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Ok, let’s start from the fact that I don’t know the exact day Akin Akintayo (@Forakin) started blogging, and he featured me on his blog on the 1st of this year; I just know his 10th anniversary month was December, so I’m starting this month with that post!

He did such a gracious introduction for me on his blog that day, I blushed till I turned purple. Lol. The original link is here.

By the way, happy eleventh blogging anniversary Akin!

Taken outside @hillsongLondon on the 22nd of December 2013! There's me, @Forakin, @Detola, and @Aninoritse from left to right! Credit: @MrNonsoObi

Taken outside @HillsongLondon on the 22nd of December 2013! There’s me, @Forakin, @Detola, and @Aninoritse from left to right! Credit: @MrNonsoObi

Here’s what I handed in, titled ’10 things I’ve learned in 10 years’.

10 years of blogging? Wow. Means Akin started blogging when I was…never mind. I’m in my 5th year, and totally looking forward to my 10th – wonder how it feels, to have stuck with this for a whole decade.

When Akin asked me to write for his 10th anniversary as a blogger, I was excited for him, honored to have been considered, and then I became stumped because I couldn’t agree within myself on a topic. Somehow I started thinking about stuff I’ve been up to, and voila! What you have below.

Everyday in the last 10 years I have groomed myself, eaten a meal or two (or three or four or none – depending on the diet or religious circumstance). Everyday for all of those years I have had a nap during the day or at night, or not at all, dependent on the severity of the insomnia.

Everyday I have tried to improve myself a little bit, reading a paper or book, watching a talk/sermon/presentation; I have met and exchanged experiences with people, in the quest to sharpen iron with iron. Never mind that while some people rubbed me till I was splitting hairs, others were soaked planks of old wood each day I tried.

In the last 10 years I have loved. Not really 10 years though, 9 is a bit closer to the truth (shame on you if you feel you are a step closer to uncovering my age). I have loved and been loved, burned, and been burned, even scarred in one instance.

In the last 10 years I have owned three dogs: German Shepherd – Sir B, Italian Shepherd – Izzie, and Alsatian – Waffles. Losing all three of them at different times has made me appreciate animals, and convinced me that I won’t get another pet until I’m 100% convinced I won’t have to entrust their care to the hands of another.

In the last ten years I have learned ten things I want to share

  1. Procrastination is the thief of time. And friendships, and ultimately, success.
  2. If you work at something hard enough, you will either succeed or you’ll satisfy yourself that there is nothing there for you.
  3. Half justice is just as bad as injustice. Maybe even worse. Same thing as one half of any story.
  4. You are addressed the way you dress. And paid as you price yourself.
  5. 10 friends will not play together for 10 years.
  6. I love cooking, reading, sleeping. There are 10 other things before watching TV.
  7. Garbage in, garbage out applies to everything, including your body, your work, relationship, etc.
  8. Music is underrated. It is spiritual, magical; sometimes it works as a panacea.
  9. It’s ok to be selfish. Do stuff for yourself every now and then.
  10. You are your biggest fan, except you have my mom, and then she’s your biggest fan!

I’m thankful I know you Akin; you’re a perfect gentleman. And I hope that I’m on your blog again when you hit twenty; simply means you can’t ever stop writing! Congratulations dear, well done!


The Fairy GodSister.

To start with, can I just say that I’m so sorry that this is up today instead of yesterday?

It’s not my fault o, blame WordPress! I woke up this morning, and everything I’m admin for that is WordPress or even self-hosted, didn’t work. I tweeted them, emailed the techy guys in our company, nothing. :( And so that’s why I was silent. But we’re up today!

Eddie emailed this morning to ask if I received his email, and coincidentally I’d readied this for this morning (so I decided to put this sentence in even though it doesn’t really add anything to the entire post). Lol! That was a mouthful. People, enjoy Eddie’s article please, and have a super-productive day!

