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Have you ever heard the saying, ‘may you live in interesting times’? I think that it was written for me! What people get through uneventfully, I must have enough drama to derive a story from! Now I love it, but sometimes it’s just exhausting!!

Ok, so first off, greetings from Aberdeen, quiet, peaceful, and my beautiful hotel room. It’s my friend’s baby’s 1st birthday today, and I am really excited to be here to help out, and of course share in the joy and fun!

I didn’t just appear here though, there was a trip. And in that trip lies the story I’m about to share.

Now, for some reason I had booked a really early flight (I’m never doing that again), which meant I had to leave my house at 4am yesterday (Friday). By 1am I was still up (was still trying to figure out what I’d travel with really) so I told myself I wouldn’t sleep, I’d just shower and stay up till it was time to leave (which is what I’d normally do). Sounds easy right?

So I sat on my bed, reading and trying to finish some writing I started earlier in the day. By 2am I felt sleepy so I started chewing gum, and I didn’t cover myself so I would feel the chill and it wouldn’t let me feel comfortable enough to sleep. I had my laptop on my lap, and both my pillows behind my back for support.

Next thing I knew, it was 5.41am. I was confused. What!!! ( I actually said shouted that when I looked at the clock)! I jumped up, got dressed, rang for a taxi (train was out of the question), and by 6am, we were speeding off to the airport. Now the hilarious thing there was I noticed that my duvet was still neatly folded at the foot of my bed, but I had somehow pulled off my sheets to cover myself. Also, the gum I had in my mouth was mysteriously placed neatly on the casing for my mac.

Anyway, we got to Gatwick and I had like 7 minutes before the boarding gate closed. I was checked in so I ran to what I thought was my gate. ‘Thought’ because I got there and brethren, this Fairy GodSister wasn’t just at the wrong gate, I was at the WRONG TERMINAL!! Ahhh!!

Had to go back downstairs, catch the shuttle to the proper terminal, I just knew it wouldn’t work, I wouldn’t make it. And I didn’t want to fly, you see I hate to show off, lol.  So I went to the customer care counter, and I had to pay some money to rebook my flight for evening. Had like 8 hours till the time so I headed home to shower (thank you very much), catch up on sleep, and get a hot meal (it was f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g!)

Got on the train (thank you to the station manager who let me use my off-peak ticket during peak hours), and headed to London Bridge to catch my connection to Kent. Got on that one, and slept. I slept so hard next thing I knew someone was tapping me. Apparently there was a signal failure two stops to mine and so they had evacuated the train. My royal majesty was obviously oblivious, hence the gentle tap on my shoulder.

*sigh* I think I was dreaming of Booski…

They sorted themselves (after a 40-minutes wait, SMH), we boarded the train, and I got home in one piece, thoroughly amused when I looked at my bed again. I don’t think I’ve had my cereal that hot in a long time, and all the heaters in the house were on, full blast! Chatted with Booski, and then I fell asleep.

Got ready like 5 hours later, made it to the airport on time, cleared security, and had enough time to order a meal from Armadillo, more about the food later.

Then, I…

*that’s enough for one post abeg, come back in an hour for the next one!*

My people!!

Long time!

Forgive me jor, I didn’t plan to just stay away like that. I’ve had a lot on my plate though, new roles, courses, etc. Not an excuse though, and I’m going to shush and get to the reason why you’re here!




Yes o! Proper 'resemble'

Yes o! Proper ‘resemble’

Seriously! SMH.

Seriously! SMH.

Lol!! Wicked man!

Lol!! Wicked man!

Ask me o!

Ask me o!

Six pictures today (the extra is cos I want you to see how sorry I am)!



Have a good rest of the day, and a fabulous, extra-productive week ahead!


Pinch of humor people!! Happy New Year!! Don’t even look at me like the greeting is coming late, save the wrinkling of your noses for the people who will tell you Happy New Year in June! Accept my own with open arms, so you can….. (I don’t know jor, put anything you want there).

