Aberdeen Baby!! Pictures, pictures, and more pictures!

Posted: November 19, 2013 in TRAVELOGUE
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Right, so I decided to dedicate one full post to all the photos I took in Aberdeen…. I’ll update this lot as more come in. Ok? Quick warning, a number of them are of delicious looking food so I hope you’re not supposed to be abstaining from meals when you look at this!!

My special party favour pack (and note) from namesake and mother of the gorgeous, gorgeous baby!


My dessert at TGI Fridays, a warm, moist chocolate brownie with ice cream and a caramel spread! Sinful!!!


The view from my hotel room, lovely!! Grey today though, and it was almost 9am!


Whoop!! So Fran’s husband made lunch (yes this was made by a man, an engineer for that matter)… Yum! Yum! Yum! Salmon was to die for!


Yeah!! Bet you didn’t know I was going to capture that!! All that whipped cream… #Foodie


Breakfast anyone? The full cholesterol diet, according to a very dear friend of mine…


This is what I had on the day of the party, fried rice, grilled chicken, a bit of coleslaw, and stir fried beef! Yum!


Just one comment: everything on this table was made by Lanzo(Fran’s hubby)! And it tasted wonderful! #Teamhubbyswhocancook


Super gorgeous Talia!!! Beautiful, darling girl! God bless and keep you Sweetie! Fran she needs siblings, already!!!


Another day, another breakfast tray! #Foodie

Talia Renee

The reason I went to Aberdeen, gorgeous, precious Talia!


A lovely room for a lovely blogger!!! Didn’t believe Premier Inn rooms could be this nice, but I loved it!!


I promise to remember the name of this restaurant at Gatwick airport and then come back to update this… Food was awesome!

That’s it, took this long but I’ve finally wrapped on my Aberdeen trip! Hope you enjoyed the posts, and the pictures!


  1. E' says:

    For all this food
    And yes baby girl is gorg!!!
    Still hating


  2. kyuriyuskay says:

    Simply scrumptious girl. I’m officially jealous now. How you been. Haven’t forgotten your article.


  3. Rumbling tummy right here.very bad for my diet…


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