No one born of a woman could have predicted the result of today’s game; I dare to say even the late Paul the octopus would have lost seven legs on this one. But, and only, the football magician, Jay Jay Okocha, foresaw the unthinkable defeat of the Spaniards in the hands of the Dutch team. He even predicted a 6-1 loss (I have always suspected he fell from the sky).

“What do you think went wrong?” I asked Obi, my colleague, and a die-hard lover of the Spanish game. “Tiki-Taka is dead,” he replied; attributing the defeat to the now predictable style of play of the Spaniards. “The world has finally found an antidote to Tiki-Taka,” he said.

The Spaniards had dominated everything in the world of football in the last seven years. They had won the last world cup and carted away the last two European cups. And the two biggest clubs in Spain, the core of the national team, had also won everything there was for football clubs in recent times.

They had a style of play that not only dominated their opponents but dished out humiliation that bore holes in the national flags of their opponents. They were so good one would be forgiven if he mistook their games for a workout session between men and mannequins.

The Dutch team must really have concocted an antidote as they had answers for all the advances made by the Spaniards. On this very occasion the Dutch team was the headmaster and the Spaniards the pupil. What an interesting game it was.

Like many other sudden and surprising life events there were take home morals. And as I made my way home, more than just thoughts of the game, I pondered on the lessons therein for me.

I had barely driven out of the parking lot when the law of diminishing returns crossed my mind; failure to change or progress beyond a success.

Living in the inertia of an everyday routine; basking in the glories of yesterday – a tested recipe for failure.

How would I feel eating the same delicious groundnut soup every day? That delicious soup would soon turn sour to my taste buds.

A wise man once said: “less is more.”

The Spaniards, they never saw any reason to change or modify their style of play; as the pundits would say: “you don’t change a winning team.” Belive me pundits are wrong most of time.

In stagnancy, age, fatigue, demotivation, predictability and the rest of the world caught up with them. Like Obi said, the world found an antidote. It was only a matter of time.

The Bible in the book of Ecclesiastes talked about seasons and times – it talked about change. The world around us is changing. And if you don’t embrace and make provision for change, sooner than you know it you will go extinct like the dinosaurs.

So what should I do so I don’t find myself at the wrong side of the curve? I guess the answer is to abandon the curve. Abandon the curve and keep reinventing myself.

Stop plucking those “low-hanging fruits.” Embrace change and set new stretchy targets. I ought not to get too comfortable with the successes of yesterday like the Spaniards. My good can get better and better can be best. And at best, I should find another good. There is always a better way.

My thoughts were interrupted by the police and I had to show my ID: I am Eddie Jimete , marketing executive and  business development consultant.




Yes Sir!! I absolutely loved this! Change is everything! Thank you Eddie!


So I got a HTC One as a gift (whoop), and as you would expect, I was beyond thrilled when the guy from FedEx knocked on the door and said “you have a parcel!”

I was also a little nervous because it would be my first all touch device; I’ve been a BlackBerry addict from my first one which was the BB9000. Why? Because I just couldn’t cope with typing on a touch screen.

I’d got an iPad in September because I didn’t want to have to bother with carrying my 13-inch Macbook back and forth my house for Social Media Week. I got a brand new 4th generation one for an awesome deal on eBay and I was looking forward to rocking my iPad. Took to the first day of the event and ladies and gentlemen, I was so frustrated!

I couldn’t cope with the touchscreen (bushgirl like me, lol). More importantly, I couldn’t work on WordPress (and that was why I bought it o) because I didn’t read the manual (don’t even judge because I know you don’t read manuals too).

Anyway, so I struggled with it for the first two days, and then I quietly dropped the iPad at home and carried my laptop there for the remaining four days. And I was productive! Come to think of it, the laptop I used before the mac was a 17inch Sony Vaio, so why was I complaining about a 13inch lightweight mac? Moment of silence for the Vaio, another gift from my birthday in 2011. The story of that wonderful birthday is here

Anyway, so you can understand why I was a little disturbed with this one – at a point I asked myself why I didn’t ask for a BlackBerry Q10. Anyway, so the phone came, and after fumbling with it for a few days, it occurred to me that I didn’t know where the sim card was supposed to go (face palm). That’s when I picked up the manual and there was a little pin I was supposed to use to push open the sim card tray. I tried, tried, and tried, looked online for tricks/tips but after a few more days of trying, I chatted with a staff at HTC.

