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December 25th 2013 – one Christmas I will never, never, ever forget. For starters, it wasn’t exactly the ‘white Christmas’ I had planned because it rained rather than the romantic snow I was expecting.

Just as well that it didn’t snow though, because there wasn’t any romance to be had either. Due to circumstances beyond my control (also known as not in any way directly orchestrated by me, lol), I became single two days to Christmas. Not like my partner would have been with me on Christmas Day anyway.

Good thing was I had spent the greater part of the 23rd and the 24th cussing myself out for not going to Nigeria and spending the holidays with my family (not an orphan remember) but hey, we live, we love, we learn. So, by the 25th I was spent, and determined to have a day devoid of self-pity, regret, or any form of sadness.

So, what did I do on the day? I woke by 5am, spoke to a friend like 40 minutes after, and we must have talked for an hour or so (thank you so much). Then I watched ‘Eve’, a sitcom my niece introduced me to on YouTube before she left for Nigeria. Hilarious!

Then I downloaded a few songs (Solid Star’s ‘Oluchi’, Flavour’s ‘Ada Ada’, Labirinth’s ‘Express Yourself’, Maverick Sabre’s ‘I need’, and Dr Sid’s ‘Surulere’). And I worked up a sweat dancing to them. Whoop!

What else did I do? Yeah, I spoke to my sister, brother-in-law, and the highlight of my day? BooBoo telling me ‘eeeyah’ (the sound he makes when he gives one of his many, many hugs). Plus he kissed the phone when I said to ‘give aunty kiss kiss’, and I felt it from here! Warm fuzzies!

I spoke to my folks, chatted with my darling brother, watched a bit more of ‘Eve’ and then I must have dozed off. I woke up about noon, had some cereal, did my laundry (thank you Lord, lol), did quite a bit of writing and responding to emails, and then about 6.30pm I went downstairs again to have my Christmas dinner. I had beans, plantain, and turkey, and then I had a lovely chocolate cheesecake for dessert! Yum! #TeamFood

I watched episodes of Hustle, renewed my crush for Adrian Lester, finally caught up on recorded episodes of X Factor USA (is it me or does that show need a complete overhaul both in England and in the US), and after a bit more writing, my day was over.

I was changed and in bed by 12.10am. And I slept very well.

Thank you Jesus.

P:S – Written @5am on the 26th of December 2013. I wonder what Christmas next year will bring?

So, today is my birthday (whoop), and I’m typing furiously now (just got home from dinner) because I want this up before midnight!

First off, I think of where I was last year on this day, and where I am today, and I just know that God has worked overtime for me. Who would have thought I would see today, sinner, unworthy, simple person like me? But God has been awesome!! Like, He has been super awesome to me!

I’m alive, well, I’m happy, things are working for my good (even when I can’t see it), and I’ve had a super amazing day! Let’s run through it together shall we?

Started with a call at 11.58pm (of the 19th) running into today (you know who you are – thank you), and then I had a bout with insomnia (maybe I was just excited), and so I sent out a few emails. Fell asleep by 1.30pm, was up by 5am, and on the train to Hinton in the Hedges by 7am!

Hinton in the Hedges is a lovely airfield in Northamptonshire, and for what? Skydiving!! Yes! My gift to myself, especially since A LOT of people didn’t think I’d be able to go through with it!

Massive shout out to Chiltern railway for the superb internet on the train, kept me company the entire way and back! And the seats were so comfy, upholstery and everything on point like that.

So I got to Kings Sutton on time, lovely, lovely country side, and there was the nicest taxi driver to drive me to the airfield. On the drive to the strip I spoke to my original sister girl, Francesca! The way she prayed for me eh! Bless you babes, love you lots!

Photos time!


Getting ready to set off, briefing done…. He’s been jumping out of planes for 30 years! Totally loves his job!


Brace position… I remember the last thought in my head was ‘Dear Lord you know I love you lots and today is my birthday…’ lol!


We dropped out of the plane at 13, 000 feet!! Incredible!!!


It was raining little ice droplets so he covered my face to protect me…


See what the wind did to my face!!! Incredible! And so cold! But super amazing!!!!


We were having fun here, I even got to steer the parachute for a bit!


Touch down baby!!!! Whoop!!!


Grateful for an amazing ride!!! I must do this again!!!!

