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Have you noticed that whenever you say you want to do something, it suddenly seems like everything aligns just to make sure you don’t meet the goals you’ve made? Shame on you devil, nothing can steal my joy, or stop me from getting to the end of January with all things I’ve agreed with God that I’ll do!

Anyway, so I waited on the Lord yesterday, and I decided that part of filling myself with the Word included watching sermons on TV. So, an hour to 6pm (and the end for the day), I found a channel showing a message by Bishop TD Jakes! Whoop! He taught on ‘There’s Nothing As Powerful As A Changed Mind”, I took notes, and they’re below.

From Hebrews 12:10 – 14, here are some ways to change our minds…

*Don’t refuse to be healed – I can’t allow my brokenness/pain/struggles stop me from getting to my destiny. I need to ‘let it be healed’. Ever thought about why Jesus asked the man who had been by the pool for 38 years “would thou be made whole”? That’s because, almighty as He is, God cannot heal us without our will!

Sometimes we create sicknesses so we have excuses for our weaknesses or failures; so we say we drink/smoke because we were raised by alcoholics/chimneys, etc.

*Vs 14 Follow peace with all men. Avoid putting my energies into negative ventures.

*Vs 15. Sins of the spirit/heart like racism, envy, bitterness, the sins people cannot see. Judas Iscariot must have been in every service Jesus held, yet he still plotted Jesus capture and downfall. Learn that not everyone who is at the right place has the right attitude.

There are three areas of my life we must budget for sooner or later – power, money, and sex (our bodies). If we don’t make the right budgets on these three, we will end up buying the things we want, and begging for the things we don’t need.

Just as I was getting done, I saw Joyce Meyer was up next, and so I told myself, two for the price of one! She taught on ‘Focus On The Positive Things In Life’ and my notes are below!

Quit worrying, learn how to focus on the positive things in life and not on moaning and sadness. We need to do our responsibilities, and then cast our cares on the Lord. And move on.

It is perfectly ok to enjoy my life while I wait on the Lord to take care of the problems I have tabled before him. Ephesians 6:13 says to “stand, after I have done all”.

Hebrews 12:2. Don’t be distracted, keep your eyes on the Lord! Nothing should be cool/hot/enticing enough to take enough to take your eyes off Him. Amen? Amen!

Learn to celebrate. Give yourself a break because no one will give it to you.

Romans 12:21

*Whatever God has will always be better than whatever the devil is offering. John 10:10. Galatians 5:16

Instead of focusing on trying to quit sin, focus on doing right and living each day according to God’s word. That’s a lot easier, and takes the focus off your sins, and on the Lord! Luke 15: 11 – 18.

The Prodigal Son mirrors new christians in our ‘give me, do for me’ attitude. You know you have achieved a level of maturity when you start to say to the Lord, ‘make me’. That’s in vs 18! Are you there in your walk with Him yet? Lord make us puhlease!

When the devil reminds me of my mistakes, I must thank him for reminding me of God’s graciousness for putting up with me! That should make him mad!

I saw Rod Parsley was up next and believe me I tried to watch this one, but I slept!

The End. 🙂


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