (in retaliation, or any female for that matter) but then reprimanding this 17-month old about the inappropriateness (and dangers) of looking for trouble.

Her age also means that she sometimes she does the yuckiest things! I’ll tell you what she did this morning. So she wears diapers (obviously), and she pooped after a generous helping of golden morn, some ribena, and some mountain dew (I told you she’s a foodie).

Anyway, then she takes the diaper off (I apologise for the picture currently in your mind), walked to my room, and stretched out her arms to be carried. I looked at her, and knowing fully well her diaper was off (and not knowing what to expect), I carried her. Yep. I did. Cleaned her up, put on fresh diapers, and sent her on her merry way (back to the living room to watch a cartoon with her brother and hopefully not annoy him).

After she left I chatted to The Boyfriend about how we go to God. You know the term “come as you are?” I said to Him that I imagine that God looks at us sometimes and the only reason why He picks us up is love. Simple. This His love that is overflowing, never-ending, and free-flowing. I imagine that sometimes we come to Him and we’re so messy looking, so smelly, so everything not presentable, but He picks us up, cleans us, caters to us, and sends us on our merry way. What a loving father!

Anyway, that’s my niece and I today. In a lot of ways as we hang out and she grows, I imagine our relationship with God and the many parallels to be drawn. It’s the sweetest thing. Really, it is.

Question: What things/people in your everyday life remind you of relationship with God?

Awwww, I really like Tony! I remember meeting him at church once (House on The Rock The Refuge), but I don’t remember if that was the first time we met or if we’d met before. I also know he called me on my birthday this year, whoop! And he has a brother in the Army, who is on the frontlines of this fight against Boko Haram. Kai, I don’t know if I would be able to sleep at night ever if my brother was in the Army… then if he was in the Army and actually fighting! My poor heart. I’m just grateful his brother is fine, and ask that we all keep him in our prayers please?

Tony’s entry is lovely, really lovely, and then it’s so powerful, like punchline after punchline! It resonates with me in a lot of ways and encourages me in a lot of ways, and I know it will do just that for you too.

My name is Tony Atambi. I’m Nigerian (proudly so). I’m a lawyer who currently lives and works in Abuja; also a Christian gentleman.

As with every other person, at the beginning of the year 2015, I was all pumped up and ready to go. Felt like new vistas had been opened up to me and I was just going to cruise through. You know that feeling I speak about.

Errrm…Let’s just say as the year went on, motivation waned far too many times, I felt like I was stuck in a rut far too many times, not knowing with the slightest precision what to do next with my life. And so there were quite a number of times where, as a result of the worry arising from life not being in motion, I slid into depression.

Flowing from the above is the first major lesson I learnt in 2015;

  • Motion doesn’t equate progress. If you have ever tied motion (being up and about for up and about sake) with progress, you might wanna discard that thought. It is not valid. Being busy is simply what it is – Busy. Busy doesn’t necessarily mean progress. The guy trying to empty the Atlantic Ocean is busy but he will never make any progress.

On closer examination of my thoughts, I realized that I just wanted to be busy, regardless of whether it was productive or not. It pays sometimes to take a break and ask if you’re just running around or getting productive.

  • I learnt that my fears are not necessarily valid. In fact, I dare say fears are not valid. The fact that you fear something doesn’t confer it with the capacity to happen. There is no truth about fear. You fear what may or could happen. Yet it is never certain. So I find that sometimes, the things we fear are things we should really confront.

I’m immediately reminded of my brother who is fighting the insurgents in the North Eastern part of Nigeria. I used to be so afraid for his life, especially when we are inundated daily with stories of soldiers who are either missing or dead. But I realized that each time I call him, he’s always available to take my calls. So the fact that I feared that something could happen to him doesn’t mean it did happen. Discard your fears. They are not valid.

Plus, nobody became a great success because they feared, anyway.

