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I love TED Talks, a lot. Some mornings (and I’m up most mornings at 4.50am) and just start my day with a talk or two (or three) as I work. Brilliant boost, that inspiration, the laughter, the thought, the new perspectives on issues that gives me is priceless.

A couple days ago, I stumbled on a video on Facebook. It was a TED talk by an incredible speaker, Maysoon Zayid on how the actions of the drunk doctor who was in charge of her birth made a mistake that left her with cerebral palsy.

And yet, she has presented on TV, done tours, acted in movies, and a host of other incredible things, including delivering a TED talk! What is your excuse for not reaching your potential? What’s that thing that’s holding you back?

Let’s watch the video, and I’ll ask again.

Did you enjoy it? I did! So, what’s our excuse for not doing well, for not being everything we want to be? Squash it! There is no excuse!

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