Today is not a good day, not a good day at all. I’m so angry, I could hurt someone! ‘Calm down’, I can hear you say, ‘you know you’re a Fairy’. Today is however not the day for calming down…..maybe I should tell you why I’m upset.

I’m not upset because of the environmental disaster the BP fiasco has become (279 sea turtles, 658 birds, etc have found dead…..and counting); I’m not angry that Dimeji Bankole is under some heat from his colleagues; I’m not even angry that Cameroon (which has a bigger farce called democracy and is just as corrupt as Nigeria) had uninterrupted light supply for the 12 days I was there, and not half or quarter current either!

I’m angry that the rate of child molestation/abuse is rising, and at a very alarming rate! My friend Hajo says it’s not higher than it’s ever been; people are just speaking up now. I’m angry that the innocence of little children is being stripped crudely by the very people the Fairy Godfather put in charge of them; you and me. More despicable are the biological relatives that abuse these little ones.

From the beginning of the year, the stories began to trickle in. As a matter of fact, from January 2003 when The Sun started as a weekly in Nigeria, they told us Nigeria was slowly but surely becoming the next Sodom and Gomorrah but no; we said it was The Sun’s style to be alarmist and sensational (and I agree that they can be). Our people however say that when more than two people pass and look at you strangely, it’s time to find a mirror. I strongly believe Nigeria needs a large mirror, the largest she can find because our children are no longer safe.

Forgive me for not wasting my fairy ink on definitions of words like paedophile (paedophilia), molestation, abuse, etc. Sometimes I think that’s one of our major problems; defining, finding synonyms etc when we know exactly what is being discussed. I also won’t bore you with like happenings in Europe, Asia, the Americas, etc because honestly, it’s not our business; our house is engulfed in an inferno; it would be plain silly to checking the strength of the fire (if any) at our neighbours’. Ok?

Starting from the Yerima case a couple of months old now, almost everyday I have seen in print one case of abuse or the other and I must tell you, the gap between the ages of the children and the adults can almost rival the distance between the heavens and the earth!

There’s the case (currently in court) of a 4year old who has been defiled repeatedly her 45 year old uncle who is the principal of a nursery and primary school. What? A 4year old is still in the babbling stage; what kind of pleasure can be found there?

An 8year old also defiled by this pervert was taken to the hospital by her mother after the case blew open; her mother will not be pressing charges however because of possible stigma. When the good people (young people like you and me) went to the hospital to visit the 4year old, the doctors asked, ‘which of them’?

A 9year old won’t be getting any justice soon because the police station where the 32 year old who violated her was reported said the little girls’ statement is missing so they cannot do anything. And they let the man go. What is this world coming to?

There’s also the case of the 7year old defiled by a 49year old. When he was arrested, he told the Police that he’s a widower. So what? He also said he used his fingers not his penis, like it makes his crime any less vile. Contradicting his story are medical reports plus the fact that the little girl now has a foul odour and discharge from her privates. Quick question (for the guys); can the fingers under any circumstance produce sperm or other seminal fluids?

Most distressing (and the reason I started writing this) is a report I saw on 234next of a Mr. Phillip Benson whose 12year old daughter is now pregnant or him. Guess who found out? The little girls’ teacher. The father (who is separated from the girls’ mom) said the 12year old seduced him, that it started the day he woke up in the middle of the night to find her beside him, naked, so he touched her. How on earth can a 12 year old seduce a 49year old and her father at that? The girl on the other hand says that it’s been going on for two years and her father always threatens her with starvation and death; giving her drugs and hot drinks after every sexual encounter. Haba! Did I add that the Police said they will conduct investigations in to the case of ‘alleged abuse’? Alleged? The 12year old is visibly pregnant, the father has confessed and it is still ‘alleged’? God save us, but please start from the Police Force!

Good people, what do we do? Why is this happening over and over again? This is the height of depravity, the lowest anyone can sink to. What is the pleasure to be derived from a child? It’s complex enough with a fellow adult; why go to a child? And mind you, statistics show that for every case revealed (brought to light), there are thousands unreported.