We had a good last year with the Pinch of Humor category, and I’ll always be grateful to Mr Mobility; the inspiration to start this came after I chatted with him and he encouraged me through a tough patch I was in. Thank you Bro!

This year? NO breaks, no missed weeks, nothing!! We have to keep this growing from strength to strength this year (or from laugh to laugh, lol). Let’s get to it already!

Oh no!

Oh no!


=)) save me 4rm dis akpos guy abeg

These ‘akpos’ jokes are to die for!


Spot the Blenderlette

Is it that serious? Really? Lol!


Lol. Wat pple come up with these days

Psalm 23…. Is there anything we won’t play with?

That’s it good people! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and have a brilliant week ahead. And before I forget, Happy New Year again!


This actually happens?




I know right!! It’s not really cool to name the post after the category but hey, it’s my blog, my fingers typing, my words so read or…. read! Gotcha! Did you think I would tell you to go? No way!!

I’ve had a fabulous week; came in from watching #EdoDecide on Monday, had a  pretty fruitful week, quite a number of things I was working on came through so I’m excited, grateful, and thankful rolled in one! How did your week go? Want to share?

While you’re thinking about it, here are the pictures for the week!

On the back of Miss Goldie leaving BBA house on Sunday the 15th of July, this was one of the things that amused me the most!

If you don’t get this joke there is a problem!! Hilarity!

*sigh* Cute devil….

Don’t know what amused me more, the look on the child’s face or the uncanny resemblance!

Hmmmmm, for the fifth picture, I had to think a bit, search my picture library a bit. And then I found this!!

Well what can I say? I love food!


Cheers to the weekend, enjoy it!!





It’s a beautiful Sunday! My munchkin was named yesterday!! He’s the reason Pinch of Humor didn’t come to you yesterday, I did a post going back three days before his birth here. He’s so adorable, and very active, right from the moment he was born!! The labour bit wasn’t a joke though…. *sigh*

Let’s enjoy our pinch of humor, a day late, but for a jolly good reason! There’s a problem though; for some reason you’ve stopped sending me pictures, and I’m not happy about that! Send pictures that have made you smile to and we’ll not only publish them, but I’ll credit you! So get to it already!!

I know I said no religion, but ‘exhausted’? Really?

Especially if you don’t know what to write! Lmao!!

This definitely cannot be healthy!!

So I hear females are smarter….. True or …….absolutely correct? lol!

My sentiments exactly! Not all the time though, and it really depends on who!

It’s a wrap!! Welcome to a new week!! Make sure you enjoy it! Hugs!


So I wasn’t amused enough to put anything up for the ‘pinch of humor’ category last week Saturday…. More like I was too tired, too swamped, and honestly, maybe a little ‘unamused’!

I’m back this week though, and instead of the five we normally work with, I’m uploading seven, so you see just how sorry I am for not being there last week. Shout out to ‘Kleen’ who emailed to ask what was wrong, and who sent me a few more pictures!! Hoping you tell me your name soon!

Right. Won’t keep you from it any longer…. Enjoy!

Are we really this hooked to all things new media? Lol!

Lmao! Classic! Thank you Kayode!

Courtesy Miss Ojeaga! Try it!

Dumb and dumber……

Oops!!!!! Don’t believe the hype!

Love this!!

Please show her!!!

And it’s a wrap! Have a wonderful weekend, and a beautiful week ahead! I promise to be here next week!

Good people!!

Guess what! It’s another Saturday, and even better, it’s the Saturday before my birthday!!! If you didn’t know, now you know… Send those gifts in already jor! I’d have put out a wish list but I know you know the things I want right? Trust you! Lol…

Right! So I’m excited about the responses I’ve been getting, thank you for the pictures you’ve been sending in!! If you didn’t know, the pinch of humor category is what it is, pictures from any and everywhere that have amused you and you’d like to share. Have any? Send them to, and I promise to credit you! Please include a first/nick name or a Twitter handle in your email too!! Thanks!

