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First off, no it’s not yet 2015 where I am, still got like 3 hours to go…so start the party without me! Can I just digress real quick and say I can imagine God is having an absolute laugh with these time zones? I think it is genius (of course it is, God is behind it) even though it is one of the hardest things for me to work through!

Anyway, let’s talk about 2014, wrap it up real quick. 2014 was super interesting for me, like really, really interesting. I remember that at the end of December 2013, I was just relieved the year was over and nothing else could go wrong. The things my eyes saw, dang – I’m sure I was the definition of pain, patience, long-suffering, and endurance. I lost people really close to me to death, accidents, etc., and I remember one day I was at the point King David was in the Bible where it said “he cried till he had no more power to weep”. Like I was so cried out, I couldn’t be paid to produce a tear!

Not saying there wasn’t any joy in the year o, of course there was. Just that balanced on a scale, the unhappy easily outweighed the happy (same way everything this current government can claim it has achieved falls flat on its face when it is mirrored against the insurgency/insecurity plaguing the country). People, events, family, friends made 2013 special, there were bright spots in 2013 but it was a difficult year. It was.

Blessed  be God however who causes us to forget the sorrows of the former years, whose love and mercy cancels out our transgressions and qualifies us of things we otherwise wouldn’t be deserving of in a million years. Yup! That’s the God I serve!

In January I felt such a strength within, felt like I knew exactly what I wanted to do with myself – the heights I wanted to attain, the circles I wanted to roll in, and generally, I projected what I wanted to be writing about now. That inner strength carried me through the entire year.

“From your lips to God”s ears” was more than a saying for me this year – I saw/handled things I didn’t even think I was ready for. Like, at some point I was cancelling/rescheduling holidays because I had to accommodate new work! I woke up one day in April and looked at my calendar, and it made me smile. A big, toothy, cheshire-cat type smile…little did I know God hadn’t even scratched the surface of things He had lined up for me!

From addressing 60+ people from three continents at The Hague, to that speaking engagement at the House of Lords, to starting a teaching career (social media of course) both professionally and to youths at church, to working with a team to write a book in 5 days, it didn’t stop. On, and on, and on. God used people to open up fresh opportunities, to push me, force me to be/do better, to push myself, to keep at it. Dr Titi Banjoko, Justina Mutuale, Emilia Asim-Ita, Jacque Onalo, and all the others, God bless you!

And when I crashed in November, God healed me. I was exhausted, my body was screaming for rest. I remember waking up one day and having a mini panic attack because I felt overwhelmed. But God was there, and He healed me, showed me what/how to get through it. And I’m grateful.

My family? Rock solid. Love em to bits! My baby boy is advanced way beyond his age, speaks clearer than any two-year old I know/I’ve known. God is increasing all of us on every side. Momma finished her PhD this year (at 62, whoop); Grace and Progress Family Chapel was born this year too, and is doing great! God is building His church, and nothing can stand against it! I love, love, love you guys!

To Tokes, who knew that meetings in December 2013 would forge a bond so strong we now feel like we’ve known each other for years? Wunmi, bestie of life and destiny, whatever would I do without you? Our latest iyawo!! To Francesca, my personal support system and human chill pill, thank you for sharing your house and heart with me, for real talk, and for that Sunday in April you prayed for me when I literally fell apart. To my sister Adaora, thank you, thank you, thank you. Chief Sista, I just love you. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, I  do!

To every man of God whose word blessed my life, whether in person or online, God bless you. I never sat under a teaching that didn’t bless me, and for that I’m grateful. Very grateful.

For safe travels in 2014 (and it’s been my most mobile year), for provision, for protection, for healing, for direction; the fact that I’m alive is more than enough reason to bow down and worship.

Here’s to incredible things in 2015!



Ahh!!! Sista Nike is a sista and half! You know that ‘all that and a bag of chips’ saying? Well, Nike Coker is easily all that, a bag of chips, a fruit, coke, and a chocolate bar! I met her on Facebook in 2008 as a young corps member who wanted to organize an event in Abuja to commemorate World Aids day. Someone said, ‘talk to Nike Coker, she knows everyone you’ll need’.

From that first unsure, greetings-laced message was  born a friendship and sisterhood that has stood the test of everything, least of which is time. I remember calling her one very cold day in 2010 to say I wanted to give up on my Masters and come back to Nigeria… Lol, I made a lot of people panic that day sha! Sista talked with me till her airtime ran out, then she called with her husband’s phone (with the everlasting airtime, lol).

When my aunty passed, she flew in from Lagos on the day of the funeral (my fault she didn’t come in the day before), and came to the funeral straight from the airport with her bags in the boot of the cab. She’d asked two mutual friends to come be with me at the service of songs a couple days before. What more could friendship entail?

I just love her. She’s great, down to earth, smart, accomplished, and I bless her today from the very depths of my heart.

Before this becomes a post in itself,  here’s the one and only Chief Sista! #TeamGrizzly

My name is Nike Coker-Babalola. I am a lady, married, a Nigerian and I work as communications/entertainment junkie, however I’m most popularly known as a defender of the Sistahood.  I initiated a yearly program for women in Abuja that focuses on bringing women out of their shells, learning a new skill or two and seeing the glass as ALWAYS half full no matter what situation they find themselves.