In Africa (especially), it is believed that if a HIV positive person sleeps with a virgin (and the younger the more potent), he/she will be cured; in the year 2000, this fact contributed immensely to the over 67, 000 new cases of HIV in South Africa alone. Uganda passed a law in 2007 making it a crime (punishable by death on conviction) for a HIV positive person to wilfully infect a minor via sexual intercourse. Germany and many states in America are working on approving chemical castration using the drug Depo – Provera (besides stiff incarceration) for offenders.

In Nigeria where the Convention on the Rights of the Child has been domesticated to become the Child Rights Act (2003), punishments for rape have the option of fines. Imagine a N100, 000 fine for a man who used a screwdriver to poke around a girls’ vagina! Also, there are no punishments for forced oral and anal sex, finger insertion etc. Note also that 49 out of 50 victims are hushed by their parents for various reasons so I’m referring to the tiny percentage that actually comes forward.

While we wait for our government to get their act together (starts from harmonizing and passing the13 bills relating to the rights of women and children, which are pending at the National Assembly), we can protect our little ones thus. By the way, these bills are pending yet our lawmakers are lobbying to increase their take home to 42million naira per quarter? I digress.

We can protect them by

  • Teaching them about their body parts, emphasizing that they should resist unnecessary touching by anybody.
  • Teaching them to yell or run if they are faced with an uncomfortable situation, even if it’s by ‘uncle’.
  • Show any gift given to them by uncles, aunties, teachers, anybody to mommy and daddy.
  • Teaching them to talk to mommy or daddy about anything they are unhappy or uncomfortable about.
  • Teaching them acceptable behaviour; sitting with the legs closed, etc, so they don’t put themselves at risk unnecessarily.

While we do that, as many as can be present at the Nassarawa High Court, Mararaba on the 23rd of June for the hearing on the case of the 4year old, please be there, this has got to stop!

  1. Sylva says:

    *Shakes head sadly* What more can i add? Posted the Pregnant Daughter case on FB and got an interesting suggestion from my friend Hajjo. She thinks such men should be castrated. Now i see the Chemical Castration idea using Provera and i think this is a great idea. The best purnishment for such despicable cat should be denying such men the instrument of their crime. But then, it doesnt end there….experience has taught us that laws in Nigeria are not worth the paper they are printed on. Untill we devlope a system that actually enforces laws….a police that is professional and ran by people of good character, a judiciary maned by persons interested in Justice than in the figures in their bank account and a society that upholds moral values, we shall continue to have men do this and get away with it.

    Perhaps i should point out too that though the prevalence might be lower and it is largely not reported in the media, there are also cases of Women abusing/molesting male minors. #FYI.

    We’ve got a problem here folks and like FGS said, ITS GOT TO STOP.


  2. Nas says:

    I’m also at a loss for words, but i think the FGS has a very good but immediate solution. It’s going to be a long fight to get our stupid leaders to wake up to their responsibilities and in the mean time the little ones are suffering. Pls talk to ur siblings and other people abt the FGS’s suggestions, let them know so they can protect themselves. May d Almighty protect our children for such perverts and may may He roast their pricks in hell.


  3. Soul Sista says:

    I’m all for teaching children the basics to prevent this…the whistle blowing on the monsters that snatch their innocence must STOP!

    A lot of us are also in denial…don’t want to talk about it cos “it didn’t happen to anyone we know”….truth is that the next victim could be our niece, nephew, cousin or even child.

    Blow the whistle and shame the devil. That’s the only way forward.

    Much love to the Fairy God Sista. Someone who tells it like it is.


  4. DaDiva says:

    wow…so much ill going on here…i totally agree with teaching the young ones…and it’s much more than sex education in schools.

    we should all tell the truth about our own sexuality if we decide to be vocal about them, and try not to judge those that are vocal.
    we should all tell let the younger ones know early, that there is nothing to gain from unneccessary sexual activity and that they are under no duress to partake in any sexual acts…even if they are threatened by fathers, uncles, aunties, etc….it’s better to be poor in material than to be poor in sexual esteem.