Hang on, there’s a video!

Amazing feeling!!! Whoop!! Strike that off my bucket list baby!!!! Did I mention there was a bet for £1000 that I wouldn’t do the dive? Pay up already!!

Ok, when I climbed down from the high the dive put me on, I made my way back into London and met @Tomi_Ola, who came in just to spend the day with me… We shopped for a dress, and she styled me for dinner. Thank you babes!!!

Massive thank you to the ladies who came out to dinner tonight – Tokes, Ruona, Anino, Khadi, Deborah, Jacque, and Funbi! And to Bankole for the cameo, I’m so grateful all of you came out!! Thanks for the laughs, the gifts, and the beautiful cards!!! Send the pictures so I can update this already!

Ahhh! We took a selfie on the escalator… Wanna see? Of course you do!


I see a toothpaste advert in our future! Do you?

Bed time now (not quite, I’m still so excited) but I’m grateful to everyone who in one way or the other, contributed to my having such an amazing day. My parents, my sister, brothers and nephew, Wumi, Tokes, Anino, love you all to bits!

Best birthday ever!



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Today is the last day of 2013, and the end of the #31days31writers project. Whoop! I am more than grateful to everyone who took the time to send in an entry, and for the ones I asked who for one reason or the other, couldn’t. I’m excited that everyone learned something, and blessed that thanks to one platform, I could share the experiences of 31 amazing people. Thank you so much!

2013 has been my most challenging year, I’m not even going to muck about. From losing 4 cousins and an aunty in a road accident, to an uncle, and then my most precious aunty Pat, there have been times when I didn’t know if I wanted to see the next morning. And it’s not like I didn’t lose anyone else, I just stopped counting. Death is cruel, shameless, and without discretion, but it taught me a few things. I learned to make every minute count, to make the effort to keep in touch, to love hard, but also to  know when to walk away.

I learned that acquaintances are plenteous, but friends are few, and to cherish each friendship (and pray to God they return the favour, lol).

I learned firsthand that depression and suicidal tendencies are real, and not just the exclusive preserve of the ‘West’. And I learned that God is bigger. Oh He’s a whole lot bigger!

I learned that I just might have a little issue with replying emails in a timely fashion. And I am determined (and working towards) not having that on my list of things to work on by the end of 2014.

It wasn’t all gloom and doom though (according to Russell Howard) – my dad launched his writing ministry this year with six books, and has since written another three (rockstar), my Boo Boo turned one this year, and at eighteen months is feeding himself (my baby Einstein)! I did quite a bit of travelling this year (for which I am grateful), and there are locked down work trips for the new year already! My mom, big brothers and sister are alive, healthy, prosperous; God is leading us to our place of rest and I couldn’t be more grateful. I love you guys to the moon and back!

My baby channeling the Christmas spirit!

My baby channeling the Christmas spirit! He’s the cutest baby on earth!

I am grateful for Nike Coker (Chief Sista), Francesca Uriri (my sister girl), and my bestie Wumi; friends who have literally become blood. People I would give anything for, people I would lay down my life for (hopefully they don’t ask *smile*); people for whom I am number one (sometimes, anytime, more than one time, lol!), in words, thoughts, and deeds. I love you and I am thankful you were a part of my year.

Now that I’ve covered what I’ve learned and the people I am grateful for, what would I do differently if I could? Nothing. I would say I’d keep all those precious ones from dying but that’s not my decision to make (wouldn’t have happened in the first place if it was).

And, because I can (and it is *cough cough* my blog), I have two resolutions for the new year:

1. Work VERY hard to reply emails/messaging in nothing over 24 hours.

2. Succeed! Big time!

Thanks a million for being on my blog today, and therefore being a part of my 2013. Have an extra productive new year!

Peace, love, and God’s great blessings,

The Fairy GodSister.

2013-11-30 22.31.29

Miss CC!!

P:S – I thought I would do one separate post thanking all my writers and listing all their articles; that story is here.

How did DD and I meet sef? Some little mix up on Facebook in 2008; apparently he served (NYSC) in the same state with my sister, don’t really remember the details. He visited Nigeria (posh kid), and we hung out (do you remember ice cream and moi moi in Chicken Republic Andy)?