  • Most importantly, I learnt to be thankful to The One who has the master plan and to trust in that master plan. I’m a firm believer in the plan that God has for our lives. I didn’t see clearly, everything He has planned out. But this year, I took my trust in God a notch higher.

There are an array of things I’m grateful for. But here are a few.

  • Peace of mind. The outgoing year brought along a few storms but in the midst of it all, I had the peace that could only have come from a supernatural place. God, actually. And so even when it seemed like the world was going to come crashing down on me, peace flooded my heart like a river.
  • I’m grateful for the beauty of falling in love (yeah, this is my emotional side) and being loved in return. 2015 brought along to me, a certain amazing lady and Lord knows, I’m in love. Baby, if you can see this, you know I love you to tiny little bits.
  • I’m grateful for second chances to start again. God has given me far too many of them. I wouldn’t give me that much grace if I was God. LOL.
  • I’m grateful for the grace to always speak a word in season that blesses someone. Every now and then, I put out tweets that serve to minister to and encourage people. I get very positive feedback all the time. In my little corner, God has used me to bring His word to people. He takes all the glory.

One thing I’d undo in 2015 is stalling the execution of a few plans. But hey…2016 is right around the corner and I hope to reach for higher accomplishments. We can now clink glasses and drink to an even more amazing 2016!

tony atambi

What a gentleman! Unfortunately ladies, this one here’s taken! Here’s to an amazing 2016 Tony, please invite us to eat jollof rice next year o, God bless you!

Welcome to the #31Days31Writers Series!! I’m so excited it’s here, and grateful that two years after the first one, we’re back here again!

2015 has been an incredible year full of stories, near misses, mistakes, joys, etc. But, I’m excited we’re winding down, and looking forward to a most inspirational 31 days with all our writers sharing their lives and experiences with us!

We start with the gorgeous Adenike, who I met in Lagos in October in the company of a very good friend of mine, Francesca. My spirit loved her as soon as we met, and she strikes me as someone who loves God passionately, but won’t shove Him down anyone’s throat because she’s such a joy you want to know what’s she’s high on all the time! I can’t wait to meet her again, and very soon!

I messaged her about the series, and her post is below. She kicks off our first day of the series with, “

Adenike Oyetunde is my name, a Nigerian, resident in Lagos State, Nigeria. I am a media personality, specifically with Radio now.

Reaching out to complete strangers in 2015, will always be a part of my story, and one I shall be continually be grateful for. Such an exhilarating experience, taking up the causes of people who had no hope; and ensuring their immediate needs were met. The excitement in the renewed belief of the united spirit in Nigeria is just unexplainable! Imagine that a little, three-year old friend of mine needed at least N1,500,000 to undergo a medical procedure, and we put the word out. In no time, Nigerians flung into action. I remember vividly, his mum calling and weeping, because she in her words, “had never had people rally round her, being an only child herself.”

My year started out with one of my friends buying me a ticket to go on vacation; I sure knew it was going to be a beautiful, expense paid year indeed *wink* (who no like awoof)!

Very recently, someone sent a picture to me with “family isn’t only blood, but those who stood by you in your trying moments.” It struck a chord in my heart, particularly because there are many more qualified, and better equipped (in all ramifications) persons; but I made myself available to be used in helping these people. Family.

I will forever remain grateful for the realization that because I lived through 2015, families had a cause to be joyous. I grew up with just my immediate family (no siblings, just mum, dad and myself), and didn’t understand it whenever people spoke of having ‘random strangers stand by them, closer than family’. 2015 re-emphasised that.

In this year, like never before, I have understood and re-learnt what ‘live your life purposefully’, means. Losing three people to cancer , with three others still fighting on, you would agree with me, ‘no  be beans’. I also learnt to get things done as soon as they pop in my head. The last person I lost had promised to call me back, that clearly never happened.

Yes, some say regrets; others say things they would love to undo; I think the closest experience in this regard would have to be with matters of the heart. For whatever it’s worth, I strongly believe, if for any reason I didn’t learn anything, I learnt to ‘guard my heart oh’!