2013-11-15 16.02.52

SMH. That’s all I can say.

Of course I wasn’t having that so I wrote on their Facebook wall (both US and UK) complaining of the prospect of having to post the phone and I was advised to call, that surely it could be fixed/replaced here in England.

I rang, and a very helpful young man (don’t remember his name) helped me book a collection. And the phone was picked up. I got an email when it was received and another email three days after saying it was fixed and on the way back to me.

The next day there was a knock on the door and I flew downstairs ( I love deliveries) and lo and behold, my phone was back! Fixed! Whoop! The bit that excited me the most was the pack it came in!

All good baby!

All good baby! Whoop!!

Funnily, I still couldn’t use the phone. Why? Well it required a micro sim and I couldn’t go to Tmobile for a replacement for a few days. But I’ve got it now and I’m loving my new phone! More correctly, loving it when it’s not frustrating me!

PS: I promise to read the manual soonest!

PPS: This was written on the 1st of December, makes my phone 3 months old today!

PPPS (added on the 27th of February): I love my phone!

How did I meet Lizzie? One day, I was working on some document, and all of a sudden, my iTouch started buzzing like every other minute with notifications I knew were from WordPress. I knew I didn’t upload anything on the blog that day so I was wondering what the novelty was about. After I’d heard the 16th buzz, I peeled myself from my seat and picked up the device. The entire screen was covered with ‘Lizzie liked a post, Lizzie left a comment, Lizzie reblogged this post…”, there must have been 40 notifications at once!

Ahh. I googled her o. Then I checked out her blog. And I fell in love with her. But it took me a full day to catch up with replying all the comments she had left! By the time she was done, she had read EVERYTHING on this blog, about 320 posts, in just under two weeks. I have never been that flattered in my entire life; nothing else comes close.

We spoke, and it was funny that she was completing my sentences, from things she had read here. Cute, cute, cute! 

Lizzie’s a Pastor’s child like me; she’s got a beautiful heart, and it is an honor to have someone who knows me in and out on the blog today. And I am looking forward to meeting her, it’s definitely on my to-do list for 2014.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, for the 29th day of my #31days31writers project, Lizzie!

I haven’t had a year like 2013! No, I haven’t. To think I’d someday grow to the point where I can consciously evaluate and chronicle my year and even share confidently, not just in a diary. Hmm…one word; progress!

Hi! My name is Elisabeth Ezekiel. I’m Nigerian and a final year student in the university, fulfilling requirements for a BSc degree in Sociology. Seems I’m the youngest of the lot (career wise), who ‘does’ people for a living.

Yes, you read right; I’m inexplicably intrigued by people and this intrigue forms the template for career options I would pursue in the nearest future. Up until what I do for a living can be categorised conventionally (or not), I ‘do’ people for a living – serving, uplifting, reaching out. It’s who I am. Essentially.

2013 started on a high note, in fact, the “word” for the year was, “uncontrollable exhilaration” meaning events, people and situations would always be orchestrated as reasons for laughter. I did find reasons to laugh no doubt, however more in the lives of others than mine. Ironic…no?

As the year wore on, I found myself balancing school work, fellowship and other commitments, perfect smokescreens for the high & low pendulum my life swung to and from. In fact by the time I wrote my first semester exams, I was so depressed, I entertained bargains with God that bordered on Him taking me home as I was just tired and didn’t think I would be sorely missed…lol.

Well, as you can already tell, He didn’t take me *smile* My guess, no scratch that, I’m convinced, the timing wasn’t right and more importantly, He’s got an ultimately GOOD plan for my life that He’s unravelling by the day.

By the second half of the year, ASUU struck. *mirthless chuckle* and morphed into what would eventually be a long, approximately six month break from school, ultimately extending my stay in the university to 2014. Oh, we moaned, sighed, complained, joked, shook our heads, the works. Alas! Our Ogas At The Top couldn’t be bothered.