Twitter : @sistasistanaija


One thing I’ve learnt this year? Be patient! Though that was never really a strong trait of mine but somehow I’ve learnt to let go and let God. I’m my own worst critic when it comes to projects, but being patient and letting issues run its course have helped me realise that the whole world can run on my own efforts alone. I ask for help when I need it and I’m not hurt when it doesn’t meet my exact needs at that exact time.

What’s one thing I’m grateful for? Family! The backbone to every society.  My very own cheerleading squad, the same people who will listen to my endless ideas (both plausible and slightly stupid), give me candid thoughts, arm wrestle me in tough arguments or call my bluff. I can’t toss them away even if I wanted to! My family is here to stay.

One thing I’d do different this year if I could? Make more phone calls. In the new world of Blackberry pings, Whatsapp  messages  and emails on the go…I know I have failed in follow-up phone calls.  That “out-of-the-blue” phone call that brings a smile on someone else’s face. Putting aside my issues to care for someone else. 2014 is round the corner, I intend to make up for that.

The Chief Sista!

The Chief Sista! Love you to bits!!



How have you been? Like really, how have you been? Happy? Loving your life, family, job? What’s been up with you/what have you been up to? Have you been having fun? What new skills have you learnt recently, what new knowledge have you gained?

Questions, questions, questions right? Don’t mind me, I just haven’t checked on you properly in a while, or thanked you for always being here. Would love to use the ‘without-you-there-would-be-no-me’ line but I think that wouldn’t be exactly true, lol! I’ excited you’re reading this though, and this is a major shout out to all my readers, from Sudan to Singapore! Am I loving WordPress for the country by country stats or what!

This post chronicles my week (last week); so I chanced upon a flyer advertising a dance/fitness one week intensive class, promised we would lose 10kg in one week. I know! You’re asking yourself if I fell for it right? I did! Maybe not totally but there must have been something that made me ring and ask for the form!

From Monday, 6-7am and then 6-9pm every day, I went to jump up, (and down), squat, crunch, skip, and do all those things that celebs do on TV for two weeks and then next thing they’ve lost all but their bones! Ask Jennifer Hudson and Jordin Sparks if you don’t believe me.

After one of the dance classes, see me looking like this is my mug shot!

So, did I lose 10kg? Nope! Did I lose 9kg? Lol. Let me be quick and say I weighed x.9kg (‘x’ is because I don’t want to tell you exactly what I weigh) on Monday when I started, and then Friday night when I weighed myself,  I was x.45kg (‘x’ remaining absolutely constant)! What!!?!! I didn’t even lose ONE full kilogram!

Well, there’s only two things left to do now…

  1. Liposuction (after I’m done having children sha, I can’t even shout). Or
  2. Some ‘extreme’ measure, like the Hallelujah diet (ha ha ha), or Shawn’s Insanity workout.

Momma thinks I just need to stop drinking pop et al but what would my life be without an ice-cold coke every now and then? Drab and uninteresting, that’s what! Ladies and gentlemen, I am in a quandary!

On Friday though, Big Sister Nike (@chiefsista on Twitter) invited me to a free dance class (fitness oriented as well) put together by @bubezplaiz for ladies to come, dance, shed some, and network! Very noble if you asked me! Was supposed to hold from 7-9am on Saturday morning but men, man proposed, the rains disposed! It rained so hard on Saturday morning  I didn’t even get out of bed! Apparently no one else did and the class was moved to 5pm. It eventually started about 6pm (some issues about the venue), and it was a fabulous class! Whoop!

The music was great (and loud enough to keep me on my feet), and the instructors were really good too! Whoop whoop!

Was nice to finally meet @damioyedele in person, she’s a fabulous lady; smart, beautiful, and in recent times has helped me remain a ‘super aunty’ before my 6-year-old nephew by helping me with his assignment via Twitter! She was at the class too, sisters in weight loss!

Dami Oyedele and I!! Sisters with natural hair! Tres chic!

Of course @chiefsista was there too, and it was awesome to see her again! Ladies, Nike Coker is the convener of the famous Sista Sistaevent; holds once a year strictly for the ladies, and is a wonderful opportunity for them to meet other ‘sistas’, network, put their feet up, and just have a great, interesting evening! Did I mention there’s always loads of things to eat (and I love food), music, skills to be learnt, prizes to be won (I’ve won one), and loads of new friends to make!

@chiefsista and I, sweating after the dance class!! Sister remember the guy who stretched us out? Dang!! Intense! Funnily my back hasn’t hurt since then!

Sista Sista is in its 6th year and is holding in Abuja on the 1st of September! Holler @chiefsistato PURCHASE your tickets (nope it ain’t free)! Also get in touch if you’d like to promote stuff at the event, and especially if you’ve got giveaways for the ladies! We’ll be chatting to her on the 3, 2, 1 Series soon!

Finally, did you know/notice I’d changed my look? Want to see? There you go!

Whoop!!! Love it!! Notice that I’ve somehow managed to have four pictures of myself in one post? *sticks tongue out*

I’m loving it, can’t wait to make it permanent! Whoop! So stress free, and I can stop peeking at weaves, extensions, and all those things!

So, how did your week go? What exciting stuff did you get up to? Share with us in the comments section will you!

That’s it, a breeze through my week; can’t go without saying my boo boo is doing great, and is more adorable by the day! Like seriously, he’s the cutest baby in the world!

Have a super productive week, I insist! Mwah!