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Demola the politician. Demola the PDP guy. Those are probably the bits of Demola the world (read as young Nigerians within and outside the country) know. I know a Demola who loves history, who can quote Nigerian history from here till tomorrow and not make a mistake. From this post, you’ll meet a Demola who’s head over heels for his family, and his entry (very quiet but laden with wisdom) is a joy for me to share today.

This time last year, my son was just few weeks old and since then, I’ve watched him grow and learn. And I have learnt as well… seeing the world as he sees it, seeing him struggle to understand the nature of things as they are – that a ball rolls but a remote control won’t/can’t. That the flick of a switch can flood a room with light, that a bed doesn’t make a good place to walk but the floor isn’t good for rolling around either. That my phone cannot be chewed and that every morning he has to get his body washed, though he doesn’t like it. He’s learning the nature of things and the laws that govern them and I have also learnt.

I’ve learnt more about the nature of men – that people are often who they show themselves to be, not what you imagine them to be. That who they are is often obvious but emotions blind us to their reality. I’ve learnt to work more with my instincts about people and not question those instincts.

I’m grateful for relationships and the doors they opened this year. Grateful for life, for love, for friendships and for family. I find it hard to be grateful most times about life because there’s always so much more I want it to yield to me so I should be grateful for this chance to write about my gratitude.

Let me think for a minute please.

I am grateful for my son. He’s moved to being the centre of my world in the most amazing ways – no matter how things upset me on the outside, I only have to think of his unflappable spirit and I smile. The woman who takes care of him is the woman in my life – that’s my wife is also another reason to be grateful. She’s understanding and very tolerating of my excesses. I’m not the easiest person to live with but she has managed to cope with me.

All life for me is an experience and there is little I would undo if I could but I could have done some things better this year. I’m one of those who believe it is up to me if things will be or not – like if Arsenal loses a football match and I did not watch it, I think they lost because I did not watch. I had a small chance to play a small part in the last presidential elections and I saw my party make mistakes. I truly believed we had the better candidate, I truly believed our platform was the best for the country. I shouted, but I could have shouted harder. I fought but I could have fought more. I could have challenged those who assumed we would win as we always do – but perhaps I too was guilty of thinking that our candidate would do all it took to win, unlike he had promised to do.

In a way, that loss turned out to be a good thing – I’ve learnt now to fight harder to make my views known in any political setting and not succumb to prevalent wisdom. I’m more convinced about the things I suggested – a victory would have meant my methodology wasn’t necessary but now I know it was and better? My party knows too.

I would also have loved to have published a couple of books this year – one written already on my laptop so if you’re reading this and think you’re into publishing: holler.

2015 has been a great year as I reflect on it and I’m hopeful of a greater 2016.


Awww, so cute how you talk about your son and your wife, family is precious and I’m all about that! I’m also excited about the new dispensation with a new party in power, big hopes and prayers for Nigeria because it either works or it doesn’t, for all of us. 

Thank you Demola for sharing today, most appreciated!

First time at Hillsongs in a couple weeks, and I was there early! Like, proper early, 15 or 20 minutes before! Was good to sit in front and catch my breath before worship started. I’d missed this!

Dan preached today, and it was so lovely to listen to a young person share the word with so much enthusiasm and excitement! Don’t get me wrong o, I love Pastor Gary James Clark, but there’s something about a young person flawlessly using scenarios around you to put that Word of God into you!

Dan taught on ‘All-in worship’, and our scripture was taken from Romans 11:26. Bibles and notepads out people? May God bless the study of His word, amen!

What is worship?  It is admiration, glorification, or adoration for something/someone, in this case, God. Everyone worships something, guys do the Premier League, ladies do Justin Bieber. But, we were created to worship only one person: God. Only Him.

Most of the problems we see today are because of the ‘i’ in the word ‘sin’. ‘I’, meaning ‘me’, ‘myself’; people the world over are poor because leaders choose to satisfy ‘me’, rather than cater to their people.

Hebrews 10:1-4

Everyday we see the power of God at work because Jesus died for us 2000 years ago. We respond to that with our worship. Who do you worship?


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How do we worship? Worship is a lifestyle, laying everything we are and do at the foot of Jesus. It is not music; even though music is an expression of our worship, it is a lot more than singing and dancing in church.

Every single day, we have the opportunity to give God worship (or not), reflect HIm through the things we do, think, or say. If we think of our daily lives as total worship to God, we would act so differently!

Note that we always sacrifice something for anything we worship. If you worship

  • Alcohol – you sacrifice your liver, family, relations, etc. and you gain zilch
  • Food – you sacrifice cholesterol levels, health, finances, etc. and you gain nada
  • God – you sacrifice anything, lose nothing, but gain everything!

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What happens when you worship? Romans 12:1-2

We transform into the image and likeness of God. John 4:23-24. Integrity is the person you are when no one is looking. Worship has to do with our spirits, our hearts, so don’t get hooked on style.

We’ve moved from hymns to contemporary, who knows the form worship will take 10, 20 years from now? It’s not about sticking to a form or culture of it, it’s about including the next person, adapting your worship/lifestyle so you can lead others to a place where they want to worship with you.

Bonus – how do you become a worship leader? Point people to Jesus using your words and your actions. Without the best voice, killer dance moves or skills with instruments, you can lead people to Jesus, and that’s the best form of worship.

Have a fabulous week!!! Merry Christmas in advance!