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Welcome to the third and concluding part of the ‘That Irish Weekend’ series; parts one and two are here and here. 

Before I go on, I think (read as I know) I would do well as a travel writer, I just can’t help moving around! For me sometimes I think the buzz lies in the fact that ‘oh I’m going somewhere’; mode of transportation, accommodation don’t really count (even though I have a low threshold for inconveniencing myself, lol), the joy is in the ‘movement’. So this is me putting myself out, need someone to explore a destination? Hola!!

Back to my weekend. Had a massive breakfast (whoop), and then it was time to head out to visit St Valentine‘s shrine. Matter of fact, one of the greatest incentives for this trip was finding out I would be able to pray at his Shrine, especially in this month of love! We set off for Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church, and it’s such a magnificent building! Truth is Dublin has loads of ancient buildings, and I’m always, always at home in such places. It feels like there’s so much history in the air, so much to explore, to learn, and to encounter! Found this site with a bit of additional reading on St Valentine

We got in, and I lit a candle, said a prayer, wrote a prayer, and then….. took pictures! Don’t even scrunch your nose or anything, it’s a major tourist site, and how else would I convince you I was there?

Writing a prayer request.... St Valentine pray for us!

Writing a prayer request…. St Valentine pray for us!

Lighting a candle for my family....

Lighting a candle for my family….

Pious mode, there was so much to be amazed by, was just in awe!

Pious mode, there was so much to be amazed by, was just in awe!

This box contains a tinge of St Valentine's blood!!! Awesome!!!

This box contains a tinge of St Valentine’s blood!!! Awesome!!!

View of one of the shrines....

View of one of the shrines….

Not really sure who's on the sides but I know that's Jesus crucified in the middle....

Not really sure who’s on the sides but I know that’s Jesus crucified in the middle….

After a very fulfilling time at the church, we set off to find a place to watch the Nigeria vs Cote d’Ivoire African Cup of Nations (AFCON) match. Went to a spot called the living room but they were charging €5 entry. Why on earth? The day before Ireland played rugby, wonder how much they would have charged then, SMH. We went back to The Woolshed Baa and Grill, and had a really lovely platter of nachos with guacamole, cheese, and chili! Then we watched the match, and the Super Eagles did us proud!!! We won!! Whoop!! 2-1!!

Didn’t make it to the Guinness Storehouse in time for the final admission so I didn’t get to the tour, sigh. I wasn’t too upset though because even though I’m never chuffed by football, it was great to watch our boys play, and win! If we had lost I would have been livid.

I took some pictures outside sha, and like one of the staff told us, it’s an excuse to visit again!!

At Guinness Storehouse, was trying to form vex...

At Guinness Storehouse, was trying to form vex…

Covering my face in mock anger, how could we have missed last admissions?

Covering my face in mock anger, how could we have missed last admissions?

Honestly? Don't know what I was saying here....

Honestly? Don’t know what I was saying here….

Fine gyal!! Bombaclat!!

Fine gyal!! Bombaclat!!

Aha!!! Saw this store, apparently Primark in the UK is Penney's in Ireland!

Aha!!! Random photo – Saw this store, apparently Primark in the UK is Penney’s in Ireland!

I have quite a few more pictures from this trip o, I think at last count they were about 300, but I understand that your purpose for existence is not to look at pictures (lol) so I did 10 per post. Just had to say that.

I’m grateful for a peaceful, extra productive weekend, for finances, safe travels, food, good health, and for privileges I don’t deserve, but enjoy. God is good to me. I must also thank Teju for the awesome pictures, and for showing and taking me around. You rock!

Next trip? Not sure yet, but you’ll be the first to know!

Yup!! Today is the day! Today is the 14th of February 2013, also known as Valentine’s Day. Now I’d like to stay and chat and tell you what or what not to do today, how to treat your partner et al, how you plan to spoil yourself (or not) but err, I’m sure you have all that locked down. And If by the time you’re reading this your plans are not locked down, then, hopefully your significant other will be satisfied with your explanation.

I’m going to be spending a good chunk of today writing and reading, but I’m also going to spend a good part of it thinking about the people dear to my heart. While I’m doing that I will be singing along to these songs that have stolen into my heart and made camp.

I’ve included the lyrics to them, in case you enjoy them as much as I do!

1. Popsicle Toes – Michael Franks
And when God gave out rhythm

He sure was good to you.
You can add, subtract, multiply and divide…
By two.

I know today’s your birthday,
And I did not buy no rose.
But I wrote this song instead and I call it,
“Popsicle Toes”.

Popsicle toes.
Popsicle toes are always froze.
Popsicle toes.
You’re so brave to expose all those popsicle toes.

You must have been Miss Pennsylvania
With all this pulchritude.
How come you always load your Pentax
When I’m in the nude?
We oughta have a birthday party,
And you can wear you birthday clothes
We can hit the floor
And go explore those
Popsicle toes.
You got the nicest North America
This sailor ever saw.
I’d like to feel your warm Brazil
And touch your Panama

But Your Tierra del Fuegos
Are nearly always froze.
We gotta see saw
until we unthaw those
Popsicle toes.
Popsicle toes.
Popsicle toes are always froze.
Popsicle toes.
You’re so brave to expose all those popsicle toes

2. Sunday Morning Here With You – Michael Franks

Buried alive hoping to survive
‘Til the weekend
Can’t write the song
Struggle all week long
Bitter blue
But up on the roof we are living proof
Love’s nutritious
Such delicious Like the river we journey dj vu
Sunday morning here with you
Your kisses made with orange marmalade
Apple blossoms toast and tea
I cannot think of any place I’d rather
I’d rather be
My sleepy friend I always want to spend
Sunday morning here with you
I cannot think of anything I’d rather
I’d rather do
Lounging in bed Sunday papers read
Windows open
First day of spring hear the kettle sing
Tea for two
Lady in lace sunlight on your face
Quite an eyeful
Such delightful dj vu
Sunday morning here with you

That’s it!! Off you go, Happy Valentine’s Day!


This is February, the month of looooooove!!! Whoop!!! Of course, the Valentine adverts and decorations have been up around these parts since the last week in January, *sigh*

You know here yeah, we move from Christmas decorations to Valentine, to Mother’s Day, then to Easter, and then to Father’s Day before there’s a break. I like it though, everyone claims to have one sale or the other in the name of these Celebrations. And just so you know, £3 to £2.10 doesn’t qualify as sales in my books!!

On to the pictures for the day, let’s see if we can throw in any love related ones!

Ever been in this position before?

Ever been in this position before? Lol!


@Oche big boy. You no talk say you be doctor

You won’t catch me dead here!


Lucy see your Ex.

Please don’t drink and drive this year, totally not worth it!


Imagine =))

The blind attempting to correct one with 20/20 vision! Lol!



Four tries and he didn’t get ‘Porsche’? Ok!!

And yes, because it’s the month of loooooove (lol…. I have one precious friend like that who pronounces ‘love’ in such a hilarious way it cracks me up every single time) we have an extra picture!! This one hopefully will help your relationship! Look, and learn! Lol!


Ha! Ha! Ha!

That’s all folks! Have a good one! Hugs!