  5. hajjo Issa says:

    FGS, commend ur efforts at speaking up against the taboo’s of our society, rape, incest, pedophilia are common occurrences in human nature, and in every society the greatest harm we Africans have ever perpetuated is to idealize our culture and society so much as to believe we are simply above all vices n crime, the truth remains where ever idealism, and human co habitation exists, there you shall find hypocrisy and vice.
    The fact remains such crimes cannot be prevented but they can be avoided and reduced to the barest minimum.

    We can fight theses crimes if we can put a face to the perpetuators of such crimes, like in the recent case of incest we see above, convicted pedophiles, rapist should be made public. Secondly we must never cover up such cases whenever they occur we must remain vocal and forceful in our opposition to such crimes; many cases like this are hushed up within families and watered down to mere scandals so as to maintain a façade. Even today cases of rape are usually discredited in court because the victims (adults) are too ashamed to go public for fear of discrimination or being shunned by their families or the public even when the ladies come to court many put scarves on their faces to shield themselves.

    Another aspect is the fact that many victims refuse to prosecute the crimes they suffered in court, because they lack funds, they are too ashamed to go further with the matter and want it swept under the carpet as fast as possible to save face.

    Let us do our best and protect our kids, ourselves and each other. Begin now takes a stand.


  6. mjblige says:

    I came across this post in black looks , it is so true that we women are in denial ! this happens right in our homes every day. GOD FORGIVE US ALL for being enablers to this heinous act!

    fellow nigerians ,especially women, what do you have to say about this shameful situation? why are the women of our country not protesting the issue of PEDOPHILIA IN THE CORRIDORS OF POWER! indeed this is so common in nigeria amongst senators and most law makers no less. do they care how old the girls they engage in sexual encounters are? how many of these so called law makers and upstanding citizens have slept with an under aged child? How many of them have slept with their underaged househelps? How many women have reported their husbands for this despicable act? An incidence that happened last year in enugu, where the M.D of Enugu State housing Corporation Chief Ikeje Asogwa was accused by his girlfriend of trying to have her eliminated by a hired assasin, during the course of this investigation it was discovered that his ex wife Judith Asogwa had accussed him through her lawyer one Ehimare Ehoho of having illicit sex with the nanny GIft when she took the kids on holidays to their fathers place, also of giving the girl 100,000(one hundred thousand naira) as an inducement not to tell.what did she do? she sent the girl packing and went back to the rich chief who is in the corridors of power. this was a celebrated case which the Governor of the state was well aware of but did anyone do anything ? after all Gift was just a househelp while Chief is in Govt. what is wrong with our women that they cover up the enemy within. are our children safe from such men, who says that from house helps they will not pray on your daughters? these men are sexual molesters of our innocent daughters. why is yerima marrying the daughter of his driver? why not the 13 year old daughter of one of hispowerful friends , are they not beautiful enough for him? what more proof do we need, people were witnesses at the wedding. Ikeje Asogwa’s wife in enugu gave all the proof needed as she said the girl Gift confessed to her what happened. These men should be arrested and made to face trial for Statutory Rape of these minors! Report All Incidences, Expose these men. KEEP OUR DAUGHTERS SAFE!!!


  7. Ginger says:

    Great post.
    I like your ideas about how to protect our children. I think it really starts from there. Parents should also be more willing to listen to and trust their kids when they tell them things. Many kids don’t report these abusive events cause they are not sure of support from home. Charity must begin from home.

    check out my post about chemical castration:


  8. alu says:

    I finally get here. got carried away fighting the case as mentioned at the end of the write up Thanx FGS for this support. Please all…,lawyers, parents and activists.
    We have everyone willing to fight now so we can YES WE CAN. The next hearing cums up on August 18th please show some love. Invite every media person u know. Case cums up 9am prompt. PLEASE JOIN HANDS LETS FIGHT THIS COURSE! MWAAAH! FGS.


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