Disappointments and self-deprecation followed this period, but I decided to see the good in all of this. I needed to, for my sanity.

As 2013 draws to a close, I’m thankful for the ‘interesting’ experiences and the realities that came home to me. In a sense, 2013 seemed like a year of years to me, you know, like I lived a number of years bundled up in one year; I would eventually come to understand that as catching a glimpse into God’s timelessness, His eternity.

In all of this, I learned this year that I matter. More than that, I learned that I am not the sole member of the appreciation committee, that my life was worth being celebrated by others too. I saw ME through really cool glasses this year. I understood Faith as a lifestyle (understanding and living in God’s will for me always) and not just a ticket to material resources. The meaning of CHIMAMANDA also came home to me this year, I experienced God’s Love-Commitment to me.

Oh, I’m most thankful my writing mojo came back, after a long time. It helped me put myself out there, learning to live life wholly, full & free. I’m grateful for blogs, relationships, good health and music this year. They literally saved my life.

What would I do differently? That’s easy, I would redeem the time. I won’t be caught napping when unexpected surprises come. I lost time this year sadly, but I press on. I would take more risks, exploit the power of alternatives, stay connected to the rhythm of my source, maybe trust more and by God, I would leap over walls in 2014.

Thank you FGS!


Rockstar!!! Can’t wait to meet you babe!


Ok, so it’s 5.42am and just as I tweet that my darling nephew (Boo Boo) is a miracle baby for sleeping throughout the night, he wakes up! Talk about a tweet too early! Rather than whine about my ‘me time’ gone, I’ve decided to do a ‘thank you for 2012’ post. Cliche as it may sound, there are quite a few people I need to thank for the different things they’ve been to me this year, and Boo Boo’s one of them!

To God, for life, love, hope. For the gift of every new day He’s given, for safe travels (and I moved around quite a bit this year), for health; I might have fallen ill a couple times but the things I recovered from killed some people. I’m also grateful for a sound mind; don’t really see how much more righteous I am than the people who are out of theirs. Most importantly I’m grateful to Him for mercies that I see every day. This year’s been a little rough and I’ve derailed majorly but He’s been (and still is merciful).

To my family, you guys are the surest, baddest bosses ever! Kai!! Wouldn’t trade you guys for anything in the world! To Momma, Daddy, Kizaro, Inne, Qintaro, and the latest addition to the family, my darling Boo Boo!!! God bless you guys! I love you to the moon and back! 2013 is ours!!

To The One who calls me Pebbles, what do I say? Where do I start? How do I begin to talk about you, would anyone even grasp the depths of what I feel, of what you are to me? For the songs, the stories, the beautiful dances, the encouragement, for everything; thank you.. You’re the wind beneath my wings!

To my girl for life Wumi, you’re many shades of awesome! You understand me, you’ve accepted me (and my moods, lol), you’re there for me in ways I cannot begin to explain, I just love you girl!! Christmas with you was awesome, 2013 is the year!!

To my bestie Miss Mangut, you’re a great lady, a wonderful resource, and someone for whom the sky is but the starting point! Loads of love!

To the Chief Sista and Mr Mobility, thank you for being an ever present source of wisdom, a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on (and soak with tears sometimes). Thank you for always being there, God bless you, and satisfy the desires of your heart speedily! I love you! To Aninoritse, thank you for being my friend; you’re never more than a phone call or ‘you’ve abandoned me’ BBM away. Love you muchos!

To the ‘elders’: I read through your eyes, climbed on your shoulders, walked through doors you opened, turned at your reproof, gained new knowledge, forged new friendships and partnerships through you, got the opportunity to prove myself, thank you! Thank you to my Principal, Dr Sam Amadi, Mr Eyo Ekpo, Jackie Farris, Yemi Adamolekun, Dr Ebirima Ceesay, FML, Mac-Jordan DegadjorBankole Oluwafemi, Alkasim Abdulkadir; here’s to a brilliant 2012, let’s do it (and even bigger) next year! I must specially thank Bankole, Alkasim, and Mercy Abang for being such wonderful business partners! And congratulations on your wedding Mercy! She rocks!