When I moved to Birmingham in 2010, Andy showed up and amongst other things, gave me his waterproof jacket (still wear it today), and he introduced me to the lady who took me to The Redeemed Christian Church of God (Covenant Restoration Assembly, Perry Barr), which became my church, my family, and I’m so grateful for that!

Andy is a great guy, we’ve been buddies ever since. He is quiet (sometimes), fun to hang out with, and places such an enviable emphasis on family it is heart warming. He’s a hard worker too, and I’m proud he’s my friend!

4 days to the end of the year, here’s Andy with his #31days31writers submission! 

Random: The bad part about being friends out of maturity or a good heart with people who have hurt you is the fact that you can never tell some stories without imaginary fingers being pointed at those people or without you appearing to be an unforgiving son of a ‘biscuit’. I have so much to say about the year in review and the first things that crossed my mind were the bad things and tough times, then I remembered I was meant to be writing about the highlights of the year – the hypocritical world called my mind.

I didn’t learn how to play a guitar in 2013, I didn’t learn how to speak Spanish and I can’t even remember my New Year resolutions for the year. I don’t even remember having any because as usual I forget them by the end of April. I think my yearly resolution should be to make a lot of money.  2013 wasn’t the best of years for me, neither was it the worst. One thing I know for sure is that 2013 was a year of lessons. I lost love for one, found it, lost it, before learning what it really was.

Best decision I took in 2013… I took a couple of steps which I had been planning but took me 5years to get off my ass and work on. I moved from the United Kingdom to Nigeria; truth is that felt and still feels so good. A lot changed for me, huge promises and castles that never saw the light of day, people I thought I knew flipped on me like pancakes, friendships were lost and some were rekindled.  Importantly I was able to lose 8-10kg at some point thanks malaria and stress, I finally felt proper fit until my mother visited me with multivitamins and “akamu” and ordered me to start eating.

I’m grateful my for family and friends; the new ones, the old ones, the fake ones and those who have stuck by me through thick and thin. I finally do not feel like a stranger in a foreign land, I found peace and realized certain things can only be experienced and not told. Principally I am happy for the gift of life, an overactive mind, ideas and people who believe in me. It is amazing how much we claim we do not care about what people say or think but one mean sentence stays in our minds for eons, and one line of encouragement can give you a boost to make you feel you can conquer the world.  Bla Bla Bla, just be nice to the next person and be thankful for still being alive, ok?

My name is Andy Madaki, I am an I.T security consultant and a Business Development Manager with Brinq Africa (A CBN approved Payment Terminal Service Provider). I ramble randomly on my blog once every month. That’s the one place where I am most truthful about things you think and experience but won’t talk about. I am Nigerian.

DD!!! Oya o, now accepting applications for a wife for Mr Eligible Bachelor here! How many yards is your wife material?

DD!!! Oya o, now accepting applications for a wife for Mr Eligible Bachelor here! How many yards is your wife material?

Have you followed this Djeregbe trip religiously? Then you’ll know there’s a post from London to Lagos and Lagos to Djeregbe (in one), the one on devotions, the one with the story about the madman, pictures from the entire trip, Djeregbe to Lagos and Abuja, Abuja back to Lagos, and a final Lagos to London post. All of this in seven days. Phew!!!

Officially available to do travel writing, this trip (and all the other trips I’ve made this year) keep screaming out to me that I should take it up professionally. Don’t even know if Booski will buy that but hey, let’s put out the ads first!

Ok, so all good things have to come to an end right? My girl Wumi and I went to Abuja together, and for the trip back to Lagos, staying true to who I am, we raced all the way to the airport! After we’d checked in, dropped our luggage, and started walking to the security gate, we saw the flight had been delayed and so we didn’t have to run.

When we got upstairs though, I was taking off my belt to place in the basket for the scanner when I was told to take off my slippers as well. Now I try not to wear belts or anything else I’d have to take off when I’m traveling because the ‘stripping’ (I’m exaggerating I know) in front of complete strangers just irks me.  Me taking off my slippers here was doubly annoying because the carpet was filthy and what on earth could I have concealed in flat slippers? Not like they would have noticed if I had concealed anything (because the bottle of water in my bag wasn’t detected) but let’s just move on.

While I was grumbling within myself, I noticed a guy wearing a kaftan who came and waltzed through the screening thing (actually walked beside it), while the officials took a break from their duties to chorus, “you’re welcome sir, your people are here sir, have a safe trip sir”, and all that rubbish.

