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The Word of God will do you good, anytime!! I have been remiss with publishing my church notes for a bit, so this week we’re catching up! The theme for the service (which I attended in June and totally looooved) was ‘Man/men of steel’. There was a guest minister, Pastor Sam Oye and his message was titled: ‘The Making of a Man of Steel’.

Steel is an alloy which is the product of two metals fused together to produce something that is durable and of a higher qualitative value.

This hybrid created by the fusion is done for three reasons

  1. Ordinarily it is ductile (it appears strong but is not as strong)
  2. It is malleable – it cracks/thins out under pressure
  3. It is less desirable in its raw state.

The process of fusion involves ‘smelting’ or metamorphosis. This process is never pleasant – tears will be shed, habits will be dropped, personal excuses for weaknesses need to and should go!

The weakness of the metals are removed during the smelting process, giving way for the additional materials that make it more durable, of greater quality and high value.

Three characteristics of a man of steel

  • An ordinary man with extraordinary grace and wisdom
  • A common man with uncommon character and courage
  • A normal man with unusual grave and undeniable results

A man of steel needs three types of people in his life

  • A coach: someone to make you uncomfortable with where you are per time
  • A virtuous wife. Ruth 3: 11, Proverbs 12:15, 31:10. ‘Virtuous’ is from the Greek word ‘Chayil’, meaning able, efficient, resourceful, rich, healthy, valiant, forceful, and mighty.
  • The Holy Spirit. 1 Samuel 10

Dear men, Adam was in his garden (tending it) when God brought Eve to him (or caused him to sleep and then formed Eve out of him and then brought her to him if you like the long version of things).

What are you doing? What garden are you tending? Have you found your purpose in this life or are you swaying with every wind of doctrine?

[Written on the 26th of June]

I’m so excited! It’s the 1st of July, and officially the start of the #31Days31Writers – mid year edition! Why am I super excited? Well, so I’ve been all over the place this past month, and by the 26th I wasn’t sure I would still be able  to pull this off. But, here we are, and I’ve got such a spread of voices from around the world I’m mega excited!

We start with my friend Yama! Yama was our designate driver the night we went from The Hague to Amsterdam to see the Red Light District; he’s a fantastic, super brilliant guy, and it’s my privilege to start the month with a voice from Afghanistan!


Hi there,

First of let me start by saying: You look absolutely stunning today!

My name is Yama Akbari. Born in Afghanistan, living in The Netherlands. Student and business owner.

What I’ve learned in the past 6 months is that life is so incredibly difficult to plan. I’m not much of a planner anyway, I usually take things as they come. But I decided that needed to change a little (a part of growing up maybe…). Didn’t really pan out the way I wanted. I planned to focus more on my studies, but ended up working way more than studying. Was really planning on staying single, instead got to know someone I really could not let go of. This made me wonder: Why do I suck so badly at planning my life? I came to the conclusion that life is pretty much ‘unplannable’ for the most part when I started thinking about ‘planning’ on a larger scale.

For example, who could ever ‘plan’ the following: a kid born in Kabul in 1990, wanting to leave for the gym on the 30th of June 2014 (should have been studying for his exams, shame on him) would remember; promising a very inspiring Nigerian girl he met at a conference in The Hague, to write a few words for her blog. Crazy right? But kind of beautiful at the same time. Imagine the string of events that had to take place before this moment. Unfortunately, a lot of those events weren’t as joyful as this one, which leads to the second thing I learned in the past 6 months: Andre 3000’s fashion sense isn’t the only thing that’s spot on, his cryptic life lessons are as well. On the Outkast song ‘Ms. Jackson’ he sings: ‘you can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather’. I finally got it Andre, you keep on spitting mad truth and dressing dapper as hell!

That brings me to what I’m looking forward to for the second half of this year .. Not really easy to say after all of that ‘life is crazy and unpredictable’ stuff. I am actually thinking about what I’m looking forward to while writing this sentence and I’m realizing that it’s such a blessing that I’m not sure what to look forward to (huge smile on my face right now). All those unplanned moments of joy; that feeling of relief when everything turns out well after a moment of uncertainty, an unexpected phone call from an old friend, coming home and getting served your favorite meal, being the best at something very random and useless, witnessing a cute moment between two lovers, stumbling upon a family of ducks swimming in a pond (I’m running out of ideas..), seeing an old lady feeding those ducks and making sure the weakest one gets as much as the rest. All I’m planning and looking forward to (apart from studying and working, duh) is actually enjoying and appreciating all those little unexpected moments of joy.

I urge you to do so as well. Even if it’s something very unexpected and random. Let’s say: a guy from halfway across the world, at the start of his post on this blog, complimenting you that you look stunning without even knowing what you look like …



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