The roller coaster, emotional quagmire in 2015 *phew, thank goodness, I made it*, the tough decision of not settling to being second fiddle, re-affirming my worth and then standing my ground?

Finally, in 2015, I have learnt to be grateful for each day like never before. Of what use is the money, car, house, etc. when I am dead and gone?


She’s gorgeous, and always smiling! Such a glorious lady!

Ha ha! There you have it! Can I say Adenike, that when I read this post and I saw ‘Cheers’ at the end, I felt like it was one of those ‘drops mic’ scenarios? Love it, and thank you for writing in! Mwah!
Everyone, come back tomorrow for day two!

First off, how una dey? How are you wrapping up your year? Nicely I hope… I saw something recently that said even if it doesn’t look like it now, keep working at it. So, keep working, that breakthrough is closer than you think!

So what are we on about today? Marriage. You know, the concept of getting joined traditionally, in the court of law and before God and then spending the rest of a lifetime with a spouse? The one with the wedding day and two dress changes, and the traditional wedding with two or three outfit changes? That one.

According to our ‘societal norms’, there’s an age period where it becomes acceptable to bring a guy home/take a lady to meet your folks. Never mind that leading up to that age (for the ladies especially) you’re not supposed to even recognize that males exist! Lol.

There is also the age when your family members (nuclear or extended) start to drop hints and prayers all over the place, about the ‘person God has designed for you’, about ‘everyone not being perfect’, about ‘not being too picky because all men/women are the same’, about ‘slowing down with work because the clock is ticking’. Hian! The age where every wedding you attend you hear things like, ‘the next one is your own’, ‘go outside and meet people’, and my personal favorite, ‘why are you standing with your cousin na, people will think he’s your boyfriend’… Lol! Thank God for families!

So, I’m female, and will write from that point of view. Ok? In the last 24 hours, I’ve heard the most horrible stories about some married folk I know, and I will give lean details about three. All of them have children, either boys and girls or single sexes. One of them hasn’t seen her husband in a little over two years, and he’s left her a mountain of debt so she has to fend off creditors apart from take care of the home. He’s alive, and well, not just home. Another one buried her husband who committed suicide in front of her children while she was at work. He was a chronic gambler. The third one took great pleasure in expressing whatever frustrations he felt from his job through his hands, on his wife. The first (and only time) one of the children clung to him to stop the beating, he landed that child in hospital from the transferred aggression.

Now. I know all men are not like that, matter of fact for each of these horrible stories, I have at least 5 of homes that are great, growing in love and grace. Are there days when one spouse might want to wring the neck of the other from vexation? Of course. But that’s where it ends. Are there days when they might not even speak because one person is that upset? Of course. But they always come back together, either at bedtime or the day after, and they keep on loving and learning each other.

There was a story on social media recently about a man who slapped his 28 year old wife and she fell down the stairs, sustained fatal injuries. The end. Apparently he had been hitting her for a while but she was advised to ‘endure, stay and make the marriage work, not bring shame to the family’. Well, except there’s a chance for that in heaven, that’s that isn’t it? And it isn’t just the men being violent, I’ve heard of females (know a couple) who would draw blood from their spouses. Na wa.

Sometimes I’m not sure to be honest, is it that our generation has been tainted by the content we’re exposed to or families back in the day were better at hiding domestic abuse from their children? Is it that our parents came from a school that didn’t see divorce as an option or our generation is more interested in putting away than working at things? I don’t know.

Once upon a time I belonged to the school of thought that said that a spouse who would end up being violent would have shown signs during the courtship/dating period etc. But I’ve heard of a saint who turned devil the night the ‘I Do’s’ were said! They’d been dating like 5.5 years!

I don’t know where I’m going with this to be honest but if there’s anything I’m even more convinced about now than I was before, there’s no rush. It will happen. I’m also doubly convinced that enlisting the help/wisdom of God, the creator of all men (and women) in saying yes to that man or woman is the way to avoid becoming a negative statistic.