I turned to Wumi and said (to her, not via a public address system to the entire airport, “looks like some animals are indeed more equal than others. That man wasn’t searched, these people are even hailing him.” In Bible speak, ‘while I was yet speaking’, a lady official tapped my shoulder twice (startling and then thoroughly annoying me), and the conversation that ensued is below

Lady official: Why are you talking like that? Do you know who he is?

Me: I don’t know who he is and I was talking to my friend. You shouldn’t listen in on other people’s conversations.

Lady official: Instead of you to ask, do you know he is the D-I-G? (Deputy Inspector General)

Me: I don’t want to know, and you really shouldn’t listen to conversations not meant for you.

And I walked away, ticked off.

We were walking to board,  and I asked Wumi if I said anything wrong (again talking to my friend and not via any device to the entire airport) when another person in uniform (apparently carrying the said DIG’s bag) turned and said, “how can you not know the DIG”?

By this time I was almost smoking from the ears. I raised my voice and said, “what is it about today that everyone’s eavesdropping on my conversations? Was I in any way speaking to you? Please leave me alone!”

He slunk away.

SMH. There should be no exceptions to the rules, especially in a very unsafe, insecure Nigeria. It is this ‘different rules for the goose and the gander’ that have fed corruption to the point of obesity.

And people shouldn’t eavesdrop!

How many ‘days’ can you get in one sentence? I got three.

Ok, been exactly a week since I’ve been home, reminisced on my trip here and decided to write as I thought. Ok? Nothing extra.

The day before I left, my uncle and my nephew came in from. From helping them settle in, to fixing them a meal, then racing to the Mail Delivery Office to pick up my parcels I had missed, I looked up and all of a sudden it was 5pm. In other news my Reebok Slim Tones are so fab, and super comfy!

Anyway, so I whisked my nephew to the mall to purchase his school stuff, we had a quick lunch and then spent the next few hours going from store to store. Did I mention I cooked soup before we left?

Got home about 9.40pm, and the little urchin who had complained he was tired and wanted to go home (remember we were shopping for his stuff), entered the house and remembered I promised to take him to ASDA for doughnuts and chocolate muffins. Off to ASDA we went.

Cooked jollof rice when we got back, let it burn a little so it had that ‘party rice’ flavor, loaded all the dishes from lunch and dinner in the washer, packed his box, and then started thinking of how to pack mine. Time check? 11.54pm.

Bless God for Booski for buying Boo Boo a dolphin shaped foot-to-floor ride (thank you Sweetie), and for the brilliant idea on how to fit it into one of my boxes! You’re a star.

My neighbor came around to help me too (thank you Mobola), and keep me company. To be honest she kept me from falling asleep! By 1.30am we wrapped up on the packing and she advised me not to sleep till I was showered and ready for my taxi.

Again, shout out to Booski for staying up with me the entire time; are we mighty grateful for Facetime or what?

3.25am, my taxi arrived. I loaded my stuff in the car, said a prayer, and fell asleep.

A woman’s work is never done.



Got to Terminal Four about 5am, and just as I was wheeling my boxes into the departure area and wondering why I was at the airport two hours before my flight when I already had a boarding pass, I saw the queue for baggage drop, and didn’t even utter the words.

Air France. Was going to ask to be upgraded (since it didn’t cross their minds to upgrade me, smh) when it occurred to me that all my smiles at the lady went unacknowledged. Plus, she said they couldn’t tag my boxes as ‘fragile’ because “Air France doesn’t tag boxes, at all”. This was after she’d made me wheel my stuff to some other counter o. SMH, again.

Boarded, said another prayer, was talking to Booski and I dozed off. He hung up, and started calling back, at least so I could switch off my phones but my royal majesty was fast asleep! Didn’t wake up till we touched down at Charles De Gaulle.

Only thing I thought when I woke up was, “Dear Lord I hope I wasn’t snoring.”

Wow!! So it’s been a month already since I got back? Thank you God for life, love, and all that good stuff, I’m definitely grateful!

Ok, let’s pretend I’m not back yet, or better still, that it’s the last week before I get back.