To my @i_blend family, for two years (I know, can’t believe we’ve had this group for this long) you’ve been home away from home for me. You (@AndyMadaki@El_Jefe@Nubian_Semm, @Lucy@EddieMadaki@Attaswitch@Tess_lati@Mamfizzle, @MissMimilove@Oche_E@Ene_vanhelsing, @Desiree, @Mimi, @Matilda, @Ayeesha, @Dosh, and @Gang) have been sources of joy, a rounded sounding board,, and best of all, great friends! 2013 is ours! I love you guys!

To everyone who’s read my blog, left a comment, tweeted a link, liked a post, or even followed the blog, thank you!! It is for you I write, God forbid that I take you for granted. To Iyke, Pearl, Chief Sista, Jaz, and Rita for being the top five commenters on the blog this year, thank you so much! 2013 will be bigger, better, more interactive, richer, and I promise there’ll be shorter breaks in between posts!

To Hillsongs Church, I’m grateful I found you, however late in the year. I promise to get more involved soon as I get back!

To Zemanta, WordPress, Nitropdf, and Google, your constant innovations have been a delight; they’ve also made for a richer online experience. Thank you! @Nitropdf, I’m earnestly waiting on the MAC version like you promised!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Here’s to an extra-productive 2013!

The Fairy GodSister.



How have you been? Like really, how have you been? Happy? Loving your life, family, job? What’s been up with you/what have you been up to? Have you been having fun? What new skills have you learnt recently, what new knowledge have you gained?

Questions, questions, questions right? Don’t mind me, I just haven’t checked on you properly in a while, or thanked you for always being here. Would love to use the ‘without-you-there-would-be-no-me’ line but I think that wouldn’t be exactly true, lol! I’ excited you’re reading this though, and this is a major shout out to all my readers, from Sudan to Singapore! Am I loving WordPress for the country by country stats or what!

This post chronicles my week (last week); so I chanced upon a flyer advertising a dance/fitness one week intensive class, promised we would lose 10kg in one week. I know! You’re asking yourself if I fell for it right? I did! Maybe not totally but there must have been something that made me ring and ask for the form!

From Monday, 6-7am and then 6-9pm every day, I went to jump up, (and down), squat, crunch, skip, and do all those things that celebs do on TV for two weeks and then next thing they’ve lost all but their bones! Ask Jennifer Hudson and Jordin Sparks if you don’t believe me.

After one of the dance classes, see me looking like this is my mug shot!

So, did I lose 10kg? Nope! Did I lose 9kg? Lol. Let me be quick and say I weighed x.9kg (‘x’ is because I don’t want to tell you exactly what I weigh) on Monday when I started, and then Friday night when I weighed myself,  I was x.45kg (‘x’ remaining absolutely constant)! What!!?!! I didn’t even lose ONE full kilogram!

Well, there’s only two things left to do now…

  1. Liposuction (after I’m done having children sha, I can’t even shout). Or
  2. Some ‘extreme’ measure, like the Hallelujah diet (ha ha ha), or Shawn’s Insanity workout.

Momma thinks I just need to stop drinking pop et al but what would my life be without an ice-cold coke every now and then? Drab and uninteresting, that’s what! Ladies and gentlemen, I am in a quandary!

On Friday though, Big Sister Nike (@chiefsista on Twitter) invited me to a free dance class (fitness oriented as well) put together by @bubezplaiz for ladies to come, dance, shed some, and network! Very noble if you asked me! Was supposed to hold from 7-9am on Saturday morning but men, man proposed, the rains disposed! It rained so hard on Saturday morning  I didn’t even get out of bed! Apparently no one else did and the class was moved to 5pm. It eventually started about 6pm (some issues about the venue), and it was a fabulous class! Whoop!

The music was great (and loud enough to keep me on my feet), and the instructors were really good too! Whoop whoop!

