Hey, how have you been? Good?

In fact, skip the pleasantries. Today’s one of those days you wish wouldn’t come, or at least would come right before something fabulous happens so it can wipe out the memory of the ‘not-so-good. Thirty four minutes after I received a bit of unpleasant news, and nothing fabulous has happened. Oh well, maybe it’ll happen before the end of today.

Why am I sad? I’ll tell you. I sent in an entry for the  Commonwealth Short Story competition. I remember the night I wrote it; I kept on sending drafts to my friend Andy Watt to read and give feedback. It was funny after some time, I had read the story so much I almost knew it off heart!

And then, after one last glance at it, I knew it was ready, so I sent it in, and the wait began. It was on one of them really cold nights in February, and the next morning I got an email acknowledging receipt of my entry, and saying I’d hear back from them after the first round of judging in May.

February to May? Quite some time to wait and true to form, I forgot I entered for the competition. I got an email today though, and immediately I saw the sender, for some reason my heart began to skip. Read with me……

The letter…..*sigh*

Yeah, so I didn’t win this one, or even move to the next round. Sucks. I’ve brushed back hot tears from my eyes, and told myself I’ll never write a short story again. That one, titled ‘Devil May Care’, was the first short story I ever wrote, word limit was 600 so I didn’t have a lot to play with. Before you think I’m making excuses (and I’m not), I actually enjoyed the challenge, and the effort it took to reduce sentences and look for synonyms just to make sure I remained within the word limit.

I thought I had a really great story, but it looks like it either wasn’t as ‘great’ as I thought it was, or maybe there were ‘greater’ stories. Either ways, it sucks. I’m going to allow myself sulk about it the rest of the afternoon, and maybe when my mood lifts, I’ll put the story up for you to read, and then I’ll send it to my big writer friends to see where I went wrong, so I don’t make the same mistake again. I enjoyed writing that story, and I want to keep writing so I’m going to hone my skills. For now though, I’m going to sulk!


This is me at the moment

  1. Nas says:

    Aww, sorry FGS. Don’t worry just post it for us and i’m sure most of us will enjoy it. Who knows maybe someone might just suggest a better forum where they recognize ur talent. Abeg no vex ehn, but i have to laugh lol cuz i can just picture ur face sulking and tht frog did not match it at all. No mind them joor, we know u r good and we love ur stories. Always enjoy having a laugh with ur style of writing, it was as if u were gisting me the story.


    • Thank you Nasty, you’re always there for me shey you know! I’m happy you like my stories, you’re one of my earliest readers and I truly appreciate you!! I’ll put the story up in a bit, and I’ll be sure to personally let you know!


  2. hajjoh says:

    It happens to the best of us, try try and try again. Nothing can resist the human will that will stake even its existence on its stated purpose by Benjamin disraeli


  3. Tomi Ola says:

    Now you’ve made me sad too 😦


  4. Eziaha says:

    kiss kiss kiss… u know my heart on ds one already, yeah? kisses tehehehe


  5. Hello FGS,

    Please take heart, sulk a bit, and move on… 🙂

    I received a similar letter too, and not to even think I had felt strongly about my entry too! I am tempted to swear never to write another short story, or submit for a competition. But competitions, et al should not kill our dreams.

    I’m sure the process has made you and every other participant better for it – the time it took and the learning it afforded us.

    [Maybe I should e-mail you my entry? I’d like to read yours too.]

    Yours truly.


    • @Gbenga, I think I’m emerging from my ‘sulk room’; feel a little better! I felt like I’d never send in another short story anywhere, especially since this one was my first. God has a way of comforting his own sha, you won’t believe the writing gigs I got contacted for that same yesterday!

      I agree with you that it’s made me a better person sha (even though I’m still telling myself it hasn’t), and I’m looking forward to all the criticisms and corrections on the story when I finally put it out.

      I’d love to read your entry, dfairygodsister@yahoo.com, or just hit me up on Facebook!

      Hugs (especially since we’re in the same boat)!!!


      • Great to hear, and congrats on the writing gigs too! 🙂

        I just sent you an e-mail with my entry (the exact one I submitted). I’m now modifying it for publication elsewhere. Keep writing, dearest FGS.

        (((Virtual Hugs)))


  6. […] so today’s the day I’ll let you in on the post that didn’t quite make it to the top 10 of the Commonwealth Competition; I’m learning, and looking forward to the day I’ll tell […]


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