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Miss me? It’s been more than a week I was here, and more than apologising for being away, I’m appreciative of the gift of good health on a totally different level today. It’s great to be healthy, I’m excited at regaining my energy and doing all the things I normally would do.

I’m also looking forward to getting my hair done! I’ve had it in cornrows (plaited it myself a day before my head decided it wanted to secede – God forbid), and apart from dousing with water, and the evening I had a wet towel wrapped round it just to get some relief, I haven’t been able to do ANYTHING to it. Yep, that’s how bad it hurt, and the fact that it’s back to virgin didn’t make handling any easier.

Last week was fraught with blinding migraine headaches (you know the type of pain that literally closes your eyes), dizziness, a bit of nausea (no I’m not with child silly), and general body weakness. Oh yes, all these were crowned with a sore throat on Wednesday morning – I was just a sorry sight I tell you.

Did I see a doctor? Yep.. Even got sight tests done, nothing. They did say however that insomnia (which I’ve suffered in varying degrees in the last 7 weeks) wasn’t helping, and sent me off for some blood work. Did I go for that? Nope (and it wasn’t only because of my mortal fear of needles). I was placed on pretty intense pain meds anyway that somehow weren’t very effective with helping me sleep after the first two days, sigh.

And so from Monday I was literally confined to my bed, with dimmed lights and everything, unable to walk a few steps without feeling like I was standing upside down (with the corresponding pain of course). Wasn’t a joke at all. I had deadlines I couldn’t attend to, ideas I wanted to develop, couldn’t do jack. For an entire week!!!

But, just like John 4:52, I began to mend. And I’m here today, back on my feet, on the way back to the Fairy GodSister that I know, and looking forward to catching up to all the work I neglected in the past week. And boy am I grateful!! Grateful to God for His mercies, His grace, and for healing. I’m still wincing from the occasional ache, but trust me when I say I’ve come a very long way.

Shout out to my family for calling every single day, especially to Boo Boo (my 7-month old nephew), all the babbling over the phone lifted my spirits in more ways than one. Then to my darling aunty for cooking, cleaning, and looking after me in spite of her own health and schedule. God bless you guys plenty!

Now, where were we?


Valentine’s come and gone; what did you do? Where did you go? What did you give, and what did you get? I could totally make a song out of this, check my rhyme scheme out! While I sort out the rest of the lyrics, you better start talking!!

Really though, did you have fun? Go somewhere nice? Did he put a ring on it? What!! He didn’t? He’s waiting for you to grow old first? Or in the words of my dear friend, he’s waiting for all your eggs to boil first? Lmao!!

I had a swell Valentine’s Day. Full stop o!!  I can see you settled in nicely, waiting to hear what I did on the day…. Tatafo United! I caught you! And I’m not telling cos I asked first. *tongue out*

While you type, here are the pictures for this week’s Pinch of Humor!

Cutcy: the Groom's family. OK.

Cutcy: the Groom’s family. OK.



Lmao!! Having a mistake on your back forever! *sigh*



Don’t you just love family? My ‘knees’!


Funny bt true!

Did you die? Dead!!!!!



Really? Really really?


This is February, the month of looooooove!!! Whoop!!! Of course, the Valentine adverts and decorations have been up around these parts since the last week in January, *sigh*

You know here yeah, we move from Christmas decorations to Valentine, to Mother’s Day, then to Easter, and then to Father’s Day before there’s a break. I like it though, everyone claims to have one sale or the other in the name of these Celebrations. And just so you know, £3 to £2.10 doesn’t qualify as sales in my books!!

On to the pictures for the day, let’s see if we can throw in any love related ones!

Ever been in this position before?

Ever been in this position before? Lol!


@Oche big boy. You no talk say you be doctor

You won’t catch me dead here!


Lucy see your Ex.

Please don’t drink and drive this year, totally not worth it!


Imagine =))

The blind attempting to correct one with 20/20 vision! Lol!



Four tries and he didn’t get ‘Porsche’? Ok!!

And yes, because it’s the month of loooooove (lol…. I have one precious friend like that who pronounces ‘love’ in such a hilarious way it cracks me up every single time) we have an extra picture!! This one hopefully will help your relationship! Look, and learn! Lol!