Enjoy the pictures for this week!

Totally love this one!! Courtesy the @i_blend group on bbm; the day I’ll give gifts for the ‘most pictures from’ category, for now it’s easy to tell where it’ll go!

Awesome!! This one’s courtesy KLBEENG! Thank you!

Courtesy Berry, permit me to be petty enough to dedicate this to anyone who’s beefing me! Get well soon!

Seriously!! As in seriously!!!

Beautiful way to end today’s post!! Yes darling, I studied ‘banker’ too!

That’s all folks!! Have a fabulous weekend, and don’t forget to say happy birthday to me tomorrow!! Hugs!!


Did you have a nice week? Mine was awesome! Made progress on several fronts, things are looking up!

Thanks a lot for the positive reviews the newly introduced ‘pinch of humor’ category got last week, I’m happy it’s achieving the purpose for which it was created, lifting our spirits and giving us one more reason to smile! Only issue is, just one person sent me a picture for this week…*tears* We need to do better so this category stays around for a bit, can I count on you for next week? I can? Good stuff!! Send an email to, and I’ll be sure to credit you when it goes up!

Enjoy! And share with a friend!

Believe me I love Nollywood but I just couldn’t ignore this! These guys transcribing eh?

Seriously? Your scarf?

You need to bring out your pidgin for this one!

With God all things are definitely possible!

Shout out to @Matse,  @ChiefSista, and @EniOjeaga for the pictures, enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Hello you!!

Beautiful Saturday morning, and am I grateful it’s not raining!!! It’s rained every day since Tuesday, and by last night I was pretty fed up with it! Talk about humans never being satisfied; when it doesn’t rain now we’ll be holding vigils to ‘open the heavens’, now I’m complaining that it’s too much! God forgive me!

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good laugh, it’s the fastest way to get through to me. Give me something to laugh/smile about, and you’d be well on your way to securing my friendship! I think that came from my dad, one of the funniest people I know. Never misses an opportunity to make us laugh, even in difficult times; it’s one of the things I miss about him, his rich laughter and the way he’ll clap his hand on his knee when he’s really amused! I love you daddy!

Ok, so on Twitter last night I said I would be starting a new category on the blog today, a permanent feature published every Saturday at noon. This is it, the ‘pinch of humor‘ category!! The inspiration for this? Recently I was disgusted with the way a friend handled an incident and so I put as my BBM status something I wouldn’t want to print here! Another friend saw the update and asked what was wrong, I explained to him and he cheered me up. I’m grateful for him because apart from working very hard that evening to cheer me up (believe me I was smoking from the ears), he reminded me of a very important fact: Life is too short to wallow in anger/misery!

After we got done talking, I looked through some of the pictures I’ve been storing on my phone for the simple fact that they amused me, and I gave myself a good laugh! And then I decided that every Saturday, I would share some of those pictures so I can give others a laugh as well!

That’s it, the gist behind this category; among other things I want you to be able to come on here to chill, put your worries aside for a bit, and just have a laugh because sweetheart, life is too short to be worked up every day!! That’s the reason why ‘pinch of humor’ will come only on Saturdays too, so you’re not in work mode or anything. Doesn’t mean you can’t revisit the page during the week though, please feel free! And don’t be stingy, share with your friends and family!

The best part of this new category is you have a say on what pictures go up, so if something made you smile, share the love!! Send an email to and I’ll credit you when I put the pictures up! All I ask is they be rated ‘family’, nothing x-rated or political. Agreed? Good stuff!

That’s it then, enjoy the pictures for this week!

Arsenal fans forgive me o!!! I think I saw this picture last year, when Arsenal received one major whupping like that....

This is my personal favorite! I should adopt this answer for the self-proclaimed monitors of my weight!

That’s it, a pinch of humor for the day! Which was your favorite? Send me yours!