Was nice to finally meet @damioyedele in person, she’s a fabulous lady; smart, beautiful, and in recent times has helped me remain a ‘super aunty’ before my 6-year-old nephew by helping me with his assignment via Twitter! She was at the class too, sisters in weight loss!

Dami Oyedele and I!! Sisters with natural hair! Tres chic!

Of course @chiefsista was there too, and it was awesome to see her again! Ladies, Nike Coker is the convener of the famous Sista Sistaevent; holds once a year strictly for the ladies, and is a wonderful opportunity for them to meet other ‘sistas’, network, put their feet up, and just have a great, interesting evening! Did I mention there’s always loads of things to eat (and I love food), music, skills to be learnt, prizes to be won (I’ve won one), and loads of new friends to make!

@chiefsista and I, sweating after the dance class!! Sister remember the guy who stretched us out? Dang!! Intense! Funnily my back hasn’t hurt since then!

Sista Sista is in its 6th year and is holding in Abuja on the 1st of September! Holler @chiefsistato PURCHASE your tickets (nope it ain’t free)! Also get in touch if you’d like to promote stuff at the event, and especially if you’ve got giveaways for the ladies! We’ll be chatting to her on the 3, 2, 1 Series soon!

Finally, did you know/notice I’d changed my look? Want to see? There you go!

Whoop!!! Love it!! Notice that I’ve somehow managed to have four pictures of myself in one post? *sticks tongue out*

I’m loving it, can’t wait to make it permanent! Whoop! So stress free, and I can stop peeking at weaves, extensions, and all those things!

So, how did your week go? What exciting stuff did you get up to? Share with us in the comments section will you!

That’s it, a breeze through my week; can’t go without saying my boo boo is doing great, and is more adorable by the day! Like seriously, he’s the cutest baby in the world!

Have a super productive week, I insist! Mwah!


A part of me longs for you

Calling the others already there

You make everything brand new

My thoughts dreams come true

English: Pebbles

There’s a certain beauty to you

Ace, that extra that’s only here

Strong, arrogant, maybe even derousse

You’re pure, my nightmares diffused

We want to go there

Sail, walk, drive, explore the blues

I feel a lot of things sans fear

Because you care, cos you’re always here

Ok, are you new to the Oke story? Statement of the problem is here, pictures of the problem here (not for the light-hearted I must warn), and phase one of the solution is here.

A lot of thoughts have run through my mind from the very first night I became aware of Oke and I just thought to share four of them with you. I’m also sharing a documentary made by a close friend of mine, Onye Ubanatu, capturing the essence of Oke’s story.


I’ve never doubted the power of social media (wouldn’t have studied it if I did) but if I did, this campaign would have forever put paid to those doubts. The speed with which the blog posts spread and the amazing functionality called the ‘retweet’.  Jerry Seinfeld was right when he said this of Twitter, “Twitter is progress; why say to one what you can say to all”. Amazing! And say to all we did, in just a few hours his pictures and story were literally everywhere! Thanks to the WordPress’ ‘stat by country’ functionality I could see just the numbers of people from the different countries, and believe me it was amazing!


Oke’s story was just another instance pointing to a problem we (Nigeria) haven’t gotten past. Unfortunately, even in 2012 we are still in the ‘reaction’ rather than ‘proactive’ mode. No one thinks to plan for the future, hell we’re barely getting through today! Fully discussing that will take all day so I’ll just say that all the information I got about Oke’s illness I found here. That website also features simple definitions and presentations of types and symptoms, care for people with diabetes, and even available support groups! And it’s all correct, up to date information! Do we have functional bodies like that here? No. All we’re saddled with are committees catering to committees set up to review the work done (or not) by committees. SMH!


The day after I spoke published the ‘Save Oke, we saved Oke’ post; I got one BBM broadcast about a young Nigerian in the clutches of another terminal illness who needs to seek treatment abroad. Someone else tweeted a link at me, and that evening I got email; three different people in one day! I flashed back to the campaign when I asked (in a private email to a group) if anyone else was thinking about the people who didn’t have anyone to blog about their problems. Who would cater to those ones? I’m asking those questions again; who runs with their stories?

