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I went to school with Berry, and she’s been my friend since then. Berry is a powerful mobilizer, and I’ve been telling her that when I’m ready to run for any office she’ll be one of the first people I will call!
Berry was on the blog in 2013, and it’s such a great thing that she’s here again now! I’m sorry we seem to have missed two days, blame it on this amazing conference I’m attending in Kigali (gist about that later!) Without further ado, I present Berry!
It’s a privilege to be on this blog (again). My name is Chidiebere Nweze. Nigerian and a Christian. I work with an NGO that caters to women in rural areas. By catering to them- we actually organize sensitization workshops to enlighten them on things like Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), HIV, Vesicovaginal Fistula (VVF), child marriage, child abuse and other prevailing issues we face in our society. We also organize skill acquisition seminars and empower some of them after that.
2015 has had its ups and downs/highs and lows for me. There were days I laughed so hard and others that I really cried.
1) I had a procedure done this year. And man, was I scared??? My first time in the Hospital (as a patient) since 2003. I couldn’t just believe it. Seeing the needles/syringes/equipment had me crying before the Doctor even came close. But then, having a super sweet (male) Doctor attend to you takes away every pain/fear. Yeah? Dude was EVERYTHING!
2) I got betrayed by one or two very, very close friends. Betrayed to the point that I found myself crying for days on end. Not to spill the details, but have you ever been betrayed to the point that you wished the person(s) could just die and disappear from this Earth? Yes, I was that deeply hurt. And it doesn’t help matters that I have a problem with forgiveness. Story for another day!
3) Something I thought would work out didn’t quite work out the way I wanted and hoped. Thus, leaving me a bit stranded. But somehow, I found a way around it and GOD has been faithful.
4) I’m actually very ashamed to say this (especially because it was one of the things I said I’d improve on this year). My church attendance WORSENED! All my life, I’ve never really been the ‘churchy’ kind of girl, but this year was worse. I didn’t go to church up to FIVE times this 2015! Incredible! Really not a thing to be proud of!
5) I am FAT! It’s depressing to know that I’m fat. And I still won’t stop eating. I moved from a UK Size 12 to a Size 14 this year.
*Remember the lovely dress I wore in the picture I attached to my 2013 entry? It doesn’t fit anymore! It doesn’t zip at all! That’s too much weight to gain in a year!!!
2015 wasn’t just about lows. I’ve learnt pretty much – from interactions, exposure and experience:
1) To be a lot more patient and tolerant with people, bearing in mind that we are all from different backgrounds, etc. I used to be highly intolerant. Once someone doesn’t act/behave the way I expect him/her to, guess who gets mad? Me! You don’t meet my expectations, I’m cutting you off and screaming how disappointed I am (forgetting that I’m also NOT perfect and have my own big flaws too).
2) Not to trust too much again, knowing that human will always be humans. I don’t know if that is a good lesson, but that was one of the lessons I learnt this year. I used to be very trusting, but one bitter experience this year changed that.
3) I had the opportunity to do some works that exposed me in a lot of positive ways: new network of friends, great openings, new knowledge (I love to learn), great openings (again!). And I’m grateful!
4) I really discovered how much of an adult I’ve become. I mean, I can make decisions on my own (without consulting my parents first). Yes! I remember waking up one day (a few months ago) and making a decision that involved my resigning, relocating to a strange land (for more than a year) and living a totally different/new life. It was a tough decision. I knew my dad wouldn’t like/support the idea. So I didn’t tell him until I had finalized plans/arrangements, made payments where necessary, committed myself to a large extent too. The day I decided to tell him about it, I was unsure on how to go about it and what his reaction would be. So, I felt the safest way was to send him an sms. And for the first time ever, my dad didn’t reply my sms. He instead forwarded the sms to my other siblings and they all rang me. And for the first time in a very long while, he was mad at me!
Long story short, he saw reasons with me after he arranged a meet for us to analyze and discuss. And guess what? He’s been in total support since then.
5) My dad plays lawn tennis and he always hated the fact that none of his kids played. He’s 62 and still goes for tournaments. As a Daddy’s girl, I decided to put a smile on his face by towing that line too. And guess what? Yours truly now trains/plays. I intend to stop if I start looking/becoming muscular. It’s bad enough that I walk and behave like a boy jor.
6) I really can’t thank GOD enough for the woman I’ve grown into. The disciplined and principled woman that He moulded me into. I’ve had quite a good number of mouth-watering offers (this year) that I rejected as a matter of principle. A few people who were privy to them saw me as being stupid. In fact, only a few understood why I took the stand I did. Would I have made really cool cash? YES! But do I regret not taking up the offers? NO! Reason- I don’t go against my principles. And I don’t do things I won’t be able to defend against my conscience.
Yea, it’s been a fair year but here’s to a better 2016!
My gorgeous blondie, Berry!

My gorgeous blondie, Berry!

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