Light, love, and God’s great blessings!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, sons and daughters of God!

How have you been o!

I saw Eziaha’s tweet early this morning, where she literally said, ‘go and write Chioma’. I hear you Sister! How’s KingDaveed? Please hurry up and have a girl so my son will marry her biko (you have to be extra calculative and sharp in the spirit to catch that)!

Brethren, what have you been up to? How’s work, your family, your loved ones, your enemies? All doing well I hope, especially your enemies, so they can see the feast God has laid out for you, and watch you chomp it down! I was having a conversation with a close friend this morning and it led me to pray, “may we never become collateral damage/may we never get caught in the middle”. Somebody say Amen!

For instance, a person is standing somewhere, two others start fighting or a robbery takes place or a car careens off the road, all three affect the innocent bystander, sometimes fatally, or with life-changing injuries. Not our portion. No accidental or wilful damage around us in Jesus name!

Talk about trusting God to order our steps out of trouble and into great things. Not a joke o!

Moving on, quick update.


This Saturday!

The story behind this consecration will be told later, muuuuuuuch later. For now, all I can say is a big thank you to God for making it happen, for the lifting, the promotion, and the attendant grace and wisdom to function in the new office.

This is what I’ve been immersed in the last few weeks, working with the most brilliant senior committee ever to ensure that the day is glorious, everything goes well, and the name of the Lord is magnified above any other person or thing.

Can I also say that whatever has held down your own lifting will either leave it, or will leave; either way, your lifting is closer than you think! Amen!

So, fingers crossed I can write up one more post before the day, otherwise, y’all are going to wait till this wave passes!

Light, love, and God’s great blessings!


I was at Winners Chapel, Dartford on Sunday the 23rd of September 2014, first time in almost 4 months… was good for me to have attended, because the sermon was brilliant! I enjoyed it so much I want to share it with you. And I pray it does for you what it was intended to, bless, uplift, and inspire.

Bibles out everyone!

The topic was, ‘loose him and let him go’, and the focus was on faith. The pastor started by saying; “there is no excuse tangible enough for you to remain under hurt and oppression”.

According to 1 Corinthians 10:13, we have the God-given capacity to triumph over every challenge we ever face; every time we refuse to take up a challenge it’s because of laziness, not an inability to surmount it. So says Proverbs 22:13.

3rd John 1:2. Ephesians 1:20-22; 2:5-6

Now, Luke 10:19 says there’s a provision for us to triumph, and hurt-free at that. Not pyrrhic victories as in the case of boxers where their battered bodies tell the tale of their wins.

Isaiah 11: 9

Psalm 91:1-7. Technically, our enemies would have to hit God to get to us; possibility of that? Nil. How do we get into that hurt-free zone though? We get there on the platform of our faith; violent faith. Matthew 9:29

Ephesians 1:3. Galatians 3:14. Faith is the only instrument that translates what God says to what we see; it changes the ‘promise’ to an ‘experience’.

Habakkuk 2:4. Know that we are not at the mercy of the devil, we’re at the mercy of our faith.


How To Operate Violent Faith

  1. We must get a word from God
  2. We must believe without doubt
  3. We must confront fear. Job 33:25

Hebrews 2:14-15. Every time I am afraid, it is a sign of distrust in God

So let’s say you’re trusting God for, let’s say a raise at work, and you’ve found a scripture where it says that the path of the just is like a shining light shining brighter and brighter unto a perfect day. You believe the word, appropriate it to your situation in prayer, and confront the doubt in your mind that no one in your office has been given a raise in two years because you know your case is different. Right?

Let’s move on.

Acts 14:3 – Long time therefore abode they speaking boldly in the Lord, which gave testimony unto the word of his grace, and granted signs and wonders to be done by their hands.

2Timothy 1:12

Daniel 11:32 – When we realize our backing, we won’t be wavered by anything because we enter a strange realm of dominion. We need to wake up to our backing!!