Ha! Ha! Ha!

That’s all folks! Have a good one! Hugs!


Oh wow!! Can’t believe this is the last Saturday in the month of January already! Wow!! That quick? How are you and your resolutions for the year coming? I didn’t even bother making any! Well, not like I didn’t bother making any (and I didn’t really), but I kind of noted fur things I need to sort this year. They aren’t resolutions per se, they are more goals and points I need to touch by certain times in the year. And I’m working hard to get them!

Have I bored you yet? Or wiped the smile off your face? No? Good. Yes? Good! Lol! Now let’s get to the pictures for the day shall we? Ready?

Lmao!!!!! Nearly passed out the day I saw this!

Lmao!!!!! Nearly passed out the day I saw this!


Oh my word…… *sigh*

A complete dozen!!!!

Yep!!! After a dozen eggs, you better not!! Lol!!

D end thereafter..

And that my dear friends, is how accidents happen… *sigh*


Pow!!! Ouch!!! Yo Momma!!

Five days left in January, enjoy them! Check to be sure you’re still on track though with your resolutions, plans, and/or goals for the year will you? This is the year that your dreams must come true; you just need to get off the bed and work towards them!


Pinch of humor people!! Happy New Year!! Don’t even look at me like the greeting is coming late, save the wrinkling of your noses for the people who will tell you Happy New Year in June! Accept my own with open arms, so you can….. (I don’t know jor, put anything you want there).

We had a good last year with the Pinch of Humor category, and I’ll always be grateful to Mr Mobility; the inspiration to start this came after I chatted with him and he encouraged me through a tough patch I was in. Thank you Bro!

This year? NO breaks, no missed weeks, nothing!! We have to keep this growing from strength to strength this year (or from laugh to laugh, lol). Let’s get to it already!

Oh no!

Oh no!


=)) save me 4rm dis akpos guy abeg

These ‘akpos’ jokes are to die for!


Spot the Blenderlette

Is it that serious? Really? Lol!


Lol. Wat pple come up with these days

Psalm 23…. Is there anything we won’t play with?

That’s it good people! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and have a brilliant week ahead. And before I forget, Happy New Year again!


This actually happens?



Wow!! It’s exactly one month to Christmas Eve! It’s been a brilliant year! I won’t do that post now where I recount the highlights of the year, but I am grateful for the Pinch of Humor category, and the testimonials of the joy it’s brought to people every Saturday! Some weeks have been funnier than others, some weeks haven’t been consistent, but I’m thankful for you, you, you, and you! For coming back every Saturday, laughing at the pictures, sending in your contributions, for simply being here!

Away from the mush, next week Saturday’s the first of December!! Whoop!! Grateful to God for life, love, family, and you! Particularly grateful for family, and is the reason I have a few family centered pictures today. I won’t keep you any longer, here are the five for this week! Hugs!

God bless our mothers!!

Oh puhlease! You guys like it that we’re complex!!

The definition of school fees being in vain!!

Awww, children are the cutest!


How have you been? Great? What interesting things have you been up to? New job, relationship, family member, location, what’s been going on with you? Have you been well, no evil report, stuff going the way it should? Brilliant!

I’ve been well too, God has been good to me, I’m loving my life! Whoop!! And it’s all because of you (in NEYO‘s voice)… Lol. I guess I’m just very excited today. Why shouldn’t I be?

Pinch of humor: I  think today’s fix should be called hilarity because the pictures are just out of this world!!! Enjoy!

Courtesy Semm, this is one naughty baby!

Got this one off @ijwhiterabbit; I really like it!

Talk is cheap…..

This one was from Miss Ojeaga’s bbm…. love it! love it! looooove it!

And the final picture for today…… (drum roll)……

This one was off Ace, and is the crowning glory for the day!

Enjoy a fabulous, extra fun-filled weekend! Love God, love your family, love your friends, love yourself!







Good people!!