How many people die every day because they have no access to qualitative healthcare? How many ‘trivial’ cases transform into life threatening because they were not nipped in the bud with adequate treatment? Who sings for the unsung?


Social media has always and will always revolve around people. Social media without human involvement can be compared to a beautiful car without a driver: it is nothing without our input. It is one thing to sit in the comfort of your home and moan every day about everything going wrong with the country, how the government doesn’t care, how we need a ‘paradigm shift (lol), etc. It is a totally different (and more profitable) thing however to do your civic duties, know your leaders (local and national), and then hold them accountable by getting informed, asking them questions, you know the drill. In the same vein, while I am grateful to everyone who tweeted and retweeted Oke’s story, it is the ones who actually donated I am grateful to. Imagine if we were all tweeting, ‘Facebooking’, and no one did anything. We’d sooner be tweeting at his funeral!

This whole campaign has taught me that technology (in different formats, functionalities) will come and go but people will always remain. We are the answers to the questions we seek; we are the world we want to live in.

P: S – As you read, Oke is in India with his sister, and a state appointed consultant. I spoke to him the night before he left, and told him to document his ‘Osuofia’ stories for me, cos I’m sure he’ll have plenty!

Ok, a couple days ago, I ranted in the ‘Racism, sexuality, and some‘ chronicle. I’m glad to say I’m feeling a lot better! Obviously the issues still weigh heavily on my mind, but I’ll live. It is interesting to see the debates the passage of the anti-gay bill have caused on various social platforms…..the intelligent, unintelligent, and in some cases, the vile.

How are you gearing up to the weekend though? It’s almost Christmas, whoop whoop! That’s my favorite time of the year! It gets better, my bestie’s going to be here as well! I’m doing cartwheels! Plus there are loads of carols everywhere, the German Market in Birmingham makes the whole Christmas spirit more alive by the day, it’s all so exciting! Can’t wait for the day! Of course I miss Nigeria terribly, and hate that I won’t make Calabar Carnival this year. I’ve never been, and I hoped I would make it this year. Well, there’s always next year, and the year after that, and the year after that…..

One of the many trees at the City Center!

I’m also looking forward to breaking the little piggy bank I’ve been keeping for a little while now; I’ll be praying for the miracle of multiplication the day I open it, maybe multiplied by 9, 19, or 900! He he he… I wonder how people feel when they go to people who claim to be able to ‘double money’ often dressed in tatters, found in dilapidated, obscure locations. Why haven’t they improved their own circumstances from the doubling, or are they just ‘humble’? That’s talk for another day abeg.

A few more things that have caught my fancy in the last few days; recently we played around with hash tags on Twitter, this one called  #TakeMeBackToWhen. The idea was to complete the sentence with anything you had/enjoyed in the past that you don’t have access to anymore. I captured some of the tweets that interested me…

I agree, even though the greetings from guys these days should be taken with a bag (not pinch) of salt!

He he he....this one just made me laugh!

What else? So there’s a new record holder in town(read as the World) for the largest church auditorium; it’s the 100, 000 seater National Temple of The Apostolic Church Nigeria (TAC) at the international ground of the Church in Ketu, Lagos State, Nigeria. The construction of the auditorium was started over 25 years ago by one of the senior ministers in the church. Congratulations are in order (I think).

A friend sent me a link on Twitter to something he’d tagged. ‘what I want for Christmas’. The link is here, and I think it’s a pretty decent Christmas list. Issue now is to find someone to give him all he wants! The part that caught my eye, and made me laugh though, I have captured below.

Lol! Hope you could read it....

By the way, the United States Senate recently ( I think on the 1st of December) voted to legalize a bill that allows their soldiers have penetrative sex with  animals. I think it is important to note that they voted ninety-three to seven in favor of this bill. What do you even say to that kind of thing? That means sooner than later we’ll hear that instead of training a soldier was ‘getting down’ with a horse, chicken, or lion! And yes, I’m sure the Nigerian Senate will soon ban that as well, seeing as they have nothing else to do.