Isaiah 53: 5

  1. Make declarations. Psalm 8:10. 2 Corinthians 4:13 faith that does not speak is fake!
  2. Engage the spirit of just men made perfect: taking advantage of the hand of God working in the lives of his servants. 2 Kings 2:12-15

So, back to our desire for a raise, now we start to declare that word, in secret or in the presence of other believers (because wisdom must be spoken to the wise). We can also key into testimonies of others (in the Bible, at church, through messages, etc.) to shore up our faith that God is able to do the impossible.

It is possible to see the transference of the workings of God from one person to the other, long as faith is in place.

How To Remain In The Violent Faith

  1. Be obedient. 1 Peter 3:13. Be committed to obeying God.
  2. A life of prayer ensures a steady hurt-free zone because then we keep hearing God, and that shores us up, makes us unbeatable! Ezekiel 9: 1-6

Do I already hear a prayer for the strengthening of our faith? I’m standing with you in prayer dearies!

Have a great rest of the week!

I love fish. Like I really love fish. And since these days I’m trying to eat healthy; I’m adding a lot of sea food to my diet. I’m really serious (this time).

So Precious and I were inside Waitrose one day, and I saw that there’s this corner where you can pick up recipes for simple dishes. Since I plan to prepare gourmet dishes for my #DearFutureHusband, I decided to pick one, and try. By the way, shout out to Waitrose for the bar with all sorts of olives; I absolutely love that!

Ok, so I picked up the recipe that was called ‘oat encrusted salmon‘. Now I’ve recently fallen head over heels with salmon and calamari (thank you Precious), and so I knew immediately this was my chance to learn to make it for myself! As an aside, I can’t stand mussels, oysters, or squid! Especially squid! For what na? Next you’ll be asking me to eat shark or whale!

*breathe FGS, breathe* Back to my story. One random day like that, I bought salmon and a lemon. The other ingredients for this dish I had at home, including thyme, random seasoning, and then quaker oats. That’s another reason it was an easy choice, your everyday ingredients work, you don’t need anything extra special!

Ok, so I skinned my fish myself first, note that salmon is very oily so be extremely careful when skinning so you don’t cut yourself. Alternatively, you can ask whoever you buy it from to skin it for you (after you’ve judged that they are in a good mood)!

In a small bowl I put the white of an egg (not a fan of the yolk plus cholesterol content is less without it), squeezed in a bit of lemon, a bit of maggi (like one-fifteenth of a cube), some pepper (I’m Nigerian after all), thyme, garlic powder, basil, and a sprinkling of salt. I whisked all of that very nicely and then mixed in my quaker oats. Note that you’re covering only one side of the fish so let that guide your quantities.

Spices I used: salt, thyme, basil, ground nutmeg, Maggi (just a wee bit), oregano, dry pepper, and an egg behind!

By this time I had heated my oven to 200C, and oiled my baking sheet; I forgot to buy baking sheets so I used a foil baking pan (reduced the things I’d have to wash too)!

I coated my salmon (note that preferably you should coat the side you skinned) with the oat mix, dropped it into my foil pan, and then used the oil from the pan to ‘caress’ the sides of the fish. Lol at caress….

I put it in the oven, brought it out after 25 minutes voila! Ready! And there’s no need to flip it!

You can have it cold with a salad but I planned to have mine with baked potatoes and parsnips so I washed both, and put them in my pan (same one I used for the fish so it had a bit of oil at the bottom). With the temperature set at 180 degrees, I let it bake for about 35 minutes.

Finally, I would have used gravy but I’ve had that a lot in the last two weeks and I am trying to replace most of my foods with veg so I searched the fridge for some leftover vegetable sauce, microwaved it, and voila!

Five baby potatoes, one average sized parsnip, my piece of salmon, and loads of veg; it was awesome!

There you go, the salmon story! Try it, feel free to play around with the seasoning for the salmon, and you’re welcome to substitute quaker oats for chunky bread crumbs or whatever else works for you. Thank me later, and let me know how you get on!