On Wednesday I spent a lovely evening with @attaswitch, @glamblackbarbie, and @tilishoz at Yogurrberry, one of the many spots in a place called Food City. I had beautifully grilled cod from Fish Place; well marinated and softly grilled so it was literally dripping with juices. The black sauce (native to Ghana) was a nice touch, was hot but I really enjoyed it! And the tomatoes, oh the crunchy yet succulent tomatoes! And they were kind enough to give me more slices when I ‘Oliver twisted’, plenty brownie points there!

Did I mention I met @maihoto (photographer/entrepreneur extraordinaire) for the first time there? Really cool to chat and share our food/business experiences!

Thursday I hung out at Vanity for a friend’s birthday party, and then it was off to Play for my first BYOB in almost 18 months.

Friday was the real deal though, boom! I went (on invitation) to Blakes with Deji and Peter. Deji is a seasoned (as in well spiced) content producer, editor, story teller, project manager (I could go on and on), while Peter’s an environmentalist, a German who’s in Nigeria (for the first time) interning with Heinrich Boll.

We got in, three children of God with dreadlocks (yes I locked my hair again), so everyone just assumed (wrongly) that we would be speaking patois, and it was hilarious to hear various versions with the greetings we got.

Anyway! We had chicken suya (wasn’t very impressed), and then we had grilled catfish. Boom! Was lovely! I took pictures, yep, yep!


By this time the performances had started. I made quite a few videos but we were sat upstairs so they’re a little far away. I promise you’ll be able to see what we saw, and the audio is great too!

Started with this guy doing tricks, lovely!

Then there were two guys dancing; I would advise them not to give up their day jobs, honestly.

Then this impression of Fela that was so cool, it got us up on our feet!

Aha! There was this guy who swung from Elton John to Carlos Santana, wasn’t impressed, especially since his back up singer was wearing knee high boots!

The clincher was the guy who sang Diallo, and then went on sing quite a few of Bob Marley’s songs. We were already up on our feet anyway, so we rocked to it!

And then it was time to go! We were exhausted, but I’m sure we all had a lovely time, and Peter enjoyed the fish! Was a nice way to wrap on a fabulous month in Nigeria, and I look forward to when I can go back to Blakes again!

P: S – Written exactly one month ago (wee hours of the morning of the 30th).


Valentine’s come and gone; what did you do? Where did you go? What did you give, and what did you get? I could totally make a song out of this, check my rhyme scheme out! While I sort out the rest of the lyrics, you better start talking!!

Really though, did you have fun? Go somewhere nice? Did he put a ring on it? What!! He didn’t? He’s waiting for you to grow old first? Or in the words of my dear friend, he’s waiting for all your eggs to boil first? Lmao!!

I had a swell Valentine’s Day. Full stop o!!  I can see you settled in nicely, waiting to hear what I did on the day…. Tatafo United! I caught you! And I’m not telling cos I asked first. *tongue out*

While you type, here are the pictures for this week’s Pinch of Humor!

Cutcy: the Groom's family. OK.

Cutcy: the Groom’s family. OK.



Lmao!! Having a mistake on your back forever! *sigh*



Don’t you just love family? My ‘knees’!


Funny bt true!

Did you die? Dead!!!!!



Really? Really really?


This is February, the month of looooooove!!! Whoop!!! Of course, the Valentine adverts and decorations have been up around these parts since the last week in January, *sigh*

You know here yeah, we move from Christmas decorations to Valentine, to Mother’s Day, then to Easter, and then to Father’s Day before there’s a break. I like it though, everyone claims to have one sale or the other in the name of these Celebrations. And just so you know, £3 to £2.10 doesn’t qualify as sales in my books!!

On to the pictures for the day, let’s see if we can throw in any love related ones!

Ever been in this position before?

Ever been in this position before? Lol!


@Oche big boy. You no talk say you be doctor

You won’t catch me dead here!


Lucy see your Ex.

Please don’t drink and drive this year, totally not worth it!


Imagine =))

The blind attempting to correct one with 20/20 vision! Lol!



Four tries and he didn’t get ‘Porsche’? Ok!!

And yes, because it’s the month of loooooove (lol…. I have one precious friend like that who pronounces ‘love’ in such a hilarious way it cracks me up every single time) we have an extra picture!! This one hopefully will help your relationship! Look, and learn! Lol!


Ha! Ha! Ha!

That’s all folks! Have a good one! Hugs!