“I would shut up and let her do her mothering” – Vickie Remoe #31days31writers

Posted: December 7, 2013 in A post a day
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Was an absolute delight to meet and have dinner with Vickie last year on my first ever trip to Ghana, that’s one more way Mac-Jordan is a blessing!

So she doesn’t give out where she’s from but I can, so maybe I will. Or will I? The hyperlink above gives a bit more about her so go on, go there too! For day 7 of our #31days31writers project, here’s Miss Vickie Remoe!

My name is Vickie Remoe and I am CEO of a marketing firm in Accra. I am an ECOWAS citizen.

This year I learned that the key to getting anything accomplished is meticulous planning. Even without all the money anyone can do anything if you just plan well.

I am most grateful for being able to have a business partner, who is GoWoman enough to give 110% always. Without her I wouldn’t have been able to publish GoWoman Magazine.

The only regrets I have this year, are all around the same issue. Sometimes I don’t let my mother mother me, and this hurts her feelings.

So if I could do anything differently this year, I would shut up and let her do her mothering.

vickie remoe

I wish I had the courage to take ALL my hair off, she’s absolutely gorgeous!


  1. E' says:

    Oh she is indeed gorg
    And I feel her on the mothering bit…….
    And this 30voices thing is such a fabulous idea
    Thumbs up


    • Thank you Miss E!! Oh sorry, it’s Mrs now!!! Congratulations again sweetie! And where is your own post o!!!

      P:S – I should get the authors to come on and start replying the comments!


    • Thank you E’! Na wa, how did you go from The Fab Sister to E’! Remember those days? Love this new name jor, short and to the point!

      About the idea, it was so spur of the moment, and I just bless God I went along with it because I’ve had a blast chasing up the writers, editing, and then reading them with fresh eyes on the day!


  2. Tayo says:

    How I wish I can shut up and let my mum do her mothering, I just cant do that-I feel she has done too much already. She is my hero, my inspiration and my pillar, but she sometimes go to certain extents that makes me feel like she wants to smother me. (Is that even allowed? can a mother’s love be too much for the child?)


  3. She looks so good!!
    And yes,I feel her on the mothering thing.I need to let my mom in and listen.God knows she’s more often than not right…


    • She’s gorgeous!! And the confidence to pull off that haircut, whoop!!!
      Talk about moms being right most of the time, and I will just come sit at your feet. My mom is a blessing, and my plan is to let her take care of me more in this new year, Lord knows I need it.


  4. […] “I would shut up and let her do her mothering” – Vickie Remoe #31days31writers […]


  5. […] “I would shut up and let her do her mothering” – Vickie Remoe #31days31writers […]


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