Next stop, reducing my portions……that plate just looked mounted abeg!

Sorry!!! I forgot to take a picture before I ate!!




How have you been? Like really, how have you been? Happy? Loving your life, family, job? What’s been up with you/what have you been up to? Have you been having fun? What new skills have you learnt recently, what new knowledge have you gained?

Questions, questions, questions right? Don’t mind me, I just haven’t checked on you properly in a while, or thanked you for always being here. Would love to use the ‘without-you-there-would-be-no-me’ line but I think that wouldn’t be exactly true, lol! I’ excited you’re reading this though, and this is a major shout out to all my readers, from Sudan to Singapore! Am I loving WordPress for the country by country stats or what!

This post chronicles my week (last week); so I chanced upon a flyer advertising a dance/fitness one week intensive class, promised we would lose 10kg in one week. I know! You’re asking yourself if I fell for it right? I did! Maybe not totally but there must have been something that made me ring and ask for the form!

From Monday, 6-7am and then 6-9pm every day, I went to jump up, (and down), squat, crunch, skip, and do all those things that celebs do on TV for two weeks and then next thing they’ve lost all but their bones! Ask Jennifer Hudson and Jordin Sparks if you don’t believe me.

After one of the dance classes, see me looking like this is my mug shot!

So, did I lose 10kg? Nope! Did I lose 9kg? Lol. Let me be quick and say I weighed x.9kg (‘x’ is because I don’t want to tell you exactly what I weigh) on Monday when I started, and then Friday night when I weighed myself,  I was x.45kg (‘x’ remaining absolutely constant)! What!!?!! I didn’t even lose ONE full kilogram!

Well, there’s only two things left to do now…

  1. Liposuction (after I’m done having children sha, I can’t even shout). Or
  2. Some ‘extreme’ measure, like the Hallelujah diet (ha ha ha), or Shawn’s Insanity workout.

Momma thinks I just need to stop drinking pop et al but what would my life be without an ice-cold coke every now and then? Drab and uninteresting, that’s what! Ladies and gentlemen, I am in a quandary!

On Friday though, Big Sister Nike (@chiefsista on Twitter) invited me to a free dance class (fitness oriented as well) put together by @bubezplaiz for ladies to come, dance, shed some, and network! Very noble if you asked me! Was supposed to hold from 7-9am on Saturday morning but men, man proposed, the rains disposed! It rained so hard on Saturday morning  I didn’t even get out of bed! Apparently no one else did and the class was moved to 5pm. It eventually started about 6pm (some issues about the venue), and it was a fabulous class! Whoop!

The music was great (and loud enough to keep me on my feet), and the instructors were really good too! Whoop whoop!

Was nice to finally meet @damioyedele in person, she’s a fabulous lady; smart, beautiful, and in recent times has helped me remain a ‘super aunty’ before my 6-year-old nephew by helping me with his assignment via Twitter! She was at the class too, sisters in weight loss!

Dami Oyedele and I!! Sisters with natural hair! Tres chic!

Of course @chiefsista was there too, and it was awesome to see her again! Ladies, Nike Coker is the convener of the famous Sista Sistaevent; holds once a year strictly for the ladies, and is a wonderful opportunity for them to meet other ‘sistas’, network, put their feet up, and just have a great, interesting evening! Did I mention there’s always loads of things to eat (and I love food), music, skills to be learnt, prizes to be won (I’ve won one), and loads of new friends to make!

@chiefsista and I, sweating after the dance class!! Sister remember the guy who stretched us out? Dang!! Intense! Funnily my back hasn’t hurt since then!

Sista Sista is in its 6th year and is holding in Abuja on the 1st of September! Holler @chiefsistato PURCHASE your tickets (nope it ain’t free)! Also get in touch if you’d like to promote stuff at the event, and especially if you’ve got giveaways for the ladies! We’ll be chatting to her on the 3, 2, 1 Series soon!

Finally, did you know/notice I’d changed my look? Want to see? There you go!