Guess what! It’s another Saturday, and even better, it’s the Saturday before my birthday!!! If you didn’t know, now you know… Send those gifts in already jor! I’d have put out a wish list but I know you know the things I want right? Trust you! Lol…

Right! So I’m excited about the responses I’ve been getting, thank you for the pictures you’ve been sending in!! If you didn’t know, the pinch of humor category is what it is, pictures from any and everywhere that have amused you and you’d like to share. Have any? Send them to, and I promise to credit you! Please include a first/nick name or a Twitter handle in your email too!! Thanks!

Enjoy the pictures for this week!

Totally love this one!! Courtesy the @i_blend group on bbm; the day I’ll give gifts for the ‘most pictures from’ category, for now it’s easy to tell where it’ll go!

Awesome!! This one’s courtesy KLBEENG! Thank you!

Courtesy Berry, permit me to be petty enough to dedicate this to anyone who’s beefing me! Get well soon!

Seriously!! As in seriously!!!

Beautiful way to end today’s post!! Yes darling, I studied ‘banker’ too!

That’s all folks!! Have a fabulous weekend, and don’t forget to say happy birthday to me tomorrow!! Hugs!!

I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes!! Saw this one on the @i_blend group!

Hello!!! Welcome to the third week, sharing love, laughter, and reminding ourselves that life is too short to spend every minute of it complaining. Live a little, take some time to chill, to smile, to be grateful for the fact that despite the challenges before you now, it could have been worse, and there are people who are worse off!

This is simple; look, enjoy, and share with a friend! If you’d like to see your pictures featured here, email them to Enjoy the rest of it, a pinch of humor!

Who speaks Hausa? Interpretation please, after you’ve cleaned your brain of course!!! Also gotten off the @i_blend group..

Funny but very true….be safe!

Life ain’t fair!!

Guys is this true? Prove this person wrong jor!!!

That’s it for this week!!! Spread the love, share the joy, and enjoy a beautiful weekend!!

Hello you!!

Beautiful Saturday morning, and am I grateful it’s not raining!!! It’s rained every day since Tuesday, and by last night I was pretty fed up with it! Talk about humans never being satisfied; when it doesn’t rain now we’ll be holding vigils to ‘open the heavens’, now I’m complaining that it’s too much! God forgive me!

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good laugh, it’s the fastest way to get through to me. Give me something to laugh/smile about, and you’d be well on your way to securing my friendship! I think that came from my dad, one of the funniest people I know. Never misses an opportunity to make us laugh, even in difficult times; it’s one of the things I miss about him, his rich laughter and the way he’ll clap his hand on his knee when he’s really amused! I love you daddy!

Ok, so on Twitter last night I said I would be starting a new category on the blog today, a permanent feature published every Saturday at noon. This is it, the ‘pinch of humor‘ category!! The inspiration for this? Recently I was disgusted with the way a friend handled an incident and so I put as my BBM status something I wouldn’t want to print here! Another friend saw the update and asked what was wrong, I explained to him and he cheered me up. I’m grateful for him because apart from working very hard that evening to cheer me up (believe me I was smoking from the ears), he reminded me of a very important fact: Life is too short to wallow in anger/misery!

After we got done talking, I looked through some of the pictures I’ve been storing on my phone for the simple fact that they amused me, and I gave myself a good laugh! And then I decided that every Saturday, I would share some of those pictures so I can give others a laugh as well!

That’s it, the gist behind this category; among other things I want you to be able to come on here to chill, put your worries aside for a bit, and just have a laugh because sweetheart, life is too short to be worked up every day!! That’s the reason why ‘pinch of humor’ will come only on Saturdays too, so you’re not in work mode or anything. Doesn’t mean you can’t revisit the page during the week though, please feel free! And don’t be stingy, share with your friends and family!

The best part of this new category is you have a say on what pictures go up, so if something made you smile, share the love!! Send an email to and I’ll credit you when I put the pictures up! All I ask is they be rated ‘family’, nothing x-rated or political. Agreed? Good stuff!

That’s it then, enjoy the pictures for this week!

Arsenal fans forgive me o!!! I think I saw this picture last year, when Arsenal received one major whupping like that....

This is my personal favorite! I should adopt this answer for the self-proclaimed monitors of my weight!

That’s it, a pinch of humor for the day! Which was your favorite? Send me yours!