Finally, I stumbled on this documentary made by Wildlife films/Distilled Ideas of the production of the award-winning BBC World Service Trust radio drama ‘Story Story’ that I was privileged to work on for spits away from a year. Thought you’d like to see….

Tuned In (2010) from on Vimeo.

Enjoy the rest of the week, and visit again soon!

P:S – WordPress, thank you for bringing  Zemanta back! I missed it, and badly too!!! Zemanta is a blogging aid that works on WordPress which was recently disabled by WordPress because they had issues with ‘integration’. Me thinks it had to do with money, but I’m over the moon that it’s back! Thank you!

Ok, I hope you went to church today! You know we are admonished in the Bible to ‘forsake not the gathering of the brethren’ – Hebrews 10:25. I did, and I had a great time! Matter of fact, Sundays at church are always the highlight of my week, honestly!

I have decided that there must be something from God’s Word every Sunday on this blog, and so far I’m grateful for the testimonies from people who have been encouraged, or uplifted as a result of a chronicle they read here. What else are we here for anyway, if not to lift our brothers and sisters?

This week’s sermon is about two years old (yes, I have church notes from that long), and I decided to put it up because it was a big blessing to me that day in church, and because the word of the Lord is new every morning, I know there will be fresh understanding for everyone who reads this today. In Jesus name!

The church was COZA (Commonwealth of Zion Assembly), in Abuja, and it was the 5th of July 2009. There was a special service that day that I had been invited for, and I remember the choir’s ministration that day was ‘You are the source of my strength’. Pastor Biodun (don’t know his surname) titled his message ‘I know the Lord will help me’.

You sure you are? Then you are entitled to his help!

He started by saying that anything we believe God to be is what/who He’ll be to us. Genesis 1:26 says “Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” We are made in His image, and so should carry around that consciousness everywhere we go!

Deut 33:26. 1 Peter 5:9 says “Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.”

Psalm 23:1 – 6 1 Cor 6:19

Isaiah 50:7, 9. Genesis 1:31, 2:18

Note that even when we don’t know we need it, God always identifies help, and helpers for us. Psalm 60:11

Jeremiah 31:17

By the way, don’t you ever forget, without the help of God, we are nothing. Isaiah 31:1 says “Woe to them that go down to Egypt for help; and stay on horses, and trust in chariots, because they are many; and in horsemen, because they are very strong; but they look not unto the Holy One of Israel, neither seek the LORD!”

2Kings 6:27 Hebrews 13: 5-6


1. Ask. Mathew 7:7. James 4:3,2. Yes God knows everything, but He still wants us to ask. I’ve heard men of God say that after Adam ‘blamed’ God for giving him Eve in the garden of Eden, He wants us to ask ourselves.

2. Know that God will use a man to help. Ecclesiastes 4:10 says, “For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up.” So you don’t pray for finances and then start expecting to wake up and find the amount you need under your pillow!

3. Be a channel of help yourself. Eph 6:8. A saying goes, “the pipe carrying water can never be dry”. Is it all about you, you, you, or are you a blessing to other people, even with the little you have?

4. Be organized. 1 Corinthians 14:10. At different times in the Bible, people were told to ‘put their house in order’. Sometimes, reducing the chaos/clutter around us automatically reduces the crisis around us.

5. Sow towards it. Remember King Solomon? 2 Chronicles 1:6. His offering caught God’s attention. What do you give God, and how do you give? Grudgingly, because you’ll look funny if you don’t, or with a heart full of gratitude?

6. Declare it. God speaking to us in the book of Numbers says that “as surely as you have spoken in my ears, so will I do unto you” Numbers 14:28. What are you declaring/saying into His ears? Speaking positively or negatively? No need telling you how powerful our words are; bet you know that already.

Very true!!!

Enter the new week with the consciousness of who you are in Christ, and the power and help available to you as a child of the Kingdom. Nothing will confound you this week in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen!