One day (about three years ago now), I sat in the studio which was my office, waiting for the top of the hour so I could read the news, and enjoying John Legend’s ‘Refuge’ (which I must confess I was playing more for myself than for the benefit of my listening audience). While I waited I flipped through my mail and saw something on the benefits of hot liquids which a friend had forwarded to me. Normally I do not appreciate forwarded mails but today I thank her.The mail was on how hot liquids (as opposed to cold ones) increased longevity by helping the faster breakdown and digestion of food, how it was the practice of the Chinese to drink hot liquids with every meal, etc. I wanted to share this piece of information with loads of people but I didn’t want to forward it so I decided I would tell it like a story. And then I thought, why not just add what I was doing when I saw the mail, why not add all I’d been doing all day, why not add this, why not add that and that was how the Chronicles of the Fairy God Sister was born.

Truth is, the name Fairy God Sister came for two reasons;
1. I needed a name that wouldn’t restrict me to anything (fashion, health, travels, relationships, etc)
2. I was providing an escape route for myself in case people didn’t like the article. Then I’d just say, ‘I didn’t write it’, I saw it somewhere!

That chronicle was posted on facebook and the response was very encouraging; so encouraging I’ve been writing ever since! I’ve delved into poetry too, contributed to various media (both print and virtual) and I’m even on the verge of finishing a book I started eons ago.

The Fairy God Sister is ageless, immortal, and all knowing. She likes to travel, learn new things, write, and most of all, loves a good laugh! She is and can write on issues relating to fashion, art, love, family, education, societal ills, etc.

  1. Abang Mercy says:

    Very good platform girl. Please how do i get to post comment?


  2. hajjoh says:

    AWOH!!!!! Glad to be part of the FGS time-line. MAY YOU BLOG HAPPILY EVER AFTER:)


  3. jesse says:

    great am glad am on your train.


  4. ugo3niti says:

    Starting a blog and finishing a book no be beans. congrats. can’t wait to read it. Proud of you.


  5. meth says:

    Now, I’m encouraged to follow in your footsteps


  6. Nice to meet you “Fairy God Sister” and thanks for the intro here. It’s always nice to know a bit about the person when you read there post.

    Like what I see so far. No time to read further today, but look forward to more from you.


  7. Ms. Peaches says:

    I love your blog name! I ran across your link on one of my fellow poets pages and thought “this person must be interesting” nice to meet you!!! I hope your poetry is in the rally or potluck –


  8. Frank says:

    i like your article on mr president/subsidy, well written….


  9. su'eddie says:

    Hee hee hee! So, this is how she came to be born!! Noted!


  10. Jokotolu says:

    Made it here. Took me longer than I had planned but I’m glad I came.


  11. Love your blog! Just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog Award. You can pick it up on my blog. Well done fairygodsister!


  12. Admin says:

    Do u hv an email ad?


  13. Tayo Joseph says:

    Good morning.
    We hope this letter meets you well.
    It is with great honour we write to notify you that your Website: fairygodsister.wordpress.com
    has been nominated to contest the 2013 Online Youth Achievement Awards (OYAA). The Online Youth Achievement Awards is an award programme aimed at recognizing and celebrating the impact of the Nigerian youths in the online community.
    You have been nominated to contest in the *Best Online Media on Literature *category of the award.
    As a prospective nominee, you are expected to send to us the details of the owners of the website. These details include: Name, Age, Publishable Picture, E-mail Address and Phone number. Also required is the logo of the website and a short profile about your website. This information is needed to complete the final stage of the screening process before publishing of the final list of nominees.
    You are expected to respond this notification with the details aforementioned on or before midnight the 23rd of August, 2013.
    We hope you see this nomination as recognition of your teeming contribution to the development of Nigeria through your online media. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Tayo Samuel Joseph


    *NOTE:* *This notification does not officially make you
    a nominee for the award. As the shortlist of nominee will be published as at when due.*
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  14. Your blog is so inspiring and encouraging – and it’s really helpful to see how far it has come over time! Keep up the good work, I will of course keep coming back!



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