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Did you know that at some point in my life I wanted to be a doctor? Like really become a doctor?  Why? Because my sister was studying to be one, and not only did I adore her (I still do), I must admit I wanted a bit of the attention she was getting just because she was reading medicine. I know that deep down somewhere there was (and still is) the innate desire to help people, but at that time, it was simply cos that’s what you were doing sis!

Since we’re here you know that me wanting to go to boarding school even though it was a different one from yours was simply cos you were in one and I wanted stories to tell as well. Plus I wanted the provisions you and Nnamdi were getting!

I was billed to go somewhere else for my first degree (of course after the now impossible ‘doctor’ mission, I said I wanted to be with you. And be with you I was, and what wonderful times we had! Babes do you remember final year when I was ill and at some point we couldn’t explain what was wrong with me? I remember both of us crying when you had to give me any injections; me from fear (naturally) and you because of the suffering I was going through. God bless you!

When Daddy was sorting out her drivers’ licence, I don’t think I had done more than ‘warm’ the car (and without permission) but if the officer hadn’t taken my details that day I’m sure I would have burst an artery or something! I really just wanted to be like you, and I even Schumacher like you when I’m driving!! (Momsy must not read this)

Then do you remember our days in the West? Ibadan, and then Osogbo? Good times, memories we’ll keep forever!

You’re patient, kind, very intelligent, with one of the warmest hearts I’ve ever come across. Any wonder I enter Incredible Hulk mode when someone upsets you?

I’ve been blessed to have you as my big sister, I don’t know what I would have done without you walai. You’ve been a lot of things to me; my mom, sister, best friend, confidante, ATM/emergency wardrobe (you knew I was coming to that didn’t you, ha ha ha), prayer warrior, and other times, what Ibo people will refer to as ‘onye eji m e me onu’! I’m so proud of you!! Maybe that’s why I keep trying to imitate you/be like you, it’s just because few people are the beauty that you are inside and out, and I just want to partake of it every now and then.

It’s your birthday today

you’re adding another year

I thank the Lord, tis time for cheer

your silent prayers and every wish

I pray you’ll find within each dish

No pain, no shame, not a moment’s poor

Today and forever it’s joy evermore!

Happy birthday to the best big sister in the whole wide world!! Love you muchos!