Whoop!!! Love it!! Notice that I’ve somehow managed to have four pictures of myself in one post? *sticks tongue out*

I’m loving it, can’t wait to make it permanent! Whoop! So stress free, and I can stop peeking at weaves, extensions, and all those things!

So, how did your week go? What exciting stuff did you get up to? Share with us in the comments section will you!

That’s it, a breeze through my week; can’t go without saying my boo boo is doing great, and is more adorable by the day! Like seriously, he’s the cutest baby in the world!

Have a super productive week, I insist! Mwah!


D Fairy GodSister: Introduce us to Obi Darbas please?

OBIS DARBAS: My full name is Obiamaka Adabanya but for the purpose of not twisting your tongue I’m otherwise called “OBIS DARBAS”…..I am a Geologist, but a Geologist with a passion for makeup. Presently, I am a professional freelance makeup artist.

The Glam One herself!

D Fairy GodSister: What’s the relationship between Geology and make up artistry?

OBIS DARBAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! I wish I knew. First of all, I studied Geology back in the University. Secondly, I am a very stylish and fashionable person. Complimenting that is the fact that applying my makeup gave me an additional boost of beauty. I’m on a journey to spread that inner beauty….

D Fairy GodSister: So it’s all about spreading the beauty? Nothing to do with the money? Especially since you’ve done some work for some really big names!

OBIS DARBAS: Initially, I started helping the girls in school to shape their brows, choose the right foundation, eye shadow and do the entire makeup application for free. It just gave me joy. However I got a makeup job for an advertising company back in school. They paid me well, but I still did the usual freebies back on campus. This happened for about five years until two years ago, I took professional classes. And now….booyahhh! I do it for the joy and money….

D Fairy GodSister: Ha ha ha! I like the booyaah part! So, is it like a day job now? Or you’re in a geologist by day, makeup artist by night place now?

OBIS DARBAS: LOL….There is no day and night thing. I just have a way of roping both of them in. Most of my makeup jobs fall during the weekend. So it’s a win-win situation!

Beautiful, beautiful bride!

D Fairy GodSister: Tell us about the MUD deal…

OBIS DARBAS: MUD deal? Loool. Well MUD is one of the makeup schools I attended. The other one is Ulta (Chicago). I would say I was an outstanding student at MUD. After I graduated I’ve always been offered the opportunity to come lecture students and invigilate their exams, till date. MUD is like a parent to me….

D Fairy GodSister: Awww, and thanks for the clarification! What’s the biggest job you’ve done so far?

OBIS DARBAS: Ha! What’s your definition of biggest job? The pay? I classify mine by opportunity though. The pay may not necessarily be the “factor”….

One of her many clients…..

D Fairy GodSister: Nope, I meant the workload. I’ll explain. So let’s say you had to cater to a bride and 14 bridesmaids, that kind of big.

OBIS DARBAS: Oh I see! I have done a bride, the bride’s mum and six bridesmaids. And on that same day had to do three different looks for the bride’s different costumes. Funny enough, over time once I do the bride’s trial before her big day, they never want me to do their train. Reason is they don’t want my magic to make their brides maids any prettier than them!

D Fairy GodSister: Lol!!! Seriously?


D Fairy GodSister: Do you always do a trial for brides?

OBIS DARBAS: Yes I always do. Usually two weeks to two months before their big day. Complexion and facial stress are things I need to sit and discuss with the bride.

D Fairy GodSister: Hmmmm. Do you ever have difficult clients? Have you ever seen a client and thought, “there’s nothing I can do to help this one’?

OBIS DARBAS: Oh Lord have mercy, yes I have!! You know what? Even while I was self-taught and at makeup school, I’ve always prayed never to meet difficult faces but trust me, I meet them on a regular. And they are usually willing to pay so much just to make sure I cover it all. However they have been my greatest joys because I see that I can hide/enhance some facial features and lift the burden for a day from their chest. Anyways that’s what I’m paid to do…”Glam them up”!

D Fairy GodSister: Whoop! Have you ever made a mistake? Like, scraped off the whole brow, used the wrong colors, etc?

OBIS DARBAS: No. I’m a very cautious person. That’s why I do a trial to avoid such mistakes. I always tell the brides to grow their brows for a while. And we work together to get the exact foundation/eye shadow/lipstick shade that best suits their complexion.

D Fairy GodSister: Who in this line of business has had the biggest influence on you?

OBIS DARBAS: I have been influenced by International celebrity makeup artist Wayne Goss. I have indeed learnt a lot from him. He is a makeup guru!


D Fairy GodSister: Well done!! As we wrap up, what’s the place of your family in all this?

OBIS DARBAS: They know it’s something I love to bless people with and I have gotten the necessary support from them, even though they see a necessity for me to grow my oil & gas career.

D Fairy GodSister: Thank God for family right? What do you think of the makeup businesses springing up every day the days? Are you threatened?

OBIS DARBAS: Yes o, thank God for family! Makeup has a large market in Nigeria. There are millions of people you can apply it on, as a business it is quite lucrative too. People tend to believe we should struggle for the same clients but I’m not threatened because when you have excellence in your field, you will be preferred.

D Fairy GodSister: If you’re a geologist Monday to Friday and a makeup artist on the weekends, doesn’t leave time for much else does it? When do you have time for fun stuff? And what do you do for fun?

OBIS DARBAS: I’m not busy every weekend. There are some jobs I hand over to my assistant. During free weekends I cook, watch lots of TV and spend time with my loved ones.

D Fairy GodSister: Final question; where do you see OBIS DARBAS by 2015? As a young woman, an entrepreneur, and a geologist?

OBIS DARBAS: By God’s grace I would own a progressive and recognized makeup academy + Celebrity Fashion Stylist + Logistics and Supply Chain Consultant to Oil & Gas Upstream Companies.

D Fairy GodSister: All the best with that! Thank you so much babes for your time!!

OBIS DARBAS: You’re welcome! Anytime!

I totally love this one!!!

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Did you watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony yesterday? I loved it!! First of all, the bit with the Queen and Daniel Craig was fabulous, shaking my head at my friends on Twitter who were arguing about it being the real Queen or not! Are you for real? As in that could have been Her Royal Majesty? Our own Mama Charlie? Jump from a chopper?

The high point of the ceremony for me however was Rowan Atkinson joining the orchestra! I think it was a brilliant touch, and Mr Bean was just hilarious! I loved it! The only problem I had was MTN and the horrible network! I couldn’t tweet or share my thoughts on the ceremony like my friends were doing…. I slept soon after jor! By the way who’s noticed the trend with MTN switching off (cos that’s what it feels like) our data services in the evenings, and then restoring in the morning? And yet they’re quick to cut you off sometimes even before you BIS expires, for a service you’ve not maximized? SMH

It’s a beautiful day, started out cool but is a bit sunny now (wonderful because I gave my clothes to be washed and I’m particular about them drying properly) and so, even though the Pinch of Humor for today is kinda late, it’s still on the day. By now you must be wondering at the state of my mind abi? Cos today’s clearly not Saturday (the day after the Olympics Opening Ceremony, etc) but errr…. Remember I’m a fairy? And I have special powers? Aha! Imagine me sprinkling fairy dust over you, and voila! It’s Saturday morning!!

Enjoy the pictures!

This is not me subbing myself….#justsaying

I remember when this happened to me in an exam in Secondary School. One of my friends even asked me why I wasn’t drawing and I said ‘I’m not answering that question’. Then she said, ‘oh, it’s question 1, that one is compulsory’!

Saw this and it amused me to no end… please ignore the four letter words…

I need to tell my heart this honestly!

C’mon!!! Even if you’re so pissed I was late with this one, this picture would surely make you smile!

There you go!! Welcome to the new month, try not to bother/stress yourself, and enjoy a fabulous rest